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QueenoftheBunnies Review


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Hi friends! I'm writing this as I sit in the car driving back from a great weekend at Horror Nights. We went Friday the 6th and Sunday the 8th. Friday we did Stay & Scream, no express pass, and completed 7 of the houses and both shows. Sunday we stood in the monsoon rainstorm waiting to get in. We did 6 of the houses and saw Bill & Ted again. Overall I thought this was a pretty solid year. Just a heads up, this review contains spoilers. 


The Shining: This was one of the houses I would've been okay with skipping. The movie has never really done a whole lot for me and the house didn't either. The only part I thought was great was the Gold Room. That scare was timed perfectly for me as I was in the center of the room when the lights went out so both scareactors lunged directly towards me. The sets were well done, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. 6/10 


AHS: I was incredibly excited for this one and while I did think it was good, I think last year's was better. But I also think that mostly has to do with the fact that seasons 1, 4, and 5 have scarier monsters than 2, 3, and 6. I loved the entrance into Asylum and all of the sets. And that mirror scare in the Asylum section is one of the best ones I've ever seen. I was disappointed in the Roanoke section because I thought that was the scariest season they've done and it seemed like HHN left out some of the best parts. Still a good house though. 8/10 


Dead Waters: This house is BEAUTIFUL. I would've loved to have done a behind the scenes tour of this one. The swamp monster scares were great and I loved the Voodoo dolls. My only criticism is I thought they could've done more with the Voodoo Queen. I was really hoping to see her sacrifice scene in this house. 9/10 


Saw: Meh. This was my least favorite house. It felt very repetitive. I liked the Billy doll riding his bike down towards you and the bathroom scene at the end but that was about it. 6/10


The Fallen: The first time I went through this house I wasn't super impressed but I found out the second go around that it was because of bad timing. The second time I got all the scares, including 2 of the bungee scares at the end. We got the bungee scare where the scareactor flies towards you (which caused me to scream "YESSSS" and then apologize for the inappropriate response) and the planking scare but the only reason we got that one is because I saw him drop down on the group in front of us and then return upright and I looked up at him and said "do it again!" so he did. The facade for that house was great too. 7/10


Blumhouse: Also known as "Insidious house with a few characters that got lost". I really wish there was more Sinister in this house, or the entire house was Sinister. It honestly felt like they started making an Insidious house and ran out of ideas halfway through so they threw Sinister and Purge in there. This entire house felt like an afterthought. Both times I went through this house it was well timed though. 7/10


Scarecrow: My favorite house of the year. I loved everything about this house and had good timing both runs. The real corn stalks was an amazing touch. The crows pooping on you was a gross touch, but I thought it was appropriate for the house. These scareactors were tall (or at least taller than me) and really got in my face. 10/10


Hive: I expected a bit more from this one. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be but it was still a good house. Thankfully, it was already dark out before I went in so I was able to see everything pretty well. I liked the random buzzing noises throughout the house. 7/10


Ash vs. Evil Dead: I've never seen the show so I didn't know what to expect/wasn't expecting a whole lot but I really enjoyed it. This house was the most fun to walk through. I got a few good scares from it as well as a few laughs. It was an overall good time and made me want to watch the show. 8/10


AoV: I was so sad that it was still a modified version, but even then it was still great. I can't wait to see the full version online. 


Bill & Ted: it was alright. Last year was my first year ever seeing it so it didn't have the nostalgia for me, but it was still fun. I feel like Bill & Ted deserved a better send off. The ending seemed very underwhelming. It was my boyfriend's first time seeing it and he really enjoyed it. However, as he was telling me how much he liked it, a guy in front of us turned around and kept telling him how shitty the show was and how it was the worst one they've ever done. I explained to the guy that it was the first one he had ever seen and the dude got really condescending and continued to shit all over it. Not cool, and if that was one of you guys, shame on you. Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy. The condescending fanboy act is really old and unnecessary. 


Altars of Horror: This felt like an after thought zone. There wasn't even any good set pieces. My friend did get a really great photo of me and Bughuul though. 


Purge: I didn't think I would enjoy this scarezone as much as I did. I think the amount of scareactors helped. 


Invasion: Yeah this one did nothing for me. I'm not a big sci-fi fan so maybe that's why but it just seemed out of place. 


Festival of the Deadliest: the costumes were great and I'm a fan of the rattle scares so this one was ok. I didn't understand why there were stripper poles all over the zone but whatever. 


Chainsaw Clowns: this scarezone has been done to death, but the scareactors were a lot of fun. We took a break in the area and just people watched and it was very entertaining. Some of our favorite scareactor interactions came from the clowns. 


Trick R Treat: I could honestly live in this scarezone. It was SO BEAITIFUL. It was so classic Halloween and perfect. I'm actually glad this was a scarezone and not a house because it allowed me to really look at everything. I will forever be obsessed with those pumpkin lanterns. 

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