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A Haunted house idea- Mystic Mountain, The Red Lady


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I thought up a haunted house idea. I will give you the basic synopsis and we could work out the rooms and other details


Mystic Mountain Funhouse has been deserted for years. This former roadside attraction was once a hangout for teens and thrill-seekers everywhere who appreciated the thrills the funhouse brought with illusions and non-lethal traps. Unfortunately, Mystic Mountain was forced to close it's doors after a trap caused the death of a patron. For the next 20 years, the funhouse sat abandoned and destitute. Recently however, people around the area have reported hearing strange noises and seeing shadowy figures entering and leaving the funhouse at night. It turned out that squatters where living in the abandoned structure which was now rotting with age. Two policemen were sent into the fun house along with the structures current owner to force these squatters out,  none of these men came out.  Now it is up to you to venture into the rotting fun house to find the missing men and to evict the squatters.


My idea is that the squatters are actually cultists that worship a mysterious entity called " The Red Lady" and are using the funhouse as a home and place of worship. What do you think this house would look like?  What should the Red Lady be?

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The Façade.  You would see a rotting building of about 2 stories. It looks like it has been broken into and vandalized multiple times. As you approach you see a few cop cars and a ambulance. You would also hear a few gunshots and see bulletholes riddled throughout  the building. It is obvious that the building is under siege and that the police and cultists are exchanging gunfire inside the building.


The Lobby. As you walk into the lobby you are immediately greeted by the smell of mold and mildew. The walls are painted polka-dot with yellow stripes,but most of that color had faded due to age. Their is a desk in the middle of the room with the logo of the funhouse in the middle of it. There is a dead body of a cop slumped over the desk and on the wall next to the body is a chalk board that says " admission $20." Suddenly, a homeless man with a black knife jumps out of the closet and screams.


Any other room ideas?

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Is this an idea you plan on building? Or just an idea you are trying to brainstorm?

The red lady could be a patron from the funhouse who was scalped resulting in her  face being exposed flesh and red who was saved by the cultists. Maybe her hair got caught in vortex tunnel, carousel, etc

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Good suggestions.  This is a idea for a HHN maze. There could be rooms like a vortex room, a ball pit where both cop and cultists pop out at you and possibly a ritual room. The Red Lady not having a face is cool. But, it is hinted that she is more than a human.

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