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Killswitch's 2016 some what on time review


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First I'd like to start off with saying my first opening weekend of my 7 years attending HHN was a huge success and lived up to expectations. I am very happy with the event this year. Theres not a bad house in the bunch and every part of the event has something memorable. Lets get started with the houses. Once again I will be taking you through my primary route for the year.


The Walking Dead: I will say I am pleasantly surprised with the new installment of the Walking Dead. It is far superior to last years disaster. Although a lot of the scenes we have all seen before there were a few things I didn't remember from past houses. They also fixed a lot of the gripes I had about last year. Scareactor intensity is drastically improved this year and the rooms are a lot more confined which makes scares way more effective, but with this being said I feel like set design was compromised. As is the Walking Dead, it will be toward the bottom of the list, a rehash of the past 5 years on an IP that has run its course. I'm going to give this years an 7.5 out of 10


Ghost Town: The sets in this house are absolutely beautiful, I also really enjoy the effects and costumes in this house. The story is conveyed very well and the scareactors, when you catch them, are very good. The back half of this house is full of good scares and intense scareactors My major issue with this house however is that scares take way too long to reset, you can go a stretch of 3 or 4 rooms and totally miss every scareactor in the house. I'm going to give this one a 8 out of 10.


Exorcist: To me this is the scariest house of the year. I've been through 3 times now and still hustle out of the building. Each scare is amazing and each plays with your mind a little bit more. When I first saw the reveal I was concerned with how they would make a movie where the primary story takes place in one room but the way they change it up with every room is incredibly well done and creates great scares. The pea soup scene and the power of christ are by far my favorites but walking through this house is an adventure that is a must do every night. 9.5 out of 10


Lunatic's Playground: I have mixed feelings about this house. . For the event it is one of the weaker houses and doesn't really show the story of Chance. For what it is, its not a bad house. First off it wasn't what I was expecting at all, it doesn't really show the difference between reality and whats in her mind. Chance can also be an incredibly intense and in your face character, this house doesn't show that at all. The scares are there for a 3-d house I really like the kill and torture scenes and the interactions with the actors are good. It just doesn't do the icon justice. The only real Icon house I've gotten to go through is Silver Screams back in '09 and that will set the bar for icon houses. All in all Chance deserves a better house. 6.5 out of 10.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre: This is a really cool house, especially for me since I wasn't old enough according to the parentals to go back in '07. This is a awesome house right from the beginning the smells of rotting flesh and the animal carcasses are a really cool touch. The intensity of the family members is on point. I really wish the Leatherfaces got into it a little more. Scares are all throughout the house and the sets are so good that you wouldn't think it was in a tent. I do think there needs to be a little more in the back half of the house, especially at the end with the outdoor portion. The scareactors are waiting for the perfect scare, I think they should just go for it. I really enjoy this house and deserves an 8.5 out of 10.


Halloween 2: This is one of my favorites for the year. I really love the story of the halloween movies. And the houses really do them justice. This years I really enjoy, I think it starts of perfectly right where the last one left off and you go right along with the movie. Scares are everywhere,really well done, and if you jump really easily like me you get really good interactions with the scareactors. And that finale room....WOW I think that is my favorite room of this year. Halloween 2 gets a strong 9 out of 10.


Tomb of the Ancients: I'd like to start this one off with saying that this is the only house I can't really give a fair review to. The first walkthrough it was so dark I was more concerned with not walking in to the person in front of me than actually enjoying the house. The second walkthrough was a lot more enjoyable as I could actually see. But in all honesty I don't really get this house. To me its a lot of different rooms with different creatures with lots of stuff hanging in my face and thats not enough for me. The costumes for the creatures are really good and well put together, but a lot of it just blends together for me. The scares are there and the actors use their space very well, but it doesn't have the substance that the other houses do. Im sure this is the house with the biggest change in rating at the end of the year but as of right now it gets a 7 out of 10.


Krampus: This was one of my most anticipated houses this year, I really enjoyed the movie and thought it could be transitioned into a house very well. I think they did a really good job with this one. For me its one of the houses that make me jump the most and I really have fun in this one. I do wish there were a few more show scenes rather than jump scares and more use of Krampus himself. I do like all the smells and use of the Christmasy minions. I give this one an 8 out of 10


American Horror Story: As many of you know I wasn't particularly looking forward to this house. I am not a fan of the show and really thought it was just going to be the new Walking Dead. I WAS WRONG. This is the best house this year. It is very well put together and each scene and section has something new and really cool. I've gotten some of the best scares of the year in this house, thanks first Twisty. Theres a great mix between show scenes and jump scares and all the actors are really into their role and really play off each others intensity. I cannot say a bad thing about this house. This is a can't miss house and is worth the wait. 10 out of 10


On to the scarezones


A Chance in Hell: This is probably my favorite scarezone for 3 main reasons. 1. The scareactors like to play, they do a great job between scaring and interacting with the guests and make it really fun. 2. Its Chance! the girl who plays Chance does a great job talking with everyone and making jokes. 3. They play Killswitch Engage! 5 out of 5


Survive or Die: This is a really cool scarezone. I like how the scareactors blend attacking each other and attacking you. Props are well put together and yay fire! 4 out of 5


Dead Mans Wharf: Probably the creepiest scarezone ive been through in a while. The costumes and masks are really well done and the fog makes things super eerie. The only issue I see that will come up with this zone is heavy congestion. Peak nights will not be fun in this zone. 4 out of 5


Lair of the Banshee: This is a typical Central Park zone lots of fog, lots of forest-y things. I really like the intensity of the scareactors and they use their hidey holes well. 3.5 out of 5


Vamp 1955: I really was looking forward to this zone but so far its been a huge disappointment. Mainly because they scareactors are more concerned with scaring each other than you. You can walk through the zone and they won't even look in your direction. The floats are a cool touch but we need more scares here. 2.5 out of 5


And now shows

Bill and Ted: This years Bill and Ted was really good. Just not as amazing as the past two years, I feel we got really spoiled. I really enjoyed that cast. There are a lot of new faces this year and new Ted does a good job. I'm glad they didn't get too political and stayed more toward entertainment.


Academy of Villains: This is a really neat show. This is probably my favorite show where an outside source was brought in. The magic shows never really did for me. Too me its really entertaining and innovative.


Last but not least the extras:

Scareactor Dining: This is a cool experience. The food was not fantastic but thats not really what we went for. The interactions you get with the scareactors arereally fun and not something you would experience just going through the park. Chance was incredibly playful and lots of fun. The other actors were really good too and really creepy. 


The Repository: I want to start with saying this: if there is any part of you that wants to try the experience, do it. Its totally worth it. I had an absolute blast when we went. I would also like to say you get what you put into it. If you go into it like its just another house you won't enjoy yourself. Play with the actors, talk to them, this is totally different than any other house thats based on cues and triggers. I my self was incredibly nervous going in. My heart rate went up to 135 bpm. Like I said, interact with the actors, make jokes, they will play back. While it wasn't the scariest thing in the world, it was fun, each room is unique and has a puzzle you'll have to solve. The VR was really fun too, something I had not experienced before ever. The puzzles were a little too easy but I don't think I would have gotten the same experience if it were an incredibly difficult. Do the repository, especially if they decide that this is a one time thing.


House and Scarezone Rankings



1. AHS

2 Exorcist

3 Halloween 2

4 Texas Chainsaw Massacre

5 Krampus

6 Ghost Town

7 Walking Dead

8 Tomb of the Ancients

9 Lunatics



1 Chance

2 Wharf

3 Survive or Die

4 Lair of the Banshee

5 Vamp 1955


Thank you for reading this far. Let me know what you think in comments!




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2 hours ago, Pandry said:

Did you feel Repository was worth the price?  How long did it last?  How many guests are in a group at a time?


Thanks for the insight.

I believe so just because it's so unique to me. It was about 30 minutes in the actual house. We had 3 people in our group and they let us go just the 3 of us.

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