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Pandry's cheap review - Fri & Sat


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Okay, so, I've never reviewed before. The cheap in the title refers to how this will strictly be a cheap overview. No ratings. No technical aspects. Just what went down, IMO. Mainly I wanted to go on record after two nights and then see how I feel at the end. I think I'm more curious to read this, myself, at the end and see if/how my feelings and experiences have changed.  I've been attending yearly since 2004.  Always avoided opening night due to crowd fears.  Yes, it's HHN after all, the crowded affair it is, and I hate long lines.  And thanks to TWD, this is the 4th year we've done express, Love it! But opening night is now jammed with Saturday's not. Hmmm.


I'll get this part out of the way:  as opening weekend with Fri and Sat are the only times we attend the event with no work the next day, we tend to enjoy the libations the most.  Unfortunately, Friday proved too much. We did 3 houses - Halloween, Tombs and TCM.  Friday was foggy and unfortunately my review will stick to Saturday, as recollections from Friday are sketchy at best.  Saturday we hit everything and drank responsibly...


I must say, with security in the garage's hub, and how smoothly it went, I must declare this the best entry into HHN. In fact, it was so bizarre to not see the security apparatus at the gate. Surreal.  We went at 8pm each night to get $5 parking.


Went to AHS first around 9pm. Posted at 70 min. Express left barely enough time to finish our drinks.  LOVED this house.  Best of the night.  Lines were short enough to feel pulsed.  Amazing sets and scares. Can't wait to go back. Stayed true to the show. Loved every bit of it.


Next was Ghost Town. Another killer job with the sets. Just beautiful. I thought some of the open areas lacked actors but I've felt this on the first weekend every year. No biggie. As with AHS, the lines were pulsed, not intentionally, no doubt.  But even rarer, still, the coordinators inside weren't rushing us. We could go at our own pace. No waving flashlights. Were they all given a lombotomy?


Exorcist next. I've only ever seen certain parks of the movie, never in whole. But those with me who have, were raving.  I loved it.  Room for improvement but it's a must see house.


TWD next.  I have a blockbuster announcement: My name's not really Matt, I'm Kylo Ren.  But the real blockbuster announcement is that I liked this house!  Saturday really was the twilight zone.  I want this IP gone but doing a best of worked. Had my fave scenes from other years' houses and I even saw many zombies that looked zombie...ish. As in, not wearing a zombie make-up kit purchased from Walmart. Go figure.


Next was Lunatics w/Chance. I love Chance and feel short changed. Barely saw her. And I'm not a 3D fan so I left the house nonplussed.  If it means a better shot at seeing Chance, I'll keep going back, dammit!


Haloween 2 next. Never saw any but the first movie.  The house felt a lot like two years ago.  And seemed to increase the Myers' count. They were everywhere!!  I was just meh, with this house.


Tombs of the dangling items next.  Still don't know yet on this one.  Saw lots of empty boo holes, which, again, I always see opening weekend.  Loved the statue/croc scare!!


Tried to do TCM next as we were at 12:30a and still had to hit Krampus. Something happened at TCM as the line from the main entrance out to the main queue had no movement. Knowing we could go another night, we bailed.


Got to Krampus around 12:55pm after seeing my vampire friend in the vamp zone.  So I watched the movie for the first time on Thursday night to get ready. Complex and large characters from the film. Wasn't sure how they'd be recreated.  It was so-so. Very nice sets but I didn't see what I hoped to see.  Also, not sure if it was due to end of night or exhaustion, but it seemed like an extremely short house.  Before I knew it we were exiting. Seemed to just have the same looking character at each scene doing/attempting scares.


No scare zones impressed me. I wouldn't call them bad but, well, not sure how to describe them. No real eerie music anywhere. Just Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson blaring. And other non scary soundtracks. I used to love zones over houses.  They were so fun and so completely themed and immersed. Haven't felt that in years. It is what it is, I guess.  But being in the streets going to each house now feels like a concert/party.


I had fun, though and there were some absolutely amazing houses. Can't wait for a return Thursday.

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