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Ringwraith's Employee Preview Review


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Will update further after I go through the rest of the houses.


Lightning Gulch - INCREDIBLY detailed. Not very scary, but easily up there with The Forsaken as one of my top production design houses. If you're there for the aesthetics, this house is it.


Exorcist - Very surprised that they actually decided to go outside of her room for this one. The bed puke room is every bit as gross as you think it is. Sound, touch and smell are all spot on.


The scarezones - I don't know if the scareactors were dialing it in for preview but I was not impressed with any of the zones. Pretty lame overall. However, the makeup in the wharf was AWESOME! I'm sure these will improve but for the most part, it's the same gimmicks, so I'm expecting much more from the houses this year because I'm certain that's where they put the big money and scareactors.


B&T was surprisingly very funny this year, but I thought it could have used more Deadpool and political discussion.


More to come!

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