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HHN XV: Rat Run


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It was a outdoor chainlink maze in the former boneyard area of the studios (Now the music plaza), they had Jack up on a raised center platform with a megaphone to heckle people. An' on the outside of the maze was a couple GAT's to set of water, air blasts and have a door in the maze move.


That was pretty much it, and quite frankly it was a bit of a odd addition. (Certainly didn't help 15's line up, that's for sure.)


The only pictures I've seen of it are here.


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On ‎10‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 11:52 AM, YourPallbearer said:

I thought 15 was considered an exceptional year?


It all depends on personal preference and what angle you look at it. For me if you look at website, The Terra Throne show, the overall Terra Cruentus story which interwove all the scare zones and almost all the houses into it...it was fantastic! (Both the Rat Run and Storyteller are the wonky parts of that, Rat Run didn't fit into anything and Storyteller was shoehorned into  the event.)


For me where things fall apart are the houses themselves, it was not the best of line ups in execution. There were two Top houses.

Body Collectors - A HHN Classic and easily the best house that year. 'Nuff said.

Demon Cantina - A solid HHN interpretation of From Dusk Til Dawn.


Then you got a middle of the road house.

Where Evil Hides - This is where the Storyteller was shoehorned into, didn't really make much of a impact there. The house was alright, it wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible.


Then it starts going downhill fast.

The Skool - Neat concept, however with the "children" being in makeup, it was easy to see they were just short actors and not kids. This really didn't work and they didn't get it right until 2008's Skoolhouse zone.

Blood Ruins - This one got slammed pretty hard as generic and forgettable, some people even proclaimed this as the worst around though I wouldn't go that far. Especially due to...

Cold, Blind, Terror - Once again they tried doing a "Pitch Black" house, and just like 2001's Pitch Black...it didn't work. This house wasn't cold, you wern't blind going through it and it was not scary whatsoever. It had foam in it, but that was about it. Without a doubt this was one of the worst HHN houses in history.


Then you have one wild card house.

Terror Mines - This was the most daring house with the introduction of the helmet flashlight concept, and out of the two houses they tried this on this was clearly the better one. However it was very hit or miss depending weather you had the helmet or not...and if you didn't have the helmet it depended on whoever was wearing it. It really was a love/hate kind of house. Though I think this would be perfect as a upcharge house so everyone could experience it with the helmet as they should.


So two Top houses, a middle of the road house, three bad houses and one that could swing in either direction. Then you got the oddball Rat Run. It wasn't the best of line ups, especially compared to the previous year of 14 which had a very solid house line up with only one unanimous dud. (Disorientum)


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Agree with Tobias. I remember back when I went I absolutely loathed the execution of it. Others I went with loved it. You can have runs through it where you'd adore it and then runs where you'd hate it. Really, as he said, depended on what you were able to get with the light. Remember, besides the glow of their eyes you'd mainly be in the dark.


15 was a monumental year for story, ambiance, and Body Collectors was exceptional that year - still a top 5 house ever. I agree the houses weren't all fantastic but the fact that they each had their purpose to the land was awesome.


And I, for the record, don't even like fantasy themes. 

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