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Weird but appealing maze idea...


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Today I came up with a strange but cool HHN maze idea out of nowhere. I figured you guys would get a kick out of it. 


Anyway, the name of the house would be "Pawn Scars." It wold be located in Nazarman's (in a universe where it could still be utilized). The basic story would be that 20 years ago, a mysterious man pawned a small Aztec Idol at Nazarman's. The man never returned to claim his object. Shortly after, a number of horrendous accidents occurred at the shop, resulting in the death of three employees. The manager, distraught and feeling responsible, hung himself in his office. The shop has remained abandoned since.


Basically, guests would venture into the old shop, facing vengeful spirits, violent squatters, and supernatural events along the way.


Just felt like sharing. What do you think?

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