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Cole's HHN 25 review! (Spoilers)


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This year was great. Just amazing. I loved every house (Aside from one) and every zone.

This year, I had the pleasure of going TWO nights instead of my usual one night trips. My first night was Friday, October 23rd, and my second was Saturday the 24th.

So, without further (Insidious hehehe) ado, here is my review of Halloween Horror Nights 25!

My absolute FAVORITE house this year was...

Body Collectors! Recollections! Re-collections? Who cares about the subjective title?! This house was incredible!

The facade was breathtaking, the snow was great! The first room had a very good scare that was also kind of a show scene. The rooms that followed were wonderful. Some highlights for me include the spine rip scene, which was my first time ever seeing this effect. My first time walking through I was so interested by the effect, one of the Gentleman's assistants gave me an amazing scare! I also loved the assembly room. Overall, just an amazing house. The assistants make for amazing scares in the rooms they're in.

My second favorite house was...

A TIE! My first ever (I think) tie between two houses. These two houses were Freddy Vs Jason and Jack Presents 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem.

Freddy Vs Jason was great. It had a ton of strong scares. I loved the individual Freddy and Jason parts, but the scares were the most prominent in the versus parts. The versus parts were scary, but I felt that the sets were definitely lacking in comparison to the individual parts. Overall, a very good house for scares!

Side Note- both times I went through, Freddy won!

Side Note- I felt weird going through with a Friday the 13th shirt, because I am team Freddy... :freddy:

Monsters and Mayhem was great as well. Some of the coolest scenes I've ever seen. It wasn't nearly as scary as FvJ or Body Collectors, but it was SO much fun to go through. I loved the classic monsters scene SO MUCH! All of the monsters targeted me, and they had some cool scares they could work with.

Side Note- I LOVE mirror Jack!

Side Note- Forsaken scene was very disorienting for a first time experience with that house.

My third favorite house was Insidious!



This house was creepy, but not terrifying. I missed alot of scares but saw a bunch of effects. The house also felt pretty long, I guess the weird Hodge-podge of rooms made it feel like it. The masks were very well done, and the scares I did get were very good! Overall a pretty awesome house.

Side Note- The room with the moving walls had a creepy gurgling sound and it really creeped me out.

Side Note- The room with the bodies in the pews was so creepy.

My fourth favorite was actually The Purge!

I was so apprehensive about this house. The reviews were so mixed and I didn't want to be disappointed. But my run through had TONS of energy! The house made me oddly sad, because I am such a fan of Scream and walking through and seeing the scenes that could have been felt strange. But, the cast made up for the lazy set re-dressing. I saw the plant as well!

Side Note- Seeing the Scream 2 Column scene was great, that would have been an AWESOME room.

My fifth favorite house was Asylum In Wonderland 3D!

My two run through's of this house were very good. The house wasn't particularly scary, but I loved the cool effects. The costumes were very cool and they worked well with the UV light. One of the best 3D houses I've been in. I also really like the ending scenes back in the asylum, as well as the twist ending to the house.

Sixth favorite house had to be Run: Blood Sweat and Fears.

I enjoyed this house, but I didn't find it very scary. The sets were okay, but I wish that some scenes could have represented the countries a little more blatently like others do. Like the Japan room had very much of a Japanese theme, while the Egypt room was just one of Hellgate's bathrooms. Both casts were very good with their scares and seemed to have a lot of energy.

Side Note- The Japanese mirror scare was very cool.

The house that takes my seventh favorite was American Werewolf in London.

Don't get me wrong- I love this house, it was my favorite during HHN 23. But it just didn't hold up this year next to all of the other incredible houses. The new wolves were VERY aggressive and large, but the house just felt like seeing an old friend that has changed over the years. I still love this house, I just wish a repeat could have waited a while before happening.

My least favorite house had to be The Walking Dead.

I really did not like this house. The scareactors tried the best they could, but every place a scare could happen from was either obvious or out in the open. The sets were also kind of boring and repetitive. Season 5 didn't lend much for a house, in my opinion.

1. Body Collectors: Recollections

2. Freddy Vs Jason/Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem

3. Insidious

4. The Purge

5. Asylum In Wonderland 3D

6. Run: Blood Sweat and Fears

7. American Werewolf In London

8. The Walking Dead


My number one scarezone this year was PsychoScarepy: Unleashed!

This zone was great. The props were very fitting and so humorously dark. The thing that made this zone so great was the actors. They had AMAZING interaction! Great zone.

My second favorite scarezone was HHN: Icons.

I actually really enjoyed this zone. The stages were very nice, and all of the icons were very cool to see as I never came to HHN during their years. Really fun zone.

My pick for third was All Night Die In.

This zone is so much better when it's not crowded in its location. Both casts are a lot of fun to watch, but I think my personal favorite is the black and white cast. Very cool.

Side Note- The selfies in this zone are getting out of hand.

My fourth favorite was Scary Tales: Scream Punk!

I enjoy this zone a lot. The costumes are pretty neat and the actors seem to really be getting into their roles and space. Special shoutout to the Little Red who came up in my face when i was distracted and yelled "TALES!".

My fifth is Evils Roots. This zone was too congested the nights I went. I didn't see many actors, but the ones I did looked great. The stilt scarecrow gave me a good startle. Very atmospheric.

The Carnage Returns is GREAT! Just an awesome show. A lot of funny and gory moments.

Overall, I really enjoyed this year. As a kind of still fresh HHN fan, seeing beloved houses and characters was very nice. Overall great houses, and awesome scarezones.

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