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Halloween Horror Nights 14 (2004) Event Music

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In 2004 the original and first Castle Vampyre was created for the two park event. Inside this house in the rave scene I recorded about 30 seconds of audio and have had it for years and was never able to identify it, This morning thanks to Shazam and Sound Hound I was able to tag it. Its called Like To Jam by Mateaux from the cd This is Rave 2. I am assuming it hadn't been released on CD until just a few years ago but it definitly is the song. I am so happy now.

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Halloween Horror Nights 14 Music:

Ticket Area:
Haverghast Asylum
by Midnight Syndicate from the "Gates Of Delirium" CD

The Arch:
Cage Of Solitude by Midnight Syndicate from the "Gates Of Delirium" CD

Point Of Evil:
Procession Of The Damned by Midnight Syndicate from the "Gates Of Delirium" CD
Final Battle by Alan Silvestri from the score of "Van Helsing"

Field Of Screams:
Playing from the little radio outside of trailer:
Selections from the CD "O Brother Where Are Thou" including but not limited to:

He's In The Jailhouse Now by the Soggy Bottom Boys
O Death by Ralph Stanley

Fright Yard:
Selections by Rob Zombie and White Zombie including but not limited to:

Scum Of The Earth
Great American Nightmare
More Human Than Human
Dead Girl Superstar.

Bill And Ted s Excellent Halloween Adventure:

American Idiot by Greenday
Mexican Radio by Authority Zero

Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
Somebody Told Me by The Killers

The Show:

We Will Rock You by Queen
Cherry Pie by Warrant
Hail To The Chief by Unknown
Star Wars Imperial March by John Williams
Simpsons Theme/Circus music by Danny Elfman
Hail To The Chief by Unknown (Again)
Bad by Michael Jackson
I Feel For You by Chaka Khan
Nasty Girls by Nitty
Save Me by Remy  Zero
Excerpt from "Cyclone" from The Wizard of Oz  aka  Wicked Witches Theme
All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) by Wildfire ft. Simone Denny
Two Heads Are Better Than One by Power Tool from The Bill And Ted Soundtrack
For The Love Of Money by The O'Jays
Double Trouble by John Williams from Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of  Azkaran
Hellboy Entrance - Unknown
I Feel For You by Chaka Khan (Again)
Guitar Solo from Play With Me By Extreme also featured in Bill And Ted mall sequence in the movie.
Black Cat by Janet Jackson
Superman Main Title by John Williams
Beat It by Michael Jackson
Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson
She Bangs  by William Hung
Yeah by Usher featuring Lil John and Ludacris
Fight For Your Right To Party
Thriller (Remix) by Michael Jackson

Castle Vampyre:
Piano Music by Stairs -  Soliloquoy by Midnight Syndicate
Dance Club Music - Unknown

House Of Wax
Gargoyles by Midnight Syndicate

Disorientorium :
Unknown Techno Music

Ghost Town:
Pre-show movie background music:

Mixed selections from the CD Dungeons And Dragons by Midnight Syndicate including but not limited to:

Troubled Times
Hero's Valor

Marvel Party Loop:
Bodies by Drowning Pool
I Ran by A Flock Of Seagulls
Enter Sandman by Metallica
Halloween by Aqua
Toxic by Britney Spears
Breathe by Prodigy
Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson?
Chop Suey by System Of A Down
Dead Mans Party by Oingo Boingo

You Oughta Be In Pictures by The Boswell Sisters
Festival Of The Dead Parade:
"Berlin Foot Chase" from the Bourne Supremacy Soundtrack

Various Area Music:
Halloween Theme by John Carpenter
Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper

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After the opening scaremony, you can hear another piece from Van Helsing in the Point Of Evil zone (it’s the opening to when the Brides attack).


At 12:46 there seems to be a rock track starting in Disorientorium. Can’t identify it.

Also in The same house at 15:15 seems to be a Verne Langdon song (can’t remember the title, but it was used in Treaks and Foons).


at 1:03:48 there is an organ track playing in Deadtropolis.


at 1:14:13 harpsichord music is heard at Castle Vampyre.


at 1:18:00 mark Trouble is Going on by Keith Denn plays at Ghost Town.


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