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Scary Tales: Screampunk

Mark M.

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Personally I think this zone was perfect for what it was. It drew people in, and I saw every one of the scareactors on both casts consistently getting scares all the way up to the Shrek zone. 

Both the Wicked Queens used the mirrors to their advantage to see behind them.

Snow White was RIDICULOUSLY hard to track - I barely got one solid picture of her out of one hundred (note that I avoid selfies). 

The Big Bad Wolf got ....eeeeeeeeeeeverybody (I didn't get a pic of shim at all because I didn't want to ruin it).

The idea of a steampunk Tin Man hard wired to walk in circles was inspired and amazing, even if the costume was totally recycled from the Oz scarezone (psh, so? rebuild that as-is like they did AWiL and I'd be happy) ..... Also I saw one Tin Man chase a scared guest right out of the zone, in full sprint. I haven't seen that since............ I don't know when! That's not a jump scare!

The Wicked Witch got tons of awesome scares that were awesome to photograph, and one of them looovvvved my lady (personally I think she recognized me but that may be just my narcissism) 

Belle in beasthunter gear chasing after the beast was friggin brilliant. 

One time I was pointing at the map and Pinocchio walked up next to me and helped point to the map; it was one of the top 5 interactions I have ever had. He straight up stood there with me and my group and just pointed at things, and he actually turned out to be helpful. I'm not used to the whole middle of the park being closed off but he was like ... Listening and guiding us.... At first he was pointing at whatever but as he heard our plan somehow - nonverbally - he communicated that what he was pointing at was a better way to do what we wanted to do........... So thanks, little guy:) 

I hate to say that the Hunter was lame on his own, all three of them (I'm pretty sure one quit halfway through) but the other scareactors used him very well as a bounce.

The Beast was amazing - in both casts they moved like boxers. They had that slide where they could just skate across the floor and finish up a bounce. That's a very impressive skill, and I've never seen anybody keep it up until 2 in the morning.

I have no idea why it took three weeks to give Little Boy Blue a horn so that the character made any sense at all, but the guy in A and B offered their own distinct level of creepiness, and the weird puppet stance of one of them will stick with me. I got to a point where I started telling people not to mention that because I thought he couldn't help it until a cast change so .. Kudos. 

Red ........ I love you Red. But I'm pretty sure I've told you both that before : ) 

There was nothing about this that didn't work, and personally I have come to see this part of the park as the meeting spot. Eventually the bench I sat on/hovered around became "We'll meet you at Your Bench" : )  .... And if any of you scareactors are out there, you know my fat ass and my fiancee's skinny ass .... Probably my buddy and his wife too, I don't know. We spent a LOT of time in this zone.


So whatever at Scarezone of the year..... You rule Steampunk Scary Tale-ers. You're me and my lady's favorite SZ of the year *kisses you all reeeeal big for a good time* 

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