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Horror Nights: The Ideal Anniversary Year


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Anniversary years have come and gone, and overall, have left more to be desired. Here is, in my opinion, what would be the perfect anniversary year. Rather than having sequel houses, the mazes would be recreations of the originals, but with a few creative changes here and there. Layouts may be different, but key scenes are still in place and amplified. Scarezones represent the different themes of HHN throughout the years. "Horror Night Nightmares" is all about the Icons, "The Walking Dead" is a single Walking Dead scarezone, "Harvest of the Souls" represents the urban legends and creatures used throughout HHN, and "Horrorwood" takes a look at all the IPs of Horror nights Past.  I have created a map of the fictional event. I used a speculation map for HHN 24 (originally created by Sean Hill) as a template. Sean, if you are reading this and do not approve of my use of your map, PM me and I will remove it.





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Don't you mean Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem? Hallowed Past only had: Treaks and Foons, Scary Tales: Once Upon a Nightmares, Body Collectors: Collections of the Past, Dead Exposure and S.S Frightanic. Or were you taking about a hypothetical house? Sorry if you were.


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