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Halloween Horror Nights 25 (2015) Event Music

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Hello everyone! Yes, it's April. No, I don't care. Ok so two things:

I'm not sure how well known this is but I got to speak with Laura Wallace back at this year's EDF. I talked about the event's music selection with her and she mentioned our work here on the forums. She said she wanted to thank us for our work here in archiving everything. I'm sure our archives helped with the Icons zone this past year, for one. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know in case anyone didn't.


Second thing, I'm really wanting to know what one of the songs from this video of Asylum is. We missed two songs and this video's got really good audio comparatively to the rest out there. We missed the song in the Red Queen's throne room and the Finale room's music. If you guys can help me narrow down the specific genre of rock that was the finale room's track, I can search around. Yes, I am rather relentless. Anyway, here's the video: 


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