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  1. Hey, kid. Been a while. First of all BOLD of you to assume ANYONE here would know what the hell you were trying to communicate here. But here's a couple things about yourself you've learned over these 11-ish years: following this passion has always brought you to the right path and even though this forum's about to be shut down, it was so much more important than you'll realize. I'll see you all on the discord server. Here's the other thing, you have an incredible, borderline stubborn musical memory because you'd find this mystery track after having it tucked away in your mind for over 11 years since you last visited the trenches of WWI. It was hiding in plain sight alongside the other 2 Nightingale Blood Prey tracks and for some reason we just never looked at the rest of the album. So, without further ado, here's the facade track from Blood Prey. I wish I had any video or audio evidence to back this up, but you just have to trust me. I am 1000% certain on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P_zKjcz5-s&list=PLD0CN6utXrelGZFkh9x4987RuVrMfYkB_&index=12
  2. Hey gang, long time no post. Although the reason is because I've been working more closely with the gang that monitors and updates the list for the past four or five years. Anyway, I've been digging through APM music looking for the last few we need from the parkwide loop all week. From that, we found this track. Right Now (a) - Thomas Patrick McWilliams, NFL Music Library Take Action 2 Album. We're only missing one now from Parkwide but it is driving me insane trying to find it.
  3. Finally, I believe the normal version of John Carpenter's Night is used inside of Hive. If I remember correctly, it plays as you are entering the room with the collapsed ceiling.
  4. We believe it to be an original song made for the commercial. It's up to Eli Roth to give it to us. For the Undead Clownsaws, add Enter the Circus by Christina Aguilera. I know, I know, before you call me crazy, listen to it first. It is used over there. One correction: I believe the first track you have listed for Hive is supposed to be: Night (Zola Jesus and Dean Hurly Remix) from John Capenter's first Lost Themes album, not his second.
  5. Spent a lot of time over in Festival Thursday night and got most of the loop, missing maybe 1 or 2 tracks. It's interesting how its loop is divided in 2 sections, the orchestral stuff and then the metal. The sections are divided by "Bone Daddy's" Minions of Blood and Bone speech. Festival of the Deadliest On the orchestral side: Prologue by Ramin Djawadi from the Dracula Untold soundtrack Dark Ages by Two Steps From Hell from the SkyWorld album Falling Skies by Immediate from the Trailerhead: Triumph album Ode to Power by Immediate from the Trailerhead: Triumph album In League With Cerberus by Immediate from their The Demon Within album Fides En Lucius Dei by Immediate from the Trailerhead album On the metal side: Watch This by Slash feat. Dave Grohl & Duff McKagan from the Slash album Saturation Point by Marty Friedman from the Dragon's Kiss album Gravity Storm by Steve Vai from his The Story of Light album Soul-Slip by PM Saari from the Lost (And Out of Reach) Single Scarified by Racer X from the Second Heat album The Summoning by Adrian von Ziegler from the Spellbound album Psychosocial by Ultimate Heroes from the Superheroes vs Supervillains album. I do not believe this is on iTunes, only found it here: I also tagged a song called Diabolis by Raney Shockne from a Rock Instrumentals album that I would like just one other person to confirm hearing/tagging before I am comfortable with it being added to the list for Festival. Final note, Red Dream from Sinister II's soundtrack is also used in Altars of Fear, not just inside of Blumhouse.
  6. Alright here's what I've got so far that hasn't been covered: For both Altars and The Shining interior: Midnight, The Stars and You by Al Bowlly & Ray Nobel and His Orchestra (The Shining - The Complete British Dance Band Soundtrack) For Festival of the Deadliest: The Unborn by Ramin Djawadi (The Unborn original soundtrack) Wolf Moon Uprising by Immediate (Trailerhead: Nu Epiq) Tears of Blood by Immediate (Trailerhead: Triumph) Dark Grounds by Adrian von Ziegler (Feather and Skull) Mr. Scary by Dokken (Back for the Attack) Also heard the Dragon Tattoo Immigrant Song as preshow hype music for AoV, whether or not they carry that over to the show when it is ready is up to them. Finally, I got one more tag for Festival but I would like at least one more person to confirm this before you add it to the list, it's You Know What You Are by Ministry (The Land of Rape and Honey)
  7. I noticed you guys don't have that old, 1910s era song listed for A Chance in Hell. It's Helen Kane's Button Up Your Overcoat. As far as what version, whichever sounds like it's being played on an old gramophone. Its listing on the album "Music of the Lost Generation 1910's - 1930's" sounds like what's used, for example.
  8. Ah yes, Reaper's audio mixes. Find those here on the forums. As for this year, not yet. Reaper gets done after the season and list are complete.
  9. Tagged something we were missing from the exterior of Tomb. It's called El Clon from the Taniec Brzucha album. Also did the Repository tonight. They use a lot of work from Brian Tyler. In the holding area where you sign your waivers and what-not, I tagged Into the Barrio from the Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel soundtrack and Humanity Arising from the Into the Storm soundtrack. In the actual Repository, I only got two tracks as I couldn't Shazam or anything but I'm 100% positive I heard these two: 2 Ghosts I by Nine Inch Nails plays in the first room where you meet the curator (at least that's what I'd call him, actor was amazing btw) and right before the finale puzzle, they play The Cross Over from Constantine. Yes, the same track being used in Tomb. Finally, in the exit lounge area, I tagged Escape from the Expendables 2 soundtrack. Everything but that Ghost is by Brian Tyler. Also, for those wondering, I loved the Repository. If you follow the LegendaryTruth stuff, you'll love it. Only negative is the price tag, that should be like a $25 or $30 experience, not a $50.
  10. Correction for Academy of Villains: for Where's your head at, it's Willy Joy, not Willy Joe. At least that's what the YouTube video of it says.
  11. Old list is gone for now. Everything you see right now is currently used.
  12. Add Is She With You from the Batman v Superman soundtrack for during the Bill and Ted show. It plays during Batman's painfully drawn out meltdown.
  13. Wastelanders! Survive or Die is complete! Survive or Die playlist: •Dream is Collapsing by Hans Zimmer •27 Ghosts by Nine Inch Nails •23 Ghosts by Nine Inch Nails •Puncture Wound by Hollywood Film Music Orchestra •Chapter Doof by Junkie XL •Walhalla Awaits by Junkie XL •Warrior by Régis Peters •Tears of the Warrior by Franck Ancelin •Final Frontier by Thomas Bergersen •Icarus by Michael McCann •Urgent Sands by Heavy Melody •Twelve Bullets (El Huervo Remix) by Junkie XL •Going Commando by Junkie XL •Moochie Mix Four by Alan Howarth and John Carpenter All in that order Massive shoutout to who got Warrior for us, I think they know who they are. That was the one track Shazam could never get. Instead it popped up with the damn sound effects album within a second of hitting the button ten bloody times in a row!
  14. Got one more for Survive, Urgent Sands by Heavy Melody. Plays right after Icarus and before 12 bullets
  15. I got a few things tonight. First of all, smack a big ol "confirmed" on that Icarus track I mentioned in an earlier post for Survive along with a confirmation of One Last Sunset by killswitch engage in Chance's zone. Also add Prelude by killswitch engage to that zone as well. I also got one track that was a MASSIVE pain to tag for Survive. It's called Tears of the Warrior by Franck Ancelin (it's that heroic sounding song that ends with the piano and female vocal bit). As far as playlist order I mentioned in my last post for Survive, I'll share what I've got and maybe that will help us out. I started with Dream is Collapsing. One day all of the speakers in Survive shut off for a solid 2 minutes. No idea why. They came back on to Dream so I'm guessing that might be the first song on their list. Anyway list is, Dream is Collapsing 27 Ghosts 23 Ghosts Puncture Wound Chapter Doof Walhalla Awaits (mystery song I haven't tagged yet) Tears of the Warrior Final Frontier Icarus (one or two mystery songs I haven't tagged) 12 Bullets (El Huervo Remix) Going Commando (another mystery or 2) and then back up to Dream is Collapsing The space between Walhalla and tears may be a mistake. While in park I did not realize how long Tears was. It sounds like one or two different songs over those speakers.
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