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A review of a great year (minor spoilers)


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So this year we decided to switch it up and wait at the Finnegans holding area. This definitely helped out as we got 3 soundstage houses, giggles, and halloween done before seven thirty. We only really had to wait for three houses, dollhouse, halloween, and FDTD, we walked on the rest. And now onto my full review.

Our first house was The Walking dead, and I wad actually excited for this one since we had done the tours and saw all the details. This house actually turned out great, and is my favorite out of twd trilogy. Great scares in some rooms, and it did feel longer than a usual house.

Sets 9/10 (some repetitive, but overall very detailed and well done)

Scares 8/10 (only because zombies are overkill these days, the burnt walkers got me good, though)

Overall 8.5/10 (solid house with good sets and neat scares)

Next we did AvP, which said 5 minutes but was a walk on.

This house was also very solid. The xenomorphs were loud, but kind of predictable as to where they would be. The predators, on the other hand, owned this house. Nearly every scare I got in here was from the predators. The sets were also nice. I especially liked the first hall, it reminded me of aliens.

Sets 9.5/10

Scares 7/10 (I didn't get too scared in here other than the predators)

Overall 8.5/10

Our next house was Dracula untold. I honestly didn't know what to expect with this one, but I'm glad I didn't. I LOVED this house. It was sometimes too dark, but I got nearly every scare in there. Baba yaga was creepy, the soldiers were violent, and most importantly, the Draculas got the most scares. That last one had me running out.

Sets 7/10 (what I saw was cool, but it was sometimes too dark)

Scares 10/10 (I couldn't believe how scary it was)

Overall 8/10 (my only complaint was the dark rooms)

Next was giggles and gore.

I loved this house. The factory setting was nicely approached and there were some strong scares. My two favorite scares were the tall hat clown (one of my favorite scareactors of the night) and the guy behind the mirror. My only complaint was the dark rooms towards the end and a few of the lomg hallways. The finale was nice but it felt kind of empty, the chainsaw guy made up for it, though.

Sets 8/10

Scares 9/10

Overall 8.5/10 (my favorite disaster house out of the three years I've been)

Next we hit Halloween, which only had about a 20 minute wait. This house was so nerve wracking, because you knew where a scare would happen, but you didn't know when. The Michaels in this house were huge and intimidating. The sets were amazing, I kept forgetting I was in a tent! My only disappointment was the room with the multiple Michaels, I only got one scare in there. The finale was neat (I shot him 6 times!) And the guy outside was getting some great scares.

Scares 9/10

Sets 10/10

Overall 9.5/10 (house of the year for me)

We did Roanoke next because it had a 5 minute wait. I loved this house. It was gory, dark, and really scary. The facade was so different than usual and I really loved that. The costumes were neat, and the scareactors really utilized the their space. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the sound effects (MEAT) they were very repetitive. The finale was a great way to end this great house.

Sets 8/10 (they got a little repetitive)

Scares 8/10

Overall 8/10

Dollhouse was our next house. This house already creeped me out during the tours, so I was nervous for this one. This house did not disappoint. It had some great sets, GREAT scares, and an overall creepy feeling to it. I loved the music box room, and that first ballerina was one of my biggest scares of the night. Awesome house.

Sets 9/10 (minus one for the smell)

Scares 10/10

Overall 9/10

Our last house was From Dusk till dawn. I had been excited for this house because of the tours, and expected a good house. Overall it was kind of meh. The first few scareactors were very good, and overall the scareactors were pretty good. The rooms got VERY repetitive, and so did the scares. This house also felt super short. I liked the finale.

Sets 7.5/10

Scares 7/10

Overall 7.5/10

Now onto the scarezones. I was so excited to see these back, since I never saw them in their prime. They were all great, especially The Purge.

The purge- cool set pieces, great scares. 9/10

Maskerade- really atmospheric, awesome costumes, but not very scary. 8/10

Face/Off- cool to see the makeups. The minions actually got some pretty good scares. Not very atmospheric though. 8/10

Bayou Of Blood- awesome scares in here, not to mention how atmospheric this one was. 9/10

Overall, this is my favorite year out of the three I've attended.

House list

1. Halloween

2. Dollhouse

3. Giggles and gore

4. Dracula Untold

5. The walking dead

6. Roanoke

7. Alien Vs. Predator 8. FDTD


1. The purge

2. Bayou of blood

3. Face/off

4. Maskerade

Overall event rating- 8.5/10

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