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PeoriaBJJ's review of HHN24... yeah there will be spoilers...


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Thanks to someone for the formatting I stole... I forgot who now.


Overall I think this year was great! It came really close to that old school HHN feel from a few years ago. Good mix-up of houses and I’m very glad scare zones are back!


Roanoke: Cannibal Colony:

Lots of gore! I was told (and correctly) this was the bloodiest house of the event. It totally was. Cool concept, a bit of history and a great little ending with the Wendigos coming at you from both sides. Lots and lots to look at in this house! I loved it! I did the day time tour of this house and got full info on everything which always makes it better!

Score: 7/10

Dollhouse of the Damned

Definitely one of the creepier houses in recent years... I mean there were some really weird shit in this house. But the costumes were cool, the set was really cool and the scares were there. I went through this 3 times and each time got better! Did anyone spot the dead kid from La Llorona last year in there? I did! The only thing I could suggest for the façade… I wish it covered more of the sprung tent. That would have looked a ton better. But the façade was great! All those baby and baby parts! Plus a raven!

Score: 8/10


GREAT house! Very well done! Façade was awesome and made for some good pics from the front of the line. The nod to Halloween 3 made me happy. The car scene was excellent and disturbing. The house itself was nicely done and very claustrophobic. You really forgot you are in a tent for sure! Just a classic haunted house done solidly! Also there was a Freddy Krugar Easter egg in there… anyone else catch it?

Score: 9/10

Giggles and Gore

Like everyone else I thought this was going to be the dark comedy house. WRONG. Pretty basic concept. We make evil clowns… and it worked! Lots of good scare, creepy ass clowns and switches to play with. Nice placement of Jack Schmidt in there too! Best part of this house is when I went through with 3 younger (mid-20’s) kids from Miami that had never been to the event before and it was their first house. One girl was legit terrified. Naturally all the scaractors went at her hard. It was awesome. Overall a very cool house and I even liked the logo! Classic HHN stuff here! Lots of gore and originality.

Score: 7/10


This will be the only house I will somewhat complain about. But lets start off on a positive note. The opening façade was so damn cool! In fact the set design was really great! Its just that the scares weren’t there. The characters were also blah. I giess the last person you see was Drac attacking a girl. But it just didn’t scream Dracula to me. I get the story and I cant wait to check out the movie but this house fell short to me. Especially with the unreal Drac house from 2009 fresh in my memory. But still even a flat HHN house is a fantastic thing to walk though! Kudos on the set design, very cool!

Score: 5/10


Ok I couldn’t wait to get into this house. Coming face to face with a Predator and a Xenomorph? Are you kidding. Im 37 but felt like I was 12 going through this as my inner geek come to the surface (I even bought a Weylan-Yutani shirt for the event). Everything about this house was epic. The scares, the set, the actors. This moved into my top 5 fav houses instantly. Also got the UTH tour of this house so I got some great photos of everything even though we were rushed out of the house bc we were running out of time. But the house team did test all the sounds and stuff while we were there which was really cool. GREAT GREAT GREAT house! Everything you want out of an HHN house!

Score: 10/10

Walking Dead

Ok I love the show and I have loved all the houses. I am a little tired of TWD takeover of HHN but lets talk about this house. Very cool house. Day time tour of it was great too. If you are a fan of the show then you will know what you are looking at which makes it better IMO. Our first time through was as bland as a house could be, I must have missed every single scare bc it kinda sucked. Now the second time we went through the next night this house was ON! Holy shit I got jumped by every walker in the place. The scaractors were on like donkey kong. I went through this house 4 times total and it got better each time. I LOVED the woods scene with the mirrors and dummy zombies. Too many little easter eggs in this house to even list here but if your familiar with the A&D team names and such there was a lot to look at. Plus the names of former icons written in a place that was very hard to see but the nods were there. Great set design, great scaractors, great house!

Score: 8/10

From Dusk Til Dawn

Ok I have NOT seen the TV show for this. BUT, the film is one of my favorites of all time. I can watch it whenever. I know this house got a little hate, but hate on. I think they nailed it with this house! The set design was awesome! Just like the movie. Lots of sexy vampires and even some really creepy looking ones. I really dug how this was laid out. The bar scene was well done. I got a couple good scares out of this maze. Now my complaints. It’s the TITTY Twister, not The Twister. C’mon Uni, quit being pussies and use the right name. It’s a gory Halloween event and you wanna not offend anyone with the word “titty”? And speaking of pussy… Chet at the beginning should have been a lot more vulgar IMO. Ive heard worse from Jack the Clown leaving the park in years past. I wanted to hear the “Hello pussy lovers!” speech. LOL. But still a great house!

Score: 8/10



Pretty cool scare zone. The actors did a great job and they loved picking on my wife! Kinda wished the candles lit up or something. It just lacked scenery or something. But I liked it a lot!


Awesome scare zone! Tons of shit happening all around it. I loved the sign and the siren and the auction show. The van and motorcycles was a nice touch too! Very successful SZ I think. The blue lights and flowers and sign were all nice touches.

Face Off

Well the out fits and stages were really cool stuff. No doubt about it. Some real talent into those things. BUT… its was basically a photo opp. Just wasn’t scary, didn’t have that old school HHN feel at all. It’s had a “the execs are making us do this” feel to it. Ok Comcast we get it… still fun to walk through though.

Bayou of blood

Now this one had that old school feel to it. I thought all the actors did a great job especially the queen and the dude that was on stage with her. There was TONS to look at and that area has always been my favorite to walk through. Now while on the UTH tour I asked our guide why the axed the sacrifice show. I asked him/her if it was bc it was a bottleneck for the crowd or people were bitching that it was too gory. She said (I wont give his/her name) that people were complaining it was a white guy being sacrificed by a black chick. Now I personally cant see anyone actually making that complaint but I know those types are out there. If the colors were swapped Im sure there’d be just as many. So Im kinda butthurt that Uni bitched out and caved to those kind of complaints and I didn’t get to see it. But none the less I thought it was a great scare zone and I welcome it as the best SZ on the “new era” LOL

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All jokes aside. What was the Freddy Kruger easter egg in Halloween? I need to start paying attention. The only thing that stands out in that house is the cute ass cat picture. :P

Not gonna spoiler tag it, but Freddy's shirt is in the closet scene. It's really only possible to see during the lights on tours though, from what I heard.

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