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Doctor Cogstein's Spoiler Ridden Review

Doctor Cogstein

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Howdy there! Each house will be listed in the order I have gone through them every night.

Yes, there will be spoilers!


Overall, This years event was....okay. The only real scare I have gotten was from 2 houses. On the front of scarezones, they were very creative. I'm still waiting for a year to come that beats 2009, 2010, and 2011. Perhaps next year.


Roanoke: Cannibal Colony:

Opening night I did not think very highly of this house as cast A was not very aggressive. But on later nights they got better, still not great, but better. There are missed scares I wish Universal took advantage of. For example: When you walk past the cannibal in the jail cell (I think its a jail), You are forced to look at and avoid the actor. That is a great opportunity to have another actor come out from the other side and scare, but this is not done.

BUT, I did get a great scare from this house! So far best scare of the event for me goes to the guy in the above rafters of Roanoke Cast A! I got the chance to go through by myself with no one else in line and he got me really good!

Scares: 2/10

Set Design: 2/10

Ending Statement: Scares weren't there except for that one great scare. Sets were a bit dark or minimal in areas to enjoy, except for the finale room.

Dollhouse of the Damned

This house was extremely creative. I sorta wish this tied in with Cindy. When I read the back story of a little girl taking over a morgue and making a dollhouse, I thought, "Gee, Dr. Caine (The Caretaker) runs a morgue/funeral home and happens to have a twisted little girl.". But it is fine that they didn't tie it in. No real scares in this house aside from one.

One scare actor always gets me in this house. That is the first ballerina in cast A. No matter what she always gets me when I go through.

Scares: 3/10 (creepiness plays a small role in this rating.)

Set Design: 8/10

Ending statement: Creepy as hell house, but only one true scare I get from this house.


Amazing sets for a tent house. Scares were pretty on point. Young Myers in the first room on opening night got a good scare on me. The trick or treaters got me a couple times. But the sets in this house are just really good and the scares follow well.

Scares: 8/10

Set Design: 10/10

Ending statement: Most well rounded house of the event and a pleasure to go though.

Giggles and Gore

When I saw this title I thought we would get a dark comedy house again. Yes and no. There are some amusing things in the house like the "DO NOT PRESS" button in the cargo lift. I do love the one nod (only one I have found) to jack which is his blender. I do enjoy seeing the caution at work posters scattered about and a re-used prop of the floater zombie in the above area. I love clowns but for some reason this maze puts a little bit a fear in me, not sure why.

Scares: 3/10 ( I have gotten no real scares in this maze sadly)

Set Design: 6/10 (Final long hallway is a bit lackluster and poor use of the run scare tunnel that was used last year in house of horrors, but the ending fun room makes up for it a bit.

Ending statement: Nice visuals with a tank full of gore, but lacking in scares.


alright, the Dracula house for 2009 is one of my favorite houses. So I compare that one to this one a lot and This house just does not hold up. This house does not seem like it is built for horror but for action. I will admit the arrow room is cool and the person getting bit by Dracula in from of you. From opening night they have added some fog in there and in areas it works and in others I can barely see. Now the set design is pretty nice and the statue scare actors in the beginning got me a bit. Opening night I actually looked at the scare actor statue and thought that it was a fake one only to jump back a bit when the actor activated his trigger.

Scares: 5/10

Set Design: 5/10

Ending statement: Scares were hit and miss in here. The sets were pretty nice and there were some good effects use. I just wish I could know the whole story before hand.


This was my most anticipated house and on opening night It delivered. But as I went in the house more and more it lost some of its awesomeness. This could be due to some lackluster rooms or its just me, but American Werewolf never lost it's awesomeness and I went though that way too much. The Egg room should have a scare actor in it. Even if it is a Weyland employee with a facehugger on or something. But the costumes were top notch and the sets were really good. The puppets got some good scares on me.

Scares: 6/10

Set Design: 8/10

Ending statement: Good house, but is losing its effect to me

Walking Dead

I'm trying to find a place to start with this house. I am a fan of the show and I know the sets, but I won't let that cloud my judgment. I enjoy the facade. Actually, I enjoy a lot of the sets in this maze. They are pretty nice looking. The tops sets right off the top of my head are the Big Spot, Forest flash mob, funeral home, and the caved in tunnel. But this maze did not need to be a mega house. Now to the bad side of this house. The ending is just out of place and odd for me. The walker disco fence maze in the end makes no sense and is just there to extend the house. The could have left it ending at the last terminus room. The auto-mob in the Big Spot is just lame. I think the reason for that is that the mob is too slow or starts too far away. Hollywood's version was either faster or closer and provided a good scare. This one just does not scare. But I did get some scares out of this house by the hanging walker in the funeral parlor and the walkers forest flash mob room.

Scares: 5/10

Set Design: 9/10

Ending statement: This maze has decent sets and were larger than what I expected. Scares were few and far between.

From Dusk Til Dawn

Ok, I have not seen the movie or series.

This is my least liked house of the event. I got no scares from this house and even when they came out at me I could tell from where. The sets and Barker get repetitive. I guess the barker in front of the bar is not allowed to improvise anything and must stick to memorized lines. The sets after the strip area give off this Aztec feel and look the same. (Nitpick: there seem to be way too many vines hanging down in hallways.) I want to like this house, trust me I do, but it has yet to do anything to get me. The bar shootout is the highlight of the maze.

House Re-look: So after going through this house several times, still not getting any scares, but was able to look at the makeup. The makeup is really good on the actors! The masks are meh, but the makeup is great to look at. But I'm still waiting for that one scare.

Scares: 0/10

Set Design: 4/10 ( The great actor make makes up 2 points.)

Ending statement: No scares and repetitive environments. But great makeup on the actors.




Best scarezone of 2014 for me right here! This mazes hits my favorite things Victorian attire/dress, twisted waltz music. Aside from that I notice the scareactors get into it in this zone. They each act and interact with each other in sync with the music while still getting some great scares.


This is one large zone and I do enjoy it greatly. The energy is great and this zone. The stage show is really nice for just a small bit. The purge announcements and the barker that walks around adds to the already high energy atmosphere. Though the barker does ham it up from time to time (not a complaint).

Photo op: The scarezone!

A.K.A. Face Off

I summed up this zone in the title there. One giant photo op with minion helpers. I give props to the helpers, they do their best to get scares off.

Bayou of blood

This zone seems like one of the more layed back zones (not counting face off). I never got to see the stage show before it got axed due to rain and technical difficulties. I do love the actress that plays the voodoo queen, she does a great job at it! The other scare actors do pretty well, I notice the guys carrying the skulls seem to be the most aggressive.

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I've only gone through it once on Saturday. It's tough when you don't get done till 1:30

the first, daylight, set of the night is the best time to actually see more details in the house itself. If you're able to go then, I'd recommend it. Not for scares though.
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