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NKs HHN 24 First 3 Nights Total Review


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The time for HHN is back! This is my 6th year of going and I can gladly say I am very impressed this year. Bringing some of horrors biggest names to life, along with original horror that has never been done before, this marks a year to truly remember and begs a special question. But let's run down all the entertainment!


1. AVP: This house is what I like to call a kickass action packed house! Though it is not the scariest, I can gladly say after going into it 3 times, that this is on my top HHN houses! Right there with AWIL. It seems houses with puppets and based on cult movies always take this spot and I can see why! The action in this house, perfect! The effects and puppets, creative and menacing! The feeling, the best nostalgia 80s feeling ever in my eyes, from a early 2000s kid! Great overall house!

Halloween: While I said AVP wasn't the scariest house this year, I only said that because that award goes to Halloween! Truly this house was the missing slasher Orlando HHN needed, seeing how we got Jason, Chucky, Freddy, etc, and he has finally came home. Being a fan of the original Halloween, this house is another favorite. So much detail in what is usually a small house area. It really beared a soundstage feeling. This may be the only house I did once, but it was worth a trip I'll never forget.

Dracula Untold: This house really has grown on me to be honest. I don't know what it is. Maybe the gothic spirit, maybe it's the actors and how crazy some can get, or maybe it's that it's a soundstage house. Not much to say on this one, but I honestly enjoy this one and find it a fun badass looking house.

Roanoke: While I did like this house the first time in, after three times, this house has kind of become more eh to. Don't get me wrong, the setting is a good new one, the use of the wendigo is clever, and it is a gory house, but I am just not into the colony idea in general. I honestly would have loved a jungle canibal house(please 2015 HHN) but this house is still a good ride. Side note, the music is actually not bad!

Dollhouse of the Damned: What the **** was that? I kept saying that in this house. It was a damn great house, but a strange one. I loved the details in here, along with the actors, but this is a plain disturbing house, smells, sights, and idea in all. Personally my favorite original house in a while, or at least close to it, next to another great original idea!

Giggles and Gore: The next original and my first true all clowns house for me at HHN. While I can't say it's the funniest house, although it's dark humor done right, this is a nasty, great energy, type house. Lots of creepy little details and high energy all over. Clowns in general never get me, but this house may have changed all that. And yes, there are Jack references here.

From Dusk Till Dawn: Is it wrong to say that I love this house? Maybe I am just a sucker for the movie, but this house felt crazy fun as well. The house really has so much energy in it and very high level at points for HHN Orlando, front guy and some bloody girl ;). The finale itself was a great reason to just go in! Shots being fired and truly a epic finale. Another IP done right!

The Walking Dead: It seems every year this house goes low on the list, even though I didn't rank houses in a special order this year, but I will say, this house did good. Not great or amazing, but good. I think this is due to the long line which I find ridiculous, but the house really was an improvement. The Big Spot was a great big scene, along with the finale, but the rest, just seemed long and dragged on. Maybe walkers aren't scary any more, or maybe it's that this property is officially over used. Please HHN let this property rest. Or at least show us true damn human characters.


Purge Anarchy: The biggest and most hell like scarezone done by HHN ever. A great hell area where all out chaos is. Chainsaws, dirt bikes, guns, fire, auctions, trucks. It's everything a purge could be. The way the actors mix in with the crowds is a fun crazy time, and the actors are improving every night. A great IP scarezone!

Bayou of Blood: From opening night, to my third time going, this scarezone has grown and become a favorite. The witch doctors and voodoo queens make this a fun zone to enter and at time, very morbid. The only main issue, which may be temporary, is the show went missing. No more sacrifices?! Why? Universal let's keep seeing it.

Face Off: Basically 7, with Face Off monsters, and actors. Eh. Fun, sometimes, creative, not really, good photo opp, yes it is!

Masquerade: While it is a small scarezone, it's a colorful one! The actors are becoming more aggressive, but I wish this scarezone was somewhere else in the park.


Bill and Ted: Hands down a funny show this year and really stabs at Disney! I recommend you all wear a magical tracker!


HHN 24. This looks like for me a home run from the last 2 years. This years not only features bigger horror names, but all the houses, even TWD, leave you with a feeling of badass and wanting more. Same goes for the scarezones. This years HHN left me with one question leaving, what other classic movies can HHN do next?! This year takes the cake for me. While I really am sick of TWD, Face Off seemed force, and is it bad to say RHPS is done for me, AVP, Purge, Halloween, and From Dusk Till Dawn are IPs I love seeing and makes me curious what else HHN will do next!

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