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Mob Zombies/Prohibition Haunt


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I wrote this a couple of years ago, but figured now was a good time to post it.

Boardwalk (Façade)

​The fog off the ocean obstructs your view as you approach the brightly-lit club. Walking along the boardwalk, you pass sandwich boards covered in bloody hand prints. Closer to the clubs overhang, a hot-dog cart has a half-eaten corpse lain across it. Aside from that, there is little evidence of the carnage that is taking place.

​The white-wood siding of the club is pristine, with only sporadic handprints. The strands of ragtime music leak out through the open doors. As the bright bulbs flicker around the marquee above, you cautiously push your way inside.

Club Foyer Rich, red walls welcome you in the foyer of the club. A Hostess, the vicious bites of a zombie prominent on her neck, reaches for you from behind her desk. You move away from her grasps, down the decorated hall, towards the open door of the coat check. The hanging garments swing gently and draw your attention towards the body lying on the floor behind the desk. It is then that a Survivor appears from the restroom door behind you. With frantic eyes, he pleads for help and warns you to escape. As you pass him, he re-barricades himself behind the door.

Club Dining Room You enter the dining room, and are struck by its size, openness and the horror. The eaten bodies of diners lay slumped over their meals. Zombies stand watching in the distance. You weave through the tables, avoiding the zombie Diners near your path. You pass near the elevated stage, deserted with instruments strewn about. You turn around the side of the stage, and a zombie-fied Musician appears at the stage door, growling at you before you escape through the curtains.

Casino The casino is still immaculately decorated, despite the carnage. Several of the card and roulette tables have been pushed over, creating a makeshift barrier. You circle the edge of the barrier, when a Dealer zombie appears from behind a pillar. You rush away from him, when a Cigarette Girl appears from behind the barricade. She reaches for you with a hungry stare as you head through the nearby doorway.

Kitchen White walls and dirty metal counters welcome you into the kitchen. Utensils, pots, and pans hang from the racks over the prep tables you walk between. Trays of uncooked food and empty plates remain behind from the panicked escape. With a loud crash, a Cook reaches at you from behind the dangling metal-ware. You shy away, when another reaches from the behind the other counter. You quickly move between the chasing creatures, past the openings next to the prep-tables, and through the opened doorway.

Speakeasy The clean, formal walls of the club disappear as you enter the narrow, brick hallway. The hall ends and you enter the dark, smoky speakeasy. Rough wood walls surround the bar and cheap wooden tables. A Bouncer approaches from a dark corner, startling you towards the bar. Dark bottles of bath of illegal liquor lines the shelves, and the body of a bartender lay across the bar. A bitten Mobster appears, clutching his wound and staggering towards you. Unable to help, you ignore his cries and move down the hall.

Bordello Green velvet lines the hallway, the sounds of ecstasy and agony from behind closed doors. An infected Lady appears and one doorway, which you quickly pass. You push through beaded curtains into one of the rooms, to the uncomfortable sight of a Lady straddled a body on a bed. As you move around the bed, you realize the horror of the scene as the Lady feeds on the mans neck. As the gore draws your attention, a John appears from behind a wardrobe. Startled, the Lady draws her attention towards you and attacks from the bed. You avoid her grasp and go through the open doorway.

Torture Cell The hall is pitch black, before opening up into a small, cinder-block cell. Hanging on a rack along the back wall are various blades and bludgeoning tools that have been used on snitches. A Mobster holding a bat circles a Zombie, tied to a chair. The Zombies hand lays on the floor. The Zombie snaps and snarls at the Mobster, who teases the Zombie. The Mobster then realizes your presence and screams at you, drawing the bat back threateningly. Having avoided the zombies, but not wanting to die by being beaten, you continue on and leave the Mobster to his toy.

Distillery A blast of heat greets you as enter the dark room. Water drips down from above you. Flickering light reveals the large, copper stills on either side of you and pipes running overhead, filled with alcohol. A large window into one still shows a bloated corpse floating by. A zombie Thug appears from the crevices, slamming its body against the metal tank. Another reaches down at you from above, as it crawls across the platform that rings the still. Their attacks force you pass the crates of empty bottles and barrels.

Alcohol Storage The stacks of crates, racks and barrels around you close in around you. Every separation between the piles can reveal a Mobster coming after you. A stack of crates leans across the narrow chasm, precariously overhead. The alcohol in broken bottles leak out onto you.

Garage As you exit the stacks of liquor, you are forced to walk around a crashed stack of crates that fell onto the hood of a period cargo-truck. A Zombie Mobster reaches for you, trapped between the vehicle and the wood. As you approach the walls of the garage, a Zombie reaches in from the window at you. You escape around the back of the truck, where a Thug reaches down at you from the vehicle. With no other way out, you push through the garage doors into the chaos outside.\

Shootout The flash and crack of Tommy-guns welcome you to the foggy air. Two vehicles are parked outside, creating a funnel that blocks you in with the 3 Mob Zombies, refusing to go down. Terrified, you narrowly miss the zombies attacks as you funnel through the narrow opening and away from the danger.

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