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Customize the scare?

Long Range RIFD technology at Universal  

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  1. 1. Would you use a device (like the Disney Magic Band) the incorporates Long Range RFID technology to customize your HHN Experience?

    • No
    • Only if it wasn't customized (i.e. anyone with the device gets the experience)
    • Customized but only minimal personal information (i.e.house counts, name use, etc)
    • The full Disney Treatment. (i.e. Short range RFID protected purchases and long range customizable experience)

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Picture your horror unearthed card but better. Perhaps a necklace, a wrist band, a badge... something horror inspired or Legendary Truth inspired.

You answer some basics questions regarding your fears, what you like most about HHN, etc and then you log into your Horror Unearthed mobile app where you can track wait times, show times, how many fast passes you have left, house counts, tasks you have accomplished, and various other things.

You use the device throughout the event to cater to your experience. When going through each house a scare could be catered to you personally. For example it would know what scares you the most and could change to fit you or you could get a special scare that only someone with the device would get (Think exclusive guest activation button). They could make the wall bleed your name, could whisper your name in your ear, they could put your picture in a picture frame.... and then make it decay or distort.

As you leave the house you simply walk out and it tallies your visit. No need to track down the scanner as it picks you up automatically.

The device ubiquitously would track crowd trends, what's popular, what needs more staffing, and other stats to streamline your experience.

Would you use something like that?

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I think it sounds good but would be poorly executed. I lost faith in HHN's use of RFID technology. In 2012 when the scanners didn't work I gave them the benefit of the doubt because it was brand new. When I heard Horror Unearthed was coming back in 2013 I thought they would have learned from their previous mistakes. However, I was disappointed that for a second year in a row the scanners didn't work. Nothing is worse than having to do eight houses in order and the second or third one didn't scan (sorry, you're out of luck, but thanks for using your express pass. Now you can wait in a two hour line for a less than average house.) I would say that maybe I would purchase something like your idea the second year around if there were no complaints after the first year.

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Well Disney's are "free". Free as in it cost me nothing extra as a AP holder.

If Universal made a unique bade or what not and charged for it I'd be cool with it as long as I don't have to buy it every year.

But yes it is a very expensive initially. Once everything is in place though RFID and readers are cheap.

OH and mine bands arrived today :)


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seems like this is not something the regular hhn goer wouldnt be able to do, this could never work in a conga line situation so it would have to be done in small v.i.p groups

but i they are going to spend money on doing something like this, I would rather just have universal make an "alone" type house where they do all that but just for you or your grpup. one big house where you pay 30 bucks to see instead of all the houses being like that but costing a fortune

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