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Since the old Vault forum is dead, I think it’s safe for me to repost them here.




HHN: Reign of Voldermort

Plot: Every story has more than one side. We all know the story of :Harry Potter and his struggle against Lord Voldermort. But what if Harry failed and Voldermort won the Second Wizarding War. This year you are about to see the dark side of one of the most beloved stories of all time at Halloween Horror Nights: Reign Of Voldermort

Note: The event will take place in both park with IOA as the Wizarding World and Universal as the Muggle World. The Wizarding will be portrayed as a "Police State" with Suess Landings as a body disposal site for Azkaban and JP as the Gentlemen's hunting grounds. The new HP area will have a statue of Voldemort with magic folks giving praise and in front of the POTDL there is the corpse of Harry Potter himself propped like a scarecrow. The Muggle World is portrayed as a Apocalyptic wasteland patrolled by Death Eaters and Inferi.


Location: Soundstage 22
The infamous Azkaban prison was where the most feared wizards of all time go for their crimes. But recently the tables have turned and the cells now are fulled enemies of the Dark Lord and the Dementors make their presence known. Prepare yourself for a chilling journey that will swallow your soul....litterly

Shrieking Shack
Location: New SPRUNG tent between Forbidden Forest and Hogsmead
Former Hogwarts professor Remus Lupin has given up to the beast within after losing his wife and the only thing close to a nephew. Now all creatures Light and Dark are falling prey to the tragic werewolf and the Shack more feared than ever

Body Collectors: The Ultimate Collection
Location: Jurassic Park Discovery Center
In exchange for clearing all the victims of Voldemort and his Death Eaters, The Body Collectors have made shop in the Wizarding world. And with all the unique creatures, they now have the perfect specimens the help make "The Ultimate Collection".

Palace of The Dark Lord
Location: Hogwarts
The once beloved school for young wizards is now the lair of the most feared wizard in history and a indoctrination center molding the underage into future Death Eaters. Can you survive Voldermort's intersanctum or will you be expelled permanently.

Bloodbath on Pivet Drive
Location: Soundstage 22
The former suburb the "The Boy Who Died" lived has become torture grounds for Death Eaters to enjoy their sick pleasure at their victims expense. Embark on a nightmare that show magic's gruesome side that will scar you for life

London Under Siege
Location: Soundstage 20
The once grand city of London has become a battleground as both muggle and wizarding forces mount a futile effort to suppress the Death Eaters from destroying the city. And you right in the middle of the carnage.

RUN: Wizard's Edition
Location: Disaster Queue
The infamous underground game known in 2001 has been adopted by Dark Wizards at a gambling sport for pureblood wizards to bet on the outcome of the muggle "participants", and they don't bet on who lives. But bet on how long it will take for them to die. For in this game, no one survives.

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