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The ARGS of Halloween Horror Nights

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At Halloween Horror Nights: The Season of the Queen; it took place in a land of middle-earthian and modern mythos called Terra Cruentus. The backstory for the event was that each night the Terra Queen would host the “Season of the Queen”, where those who survived what lay beyond Maldaken were sacrificed to the Gorewood Tree to produce Bloodberry Wine for its citizens.


During this event , Universal Creative held the first ever ARG (Alternative Reality Game) for this year. Guests were to find the answer to clues regarding the world of Terra Cruentus, attend the night (of 6) which the clue indicated to, and find a “Dark Lord” which would give them prizes. I never attended a Horror Nights before so I am bit confused as to how the clues were supposed to be solved. Judging by  the pics, the clues seem to come from the “Terra Throne” part of the 2005 website if I recall.



Clue #1 - October 7th, 2005


Location: The Mystic Fountain In Dragon Forge.
Time: October 7th 1:30AM-1:45AM.
Password: Cruentus.
Reward: Terra Cruentus logo tattoo.


Clue #2 - October 13th, 2005


Location: South Hollow, in front of Popeye.
Time: October 13th 10:45PM-11:00PM. 
Password: Bogus 
Reward: Terra Cruentus logo tattoo and exclusive Halloween Horror Nights beads.


Clue #3 - October 16th, 2005


Location: North Hollow, entrance to High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride.


Must be a way out
Believe all caverns connect below Terra Cruentus
North Hollow cave, nearest
Should reach entrance between 9:00 and 9:15
Time: October 16th 9:00PM-9:15PM. 
Password: Madame Sandra.
Reward: Exclusive Halloween Horror Nights beads.



Clue #4 - October 21st, 2005


Location: Iron Bone Gorge

Words written on a tumbler are those that must be spoken.
The protectors of the darkness are those that must be looked for.
This will last up to 15 minutes after 10.
Now you know who, what, where, and when. 
Time: October 21st 10:00PM-10:15PM.
Blood To Root
Root To Berry
Berry To Wine

Reward: A piece of paper with a new clue (1 of 3).





Clue #5 - October 27th, 2005

Location: Gorewood Forest, Mine Shaft 12.
As the fools and jesters in a nearby realm take to the stage for a
second time this night, an oppertunity exists (But only until they bow).

Here Mik Llemorg drew his last breath, his friend and yours
wait in the dark (but not alone).

One of thirteen from the cold dead ground has all the words you'll
need to know (but Gorewood Forest is not enough). 

Time: October 27th 8:30PM-9:00PM.
Password: Gorewood Forest: Each One Bore The Murder Mark.
Reward: Another a new clue (2 of 3).





Clue #6 - October 30th, 2005

Location: Terra Gate, below the first bridge.

in tunnel beneath the dead in the sky,
two hours precise aft daylight die,
dark winged creatures yield what ye crave,
words to speak 'fore she goes to her grave...

"the season is come... the queen be done" 

Time: October 30th starting at 7:42PM.
Password: "the season is come... the queen be done"
Reward: The final new clue (3 of 3).


The Final Clues

October 21st Clue

On the day the visitors are buried,

Eleven times the chime will sound,

The final hour now is known.


October 27th Clue

Know the language of flesh to stone.

Recite the words that you have found.

Repeat the chant of Gorewood Bone.


October 30th Clue

At the iron gate near Her throne,

The gate will open to stairway round,

On the balconies high above her throne.

And what did these clues lead on to... Again stay tuned...

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I remember the forums of The Vault crashing when the 2008 site fully revealed.  Something like 300 people all online counting down the minutes to the site reveal.  Damn! 

2005 was such an awesome year for website design.  Newbies who never got to experience HHN during those glory years sure missed out on this.  2005 and 2008 had such wonderfully complex stories around the event

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2008’s Reflections of Fear was themed around its icon; Bloody Mary. The backstory by Mike Aiello was that she used to be this young doctor Mary AGANA  who had horrible methods for “treating” her patients. Eventually she died and became a legend that says if you say her name a number of times in the mirror, she will kill you.


The backstory was all laid out in the website for 2008. I cannot access the website, but I have found a photo album for it. Below is the screenshots of the event by HHNYEARBOOK, going by order of patient.




Mary’s own little Journal entries:




Ya know I don’t get the whole Mary drawing thing. I get that she got insane, but why was she drawing these peculiar images, aside from the out-of-universe reason of reading the houses and zones.


Now from what I read from reading old forum posts, while this was going on; there were these emails delivered to HHN followers revolving a character with the rather unfortunate initials of B.S. later revealed to be Boris Shuster.



The final case for the journal:




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