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Code-Name "Cheat Sheet" for HHN Hollywood 2012

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Last year when Murdy started the code-name contest, lots of members were asking for reaps on speculation and hints given with the codenames. To help keep speculation moving forward I decided to form a cheat sheet of sorts to keep it from being hndered as much as possible. Understandably, a lot of us will be busy in our normal lives so we won't have time to constantly look at the tweets and hints to see what's up; with this new chart, it will save us time trying to look back at Murdy's Twitter. Also, if someone does need a recap on the codenames and hints, all one has to do is copy+paste the link to this in the speculation thread.

*Note: If anyone has any hints that I forgot to put on here, please post! Also, PLEASE DO NOT SPECULATE OR DISCUSS THIS YEAR'S EVENT ON THIS THREAD. That's what the speculation on this thread is for. The sole purpose of this is to keep track of the hints. If I do see any inadvertant speculation on here, I'll move it to the approprite thread and notify you of it.


Maze #1: "The Smiths" - One of the songs from the Smiths reveals the theme to the maze. The song is "Suffer Little Children".

-A character inside the maze is inspired by a Dick Smith creation (Dick Smith was a make-up artist for the Exorcist).

-Theme for the maze went out on survey in November 2011.

Confirmed to be La Llorona.

Maze #2: "Classic Cowboy" - has something to do with an NFL franchise that has never won a Super Bowl, a classic/famous cowboy and a hit song from 1987.

-Supposed to have a "CRAZY" facade that will require a lot of space.

-Entered billboard hot 100 chart in 1987.

-The song mentioned was featured in the Simpsons and Family Guy.

-Lyrics of the song mention a famous composer by name.

-The maze is based on an existing property that has never been featured at HHN.

-Someone named "Maggie" is a character inside the maze.

Confirmed to be the Walking Dead

Maze #3: "Dante" - Inspired by the allegory "The Inferno" by Dante; it is implyied that Hieronymus Bosch will have some inspiration in this as well.

-Based on an existing artistic creation (i.e. movie, game, TV show, album, book, etc.)

-One scene will feature the scent of cotton candy.

-The words "Dante" and "Inferno" do not appear in the title of the maze, but the letter "D" does.

-While researching the maze, John Googled "motivational art", "animal hoarding", "doomed Franklin expedition", "Florence Nightingale", "Vargas Girl", "Las Vegas Buffet", and "Liposuction".

Confirmed to be Alice Cooper: Goes to Hell 3D

Maze #4: "Quigley". Since 1932, Quigley Publishing has tracked the top stars at the box office. They released a list of the top box office stars of all time.

-The theme of maze 4 is one of the top 10 stars on Quigley's list

-This star didn't star in the movie in question, but there's something about his career that points towards the movie this maze is based on

-7 of the top ten stars on Quigley's List, were in Universal movies or TV shows BEFORE they were famous. This star is 1 of the 7

Confirmed to be the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Maze #5: "Carpenter" Hinted by Murdy that this will relate in some way to John Carpenter.

-One of the titles of Carpenter's works relates to the theme of the maze.

Confirmed to be "Welcome to Silent Hill"

Other hints:

1) "This year's mazes have scenes featuring 8 different animals. 7 are mammals. Some are props/effects. Some are characters"

2) "There are mazes set in 2 different countries, 2 mazes are set in the same country"

3) "There are 2 mazes that feature vehicles bigger than a car"

4) Two of the mazes have scenes involving amusement parks but neither of them have clowns in it.

Updated June 6, 2012.

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hey i also have the survey saved... does anybody want me to post it in this thread?

Since this thread is mainly for a chart to keep up with the code-names, the survey would be more approriate on the speculation forum.

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