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An Experiment in Fear


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Do you like to be scared? Welcome to "An Experiment in Fear"... this is an idea I've been toying with for 10 years and now ready to unleash it's horror to the world.

(This is a work in progress... thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy it)

WARNING: you will not sleep after watching this.

This has been designed to fuck with your head. Follow the instructions exactly. It's fun to be scared, isn't it?

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Please say there's more. I don't wanna say anything necessarily happened... but I am still pretty paranoid and I didn't have all parts necessary. But I totally thought I heard certain sounds and stuff. I marked I was alone because my parents have been asleep for a few hours and I kept thinking I heard them coming down the stairs but no one was there... etc. There was even a moment where I whispered my mom's name thinking she was there... but she was not. WOW! If there is more I would love to do more of the experiment and will try with a different "medium." I tried Kthulu which I don't believe in. I was raised in a religious family though... so even though I don't believe in religious stuff so much now there is a small part that still believes in it. Overall Bravo! I don't know if my belief in the paranormal has increased... but I do know I am relatively paranoid... and this is coming from a guy living in Irvine... one of the safest cities on earth. I also have both parents upstairs and to be honest I am a little scared to walk around putting the stuff back.

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