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HHN Review for 10/14/11


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Last night my and some of my family members went out to have a great night which we did so here is my quick qeview.

Pre HHN:

Before we headed to the event we decide to go get some dinner at BJ's Brewery on Conroy Rd. I've only been there twice and both times it's been great. If you want to get your drink your drink on without the HHN prices this is the place to go. For $11.95 you can do the taster which you get to sample all 8 of there handcrafted beers. They're samples aren't small either. Food wise it was also great. If you have not been I would suggest that you go. 4/5

HHN Houses:

The Forsaken- Had a great time going through this house. This house had great effects I loved walking through courtyard where you had the hurricane effects and when you go through boat (slanted floor room). Unlike some people who have said that they did not like the green eyes on the scareactors I personally loved them. It just made it much more creepy. 4/5.

The In-Between- Without a doubt it was the best house of the night. The scares came out of no where and from every single angle. In the past I have been through othere 3D houses and this blows all of them away. 5/5

Nevermore- I'll admit outside of The Raven and The Tell Tale Heart I'm not that familiar with Poe's work. With that said this was still a great house, I personally think if I knew more that I would have enjoyed it more. 4/5.

Saws N' Steam- Visually this was a great house. Sadly I didn't missed the majority of the scareactors, every single scare came after I walked by them. I was also dissappointed that I didn't get to experience the waterfall scare. When I saw the waterfall I was excitied and as a I closer nothing happened. Other that seeing an outline of a prop I got nothing from it. 3/5.

H.R. Bloodengutz- This was fun house to walkthrough. Some of my favorite rooms were Valentine's Day, Arbor Day, 4th of July, President's Day, and Christmas. I went in expecting there not to be a lot of scare and there wasn't. The only scares I had in here were in the Valentine's and President's Day rooms. I 'm mostly basing my rating on atmosphere. 4/5

The Thing- This was probably my favorite soundstage house this year and I was dissappointed by that. I personally loved The Thing during Carnival of Carnage and this was no where as good. IMO none of the soundstage houses were that great this year. The detail in this house was top notch and looked great. 3/5.

Nightengales- Looks great loved the ambiance in here not a lot of scares for me. I wwas wanting to expierence the scare that came from above and I didn't get it. 2/5

Winter's Night- Loved that they dropped the temperture in this house. It felt great on a muggy night like last night was. Wasn't a whole lot of scres when I walked through. like The Thing and Nightenglaes it also looked great. 2/5.


7- Decent scarezone loved that the look of it changes as it gets later. 3/5.

Grown Evil- Great atmosphere and it looks great. I loved that they filled this zone with a ton of fog and couldn't really see to far ahead of you. 5/5

Acid Assault- The projections looked great but not much else. 2/5

Nightmaze- Loved this zone. It was pitchblack and you couldn't see any of the minions until they came at you. 5/5

Your Luck Has Ran Out- Another great zone. It was great seeing all of the different Lady Luck's in here. 4/5

Canyon of Dark Souls. Basically my only complaint was the length. It was way too small. 3/5


Bill & Ted- This was by far IMO the worst year for the show. Every joke to me seemed to be forced. The funniest part of the show was when Ted's mic at the end of the malfunctioned and cut out. 1/5

Death Drums- Not that great of a show. I personally loved when they were playing AC/DC as theye were rolling out the towers. 2/5


Actually despite some of these reviews I personally think that this was by far the best year since i've been going. I'm already looking forward to next year.

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Guest kiwisoup

Disappointing to hear you didn't like the soundstage houses. While I didn't particularly like Winters night other than the look of it, Nightingales and The Thing were my personal favorites and about 80 percent of my scares at the event came from those two houses. I did each twice and it was pretty consistent both times. I do agree about Bill and Ted though...

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How were the crowds?

i was surprised that the wait time for some of the houses were less than an hour. the longest i waited for was almost 45 minutes for The In-Between when i went the second time around last night.

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