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this is just out the top of my head, so yeah.

ICON- Eddie

Park- IOA




Marvel Zombies- Enter The Lair of the fallen Superheroes, who now hide under the shadows, waiting for their next meal. (Warehouse behind Dr Doom Fearfall)

Scary Tales IV: Bloody Ever after - your Favorite Fairy tales come to life, but not as you imagine them. (Popeye Extended Queue)

MindTwister- Step into this warehouse filled with tricks and schemes Where your biggest fears become a reality (Warehouse between Dudley-do-right and Jurassic park entrance is)

RUN: Game of life or Death- Step into the Psychotic mind of Eddie Himself, where he reveals his true identity. (Jurassic park Discover Center)

Mine Of the Dead- an incident has occurred in mine shaft 54, the Miners have been infected with a deadly virus. Can You Escape this mine shaft?(Posiden's Fury Queue)

Prison of The Damned- The Inmates of Hell-gate prison have been Set Free, but with no one to stop them, who will protect you from this insanity? (SS 23)

Area 51-Take a Tour of the Scientific Labs of Area 51, where something Horribly Wrong has happened. (SS 22)

Psycho: Revenge of Norman Bates- Norman has Returned, and The Bates Hotel is Open For Business, can you survive one more night in this hotel? (SS 23)


Port of Entry- Enter the world of Eddie and his Friends, they'll be sure to give you, a WARM welcome.

Marvel super-DEAD Island- The Superheroes have been Infected and have taken over the City, can you escape without being Eaten Alive by Famous Superheroes?(Marvel Island)

Midway of The Bizzare- Hurry Hurry Hurry, and make your through the Freak-show that has made its way to your town. But be aware, these aren't Happy Freaks...(toon Lagoon)

Predators of the Night- The Most Disgusting Creatures have taken over, and they are searching for Fresh Meat. (Jurassic Park Island)

Alley of Lost Souls- Come Face to face with Voldemort and his Demonic Spirits as they search for new spirits.(Harry potter)

The Evil Continent- Welcome to the Realm of "Knightmare".. where Ogres, Warlocks, and Demons take over the Lost Continent. (Lost Continent)

-Suess Landing is a safe Zone..

Since this is about Eddie, of course there is alot of Chainsaws.

They are located at Port of Entry, Midway of the Bizzare, and Lost Continent.

Hope you Like this Idea of mine.. :)

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