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Things have been slow around here. And without any PRs to get excited about, let's just look at previous years, shall we? If anyone wants to describe any of these details to those who weren't fortunate enough to go this year, you may but I decided to keep it plain and simple to look at. I decided to start off with 07 since that was the first time we had an actual full lineup of mazes. I'll give my own little review afterward. I'm also doing this in retrospective in comparison to the other years to look at the event as a whole instead of just looking at that year alone.

Title: Carnival of Carnage

Icon: Jack


Universal's House of Horrors [HOH]

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy's Nightmare [shrek Venue]

Friday the 13th: Camp Blood [WWW Venue]

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Back in Business [behind the Mummy]

Terror Tram: Horror Comes Home


Zombie Invasion [New York Street]

Deadwood [Western Street]

Haunted London [London]

The Black Death [French Street]

HellBilly Hoedown [Lower Lot]

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My personal review:

2007 was my first time experiencing HHN. It was AMAZING. It was Halloween night, the last night of the event and at the time, I had just gone through a break up DAYS earlier. My ex and I were still supposed to go anyway but she backed out at the last minute (to whore herself off elsewhere) so I had no other choice: I was going solo. I wasn't going to miss out on Freddy, Jason and Leatherface all in one place at one time! So I braved the LA traffic and got to Hollywood and waited in the long line to get through the parking. It was an exciting experience. Walked through the long line of metal detectors around 10 PM, I was THAT late. Even worse, the event was closing at 12. I was pretty much SOL, but oh well. Got my ticket and the first thing I did was venture over to the Terror Tram. Along the way I saw the Zombie Invasion scare zone, which I didn't really get because there wasn't much scaring going on but it was still exciting. Hit up the Terror Tram with little wait and ventured through. This was the coolest thing ever being able to walk onto the Psycho set. It was pretty gnarly and felt like it took a long time to go through which was a plus in my eyes. Camp Crystal Lake was by far the best part. Seeing Jason hanging up dead teenagers was a dream come true. Back to the upper lot, it was already around 11. I heard TCM was by far the best maze so I went all the way down. The chainsaws were abundant down here and I had my first run in with the flasher. This felt like the scariest scare zone I had been through in all my years of haunting. The queue was way into the Backdraft area and OUT of that. It was a 90 minute wait, or something like it. I waited anyway. I didn't come all this way for nothing! It was more like an hour wait so that was good, plus the clips on the monitors were helping the boredom. Went through the maze, SCARIEST MAZE EVER. The entire mood and feel was perfect. It felt just like the movies and going through alone was terrifying. Got back to the upper lot again and over the intercom: "Due to popular demand, the theme park will now be closing at 1 AM." I was ecstatic. I now had time to do everything else I wanted. So I ran over to F13, as that was the second most one I wanted to see. Some pretty good scares and AMAZING detail. The Jason's were AWESOME. Great maze but it didn't have that scare factor that TCM did. That queue was about 30 minutes even though it zig zagged through the entire auditorium, but once again, Jason clips helped. Went over to NOES, moderate line that went through really quick. Didn't care much for this maze but it was still pretty cool. Went over and got myself a souvenir cup and sat my happy ass down for the last showing of Bill and Ted for the night. There was nothing like it and it made The Hanging just seem downright stupid. Drove back home tired as all hell and alone but it was worth it. 2007 was a good year and I couldn't wait for the next year.

At the time, I give it an A+. In retrospective, I give it a --

89.5% B+/A-

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My second year I gave and the second best year, 6 of us went my exgirlfriend and 4 of my friends it was WAY better then the year before and it made up for the returning SZ, First we did NOES: Freddy's Revenge, my friends almost cried becuase he has a phobia of Freddy, and the Freddy's took major advantage of that (He made it WAY Obviouse) plus he grabbed the the total stranger in front of him in fear and almost walked out the emergency exits and boo holes 6 times, this made up for the fact that me and my Ex reckognized everything from the Asylum the year before,

F13: Camp Blood, by far my favorite of the night Love the progression of Jason and the scenes, the jason were the best Scare-Actors of the mazes well IDK bout TCM since we couldnt make it. The Last Jason was so realistic and scared the CRAP out of me.

After we ate at that Pizza place by Bill and Ted then headed to the Lower Lot and did Mummy, and Jp the line was 90 minutes for TCM so we just headed back up saw Bill and Ted Loved It got a high five from Donald Trump LMAO, then we went on the Terror Tram it was amazing all the Jack's did good, but I would rate that year's Terror Tram 4th out of 4 not the best in my book. We came back watched Slaughter World 2 got some funnle cake and watched the Chainsaw chase out and headed home amazing night so Ill give it B+ due to the returning SZ, Freddy Asylum being the same and the Terror Tram was not the best

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"Halloween Horror Nights" at Universal Studios Hollywood is Southern California's premiere Halloween event. Featuring thrilling mazes and terrifying scare zones, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and changes annually to incorporate movie-quality sets, costumes and effects from the most frightening properties from the world of horror.


Videos from this event:


Behind The Scenes: Halloween Horror Nights FRIDAY THE 13TH: CAMP BLOOD Maze:





Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure | Disclaimer Announcement:





Halloween Horror Nights Logo HHN Hollywood (Full Length):





Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2007 Opening:



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