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  1. I lurk all of the time and do not ever post. Also, this will be the only post, i will not respond but my only thought is that i hope they do not allow filming for the media event next year. I think the media event is an awesome idea i just hope they dont allow filming next year.
  2. gatoralex

    Evil Dead

    I think it definitely would be a tough effect to pull off. I expect it to be like the store in WD last year. Maybe inside and feel like it is raining blood outside the window. Perhaps even a backlight outside to simulate the cabin burning to be able to definitely tell it is raining blood without it actually raining blood.
  3. Speaking of Scareactor appreciation, I hear "Rosie" has gotten quite popular. I sumbled upon a fan page you might want to "like" if you are a fan. http://m.facebook.com/pages/Rosie/513041542041807?id=513041542041807&_rdr
  4. Mis-read, sorry you can delete both, I tried to edit, keeps telling me I dont have permission to edit the post I made.
  5. I think there is more confusion. I can tell you that the one with the black pig tails IS IN FACT ROSIE. I believe you are having great interactions with both. But Rosie is the one with the black pigtails.
  6. Seriously, thank you to traditionals and vampires, everytime im out of work, always amazing. Especially the fox girl traditional with black pigtails, even back to EP I remember you being crazy and amazing, always talking about random thing about mom and such, other traditionals should take notes from your craziness whoever you are! I still see you with the same energy from EP, so thank you!
  7. I feel as though A&D created Nightingales as the next "Psychoscarepy" franchise and came out with HR Bloodngutz, maybe just my opinion, but i feel as though HR will return before Nightingales, if the fans have thier way but hey, who am i?
  8. Hahahaha, i kept waiting all month for you to come through with the wheelchair and you finally did on the last night!!! I was beyond excited, I definitely wouldnt have cared if my ASM/SM was behind you, that was too much fun! And i do have long legs haha, tell uncle Fred "sorry for sitting on him" somehow i think he'll forgive me
  9. I appreciate you, I miss it so much already! When is next year?! It should get here quicker!!
  10. You know ill be buying one! I feel as though i have to haha Great design, i love it
  11. Aw thank you, i always love to hear my scares are working, im trying to be a little more creative and give the people who come back different scares, ive got a repertoire of about 3 or 4 now, so come back through!!
  12. There is no other way for us to take. Trust me, i would love to walk by and not have to hear the stupid guest comments. I wish there were. And yes the button in the Presidents room to confirm with Tman, does absolutely nothing, our effect in the room is completely on a timer that is spread way too far out, hopefully you catch it when you come through.
  13. Can i just say that the antici-pation(sorry had to) from when we see construction taking its final shapes and up to EP is fricking horrible! It seems like from about Saturday to tomorrow is torture! But this construction is amazing, i definitely havent been this excited since 08
  14. Sorry if i offended, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, i never said they weren't. I said in the post i was sorry if i offended, just as you guys wanted your entitlement to your opinion, so did i. Hush says it perfect, just don't look up, that's all i wanted to say, it came out a little more technically. I don't think i need to chill out, i wasn't even freaking out, i was just typing a thought, but whatever. I'm done, its moved on. I definitely think im most excited for this house. Im a big lover of sets, i cant wait to see it. For me this house probably my favorite storyline, i love when they take a real event and twist a house off of it.
  15. If your so focused on the roofs then your missing the main points. So many people put so much hard work into this event, including the SA's. I know i lost about 10lbs last year from the work i put into the event trying to scare. Our creative directors spend thier whole year thinking up these crazy, insane, fun houses for us and all we can think about is the roofs? its sad that so much hard work is being put into the event and the roofs is the discussion. I can tell you from an SA perspective that the Creative Directors and other teams are proud of the work they put in in costuming and set design, and they work so hard to make sure everything is perfect for US, the fans. Its sad that they cant see and just appreciate the hard work in front of them rather than petty things like roofs. Thats all im gonna say on the matter because #1, this is the wrong thread for this, its taking away from the anticipation of The Forsaken and #2, im going to enjoy the hard work that has been put in. I mean no offense from this post and sorry if i pulled someones chain, its just what came into my mind.
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