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  1. This just made me laugh harder than it probably should have, but I just got a great mental image of the Ifrit (in demon form) writing his/her shopping list and then moving on to teasing all of us with clues. Fantastic. Speculation this year seems to be just "Name any IP! You might be right!" This is frustrating to me and making it hard for me to enjoy this early part of the process. Sadly, I fear the event really will be a repeat of the IP-fest of last year. If a La Llorona (or however you spell that) house is really happening, do we think she'll be the icon? I feel like our local fanbase would be pretty pissed about receiving a recycled icon from Hollywood, but I wouldn't put it past the powers that be of marketing to force it upon A&D. Thoughts?
  2. Oh man. Now I want a the Happening house. Where you just walk through with a constant breeze in your face. Bahaha. Thanks for the laugh, Jeff. On topic, I agree that it seems as those Walker(s) is the hint, but... wow, I will be disappointed if there's another Walking Dead house two years in a row.
  3. I'm just grabbing popcorn and watching Heather figure these things out. She's too frickin' smart for me to even bother trying to keep up. LOL. If your guess is right, I might throw a little fit. Come on, HHN Orlando. Originals, please?!?!? Pretty please?!?
  4. Hey everyone! Trying to catch up, so forgive me if I'm being dense here. But how the heck did you get to Cabin in the Woods? Perhaps this would be more obvious if I'd seen the movie, but I have no clue how you got that from Oscilloscopes and C/L.
  5. Lizz


    This is the house I'm most excited for. Can't wait to see the Cathedral in person. Now... if only they hadn't given it such a lame name!
  6. Man, can't wait to watch this forum erupt in a few short hours! Grabbing my popcorn now! And already predicting that Gothic will be my favorite house. Short name and all. =)
  7. I agree that Gothic is a horrible name, but when UOR retweets using a hashtag for Gothic, it's time to admit defeat. Our cathedral is called Gothic, and now we must cope with this boring/awful name. And although the GP might not automatically think cathedrawl or gargoyles from "Gothic," the house description that always comes with the full reveal will likely explain everything they need to know regarding that. Sad, but true.
  8. Don't expect the "games" to be the resurrection of LT. It might be a similar concept, but with a whole new story. As others have said, if this were going to be an LT-style game, we would have already started investigations.
  9. The unearthing facebook teaser has more to do with the event than just TWD. It's a teaser, leading up to something bigger that we've all been waiting for.
  10. Legacy has left the sites for personal reasons. He might return eventually, but for now, don't expect to see him around these parts. It's this year's mantra, folks. Everybody with me now! There will still be games!
  11. I think you just described yourself, Chris. I kid, I kid. Back on topic... I really dislike when the team decides to hand out clues this way. It's fine to have people enter the contests, but release the clues yourself. Waiting around for someone to realize they received a clue is just too painful for little ol' impatient me!
  12. Huh... Wonder why that sounds so familiar?? All I'll say is that it's not Indian Burial grounds, folks. That's not what the Native American references were about...
  13. Okay, yes. The lacrosse reference was a hint leading back to Native Americans. But the significance was determined back during the original discussion, I believe. Let me help by saying that there will not be a Native American or Mayan themed scarezone, to the best of my knowledge. Much like we know the houses, we already know the scarezones as well. That being said... there's still something that's been hinted at multiple times that will be featured in the coming weeks. And that's where the Native American clue comes in. Choosing to quote you because it was the first time I saw it, but again, want to stop you guys before you dig yourself into a hole you can't get out of (see what I did there?). There will be no plague doctors this year. No catacombs. Personally, Catacombs was one of my favorite houses so I would LOVE to see it return... but it won't be this year.
  14. I just had to google what that was, so safe to say... No. That's not what I was referring to! Bahaha. STRIPES! I wasn't drinking anything, but I laughed all the same. I'd heard Central Park was going to feature "adult" trick or treaters, so I'd come to assume CP and Kidzone would be connected in a large Halloween-themed zone. Not sure what to think about it for now, with Grim Reapers included. And yes... I see what you did there.
  15. I've seen you post this twice now, so I'm going to help you out before you go way off down the wrong path. When did people see canoes backstage? I must have missed that post. Regardless. There are clues out there regarding the Native Americans, but it's not to do with a house. Nor would it have anything to do with canoes. You're thinking too literally.
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