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  1. On the Run - Pink Floyd, used during The Black Phone portion of The Horrors of Blumhouse
  2. Those three songs did get a little old after hearing them for an hour opening night.
  3. Interestingly changed since opening night - I listed the tracks I heard on opening night, I saw you changed them to the recent ones as well. Wonder why they changed them?
  4. After Hours Nightmare Exterior Queue/Entrance BGM: "Save Your Tears", "Blinding Lights", "In Your Eyes" - The Weeknd
  5. Definitely, for someone who stood inside this house night after night, the events of the novels themselves take place in 1946 and there are plenty film noire references inside.
  6. The hidden butterfly for this house was located in Death by Dolly, on the back left wall where you first entered that scene. It was in a picture hanging on a wall, inside the picture was a tiny painted butterfly.
  7. Case Files Unearthed is missing Fast Cars by Ludwig Göransson, the ending section of that track is used in the finale scene with Tim Foyel as he unleashes hell.
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