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  1. Some scene ideas for my Deadviantart sequel idea (also don't worry it won't feature any scenes for the fetish artists) Chopfe-Guests enter a cartoony/John K-like funhouse where on the walls are portraits of Chopfe's artwork, some of them are just regular ones while some of them are just drop-outs for the scaracters from the respective artwork on the portrait itself to pop out also in the scene hides villains from Chopfe's original works like Johnson from Paradise Island for example (Ex: Devil Boner from the artwork Devil Boner Visits The Set Of Mad Max 5) Gruntchovski-Guests enter the streets of Transfatylvania where guests could see propaganda posters of Transfatylvania along with posters of Lard Land and see Television sets on the television shop showing commercials of the Lard Land theme park or either commercials of the Hidenburger restaurant, an owner comes out of the TV shop door and insults guests that they should praise the fearless leader or else while holding a shotgun in his hand, guests then exit the streets of Transfatylvania and into General Grunt's Graveyard where some of the dead rise from the graves and attack guests, guests then enter Gruntingrad Manor where in every corner hides the zombified victims of the New Years Eve Massacre of 1921 and at the end of the Manor is Generalissimo Grunt brandishing an axe Impulsivexcreator06-Guests enter a throne room where Cavalia is sitting on the throne and taunts guests, however while guests are distracted by her taunting a guard rushes towards guests 22Eyes-Guests enter a secret cellar where they would see claw marks on the wall by Dragon Corrupt Ashlen, destroyed science equipment, ripped posters and so on, when guests nearly exit the scene Dragon Corrupt Ashlen comes out of a broken wall and attacks guests while growling at them
  2. Another Promotion Idea for Evil Asylum-News Reports about what is going on New Raccoon City These new reports will go through a chronological order by starting with reports of the breakout itself to reports of the Super Tyrant causing a rampage in New Raccoon City In the final news report before the news reporter can go anything further about the Super Tyrant rampaging in New Raccoon City the news reporter gets suddenly attacked by one of the zombies who have infiltrated the news station and as the news reporter gets eaten by one of the zombies itself the TV camera itself then cuts to static and then a No Signal message plays after the static There will also be a commercial break in between the news reports, the commercials are mostly fake commercials advertising fictional things (Ex: A commercial advertising the new and improved Stuff yogurt)
  3. Promotion Idea for Evil Asylum-Website for the maximum security asylum featured in the web series Basically the website functions like the SCP Foundation website and kind of like the ArkhamCare website and has information on the prisoners featured in the web series such as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers including other prisoners that are not featured in the web series itself like horror video game villains for example It also has information on the staff that worked here and some of the staff members' names are references to horror movie actors I also thought of having Dr. Clef as a staff member of the asylum itself and having his name on the information of the asylum staff itself
  4. And for the Evil Asylum idea i had, i would imagine some cameos of SCPs in the haunt idea i had and a surveillance room scene similar to the one in the Cabin in the Woods haunt in HHN 23
  5. Wait a minute, Scarecrow had a gun in the movie? I didn't know that.
  6. Actually i was talking about Evil Asylum and not Marvel Zombies so no offense.
  7. @themazethinker Also if it ever were a haunted house at HHN i think original scenes would be nice and possibly even add other villains from horror films in the haunt itself like Pazuzu for example
  8. Me too, i always thought that Evil Asylum has the potential to be a haunted house and if it ever was i think it could kind of act like Psychoscareapy
  9. This is one of my ideas i had in my head that could potentially work as a haunted house EVIL ASYLUM-In New Raccoon City there is a maximum security asylum that houses killers, monsters, ghosts and other creatures and is controlled by none other than Umbrella Corporation all seems well until on Friday, October 31st when all hell breaks loose inside the Asylum itself and outside the asylum. Can you survive the escaped inmates, zombies and even the Super Tyrant? (Based off of the horror mashup web series of the same name by TrastucaT ProductionS)
  10. Similar to the Skull scare in the Poltergeist haunt at HHN 28 in Orlando? That can work.
  11. I don't know about that, Godzilla is basically a big kaiju and i don't know how he could fit in the walkthrough.
  12. Also here are some scaracter ideas i thought up for this idea of mine Alex DeLarge Lord Voldemort Agent Smith The Agents Ruber Scorpio Jack Torrance Kars Burtonverse Joker Yosemite Sam Candle Jack Beetlejuice
  13. Some quote ideas for what the Scaracters could say in the Pantheonz scare-zone idea Howard: THIS IS ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT!!! Kreese: My fault? When the hell is it ever my fault?! Howard: Well your fault is that you could've stopped that dumbass dark matter being, but no you just let me and you get conjoined by that being! Kreese: OH SHUT THE HELL UP!!! *slaps him* Howard: NO YOU SHUT UP!!! *slaps him also* *the conjoined Howard and Kreese then strangle each other while sometimes punching themselves in the face* Death: DEATH AWAITS FOR YOU... H.P Lovecraft: He...won...we...lost... Ultimate Nightmare: *maniacally laughs* DaMn dOeS It fEeL GoOd tO HaVe tHe DrEaM cReAtUrE DeAd!
  14. Also, i've been thinking a continuation of my Warner Bros villain haunt idea and it takes places when during the Warner Bros. villains reek havoc on the real after escaping their realms and is about some of the Warner Bros villains reeking havoc on a movie set during shooting in Warner Bros Studios and basically guests go through the havoc on the movie set that the Warner Bros villains caused while the Warner Bros villains lurk around in every corner after the tram drops them off for a special tour by the tram driver (in which is Freddy Krueger in disguise) Also i would expect the walkthrough to kind of look like this:
  15. That can work but there are candles in the coffin room so maybe they can go out by itself when the guests close their eyes
  16. Thanks, by the way any changes and suggestions to be made?
  17. Also here's the scene list for my Warner Bros villains haunt idea Science Lab [Basically a mad scientist (or just a regular scientist i guess) tells the guests that they will go through the realms of the Warner Bros villains themselves due to the research that the scientist has found however before guests go into the portal to the itself the scientist will notice that the machine is overheating and malfunctioning but not before the scientist tells the guests to go to the portal now , also yes it's kind of a rip off of the Royal Laboratory scene] Freddy Krueger's Lair [Basically the lair is a nightmarish version of a boiler room and guests could see a wounded Nancy Thompson running from Freddy Krueger himself before telling guests to get out] Unfinished Skyscraper [In this scene the Nolanverse Joker brutally beats Batman to death when during his fight with Batman at the Unfinished Skyscraper building and guests see Joker giving a speech of how he finally defeated Batman himself and after the speech he sees the guests he tells them his Scars speech and then tells them that he decides to spare them for now before ushering guests to the next room by pointing his pipe to the next room] DIO's Mansion [In this scene, Nukesaku sees the guests and tells them of what they're doing here before saying that they want to see DIO himself and therefore guides the guests to DIO's coffin room and once they get here Nukesaku tells the guests to close their eyes before he opens the coffin and when the guests open up their eyes after the coffin is open they will now see Nukesaku in the coffin with him sectioned in pieces and hear DIO's voice saying that they shouldn't come here before revealing himself out of the shadows however before he can do anything a wall explodes revealing to be none other than the Stardust Crusaders themselves and Joseph Joestar telling them that they'll take care of DIO themselves before guests can exit out of here] Spartans vs. Immortals [Basically the fight scene between the Spartans and the Immortals in 300, one of the Immortals tries to attack the guests but Leonidas holds the Immortal off and tells the guests to get out of the battlefield] Court of Owls [It's basically the haunt maze from the DC Universe Experience at SDCC 2018 but with a few scares added in] Finale [Guests will now be at the Science Lab before but is now a wreck and hiding under a broken table is the scientist from before and when coming out of the broken table the scientist tells the guests that thanks to the machine overheating and malfunctioning all of the Warner Bros villains have escaped their realms and are reeking havoc on the real world, but however before the scientist could say anything further he suddenly gets attacked by the 2017 version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown and before the clown could drag him away one of his assistants bursts through the door armed with a shotgun and fires at the clown before telling the guests to go] Also yes i know it's not the best scene list
  18. When you get sucked into the portal and try to survive the arcade games that you played while being inside of them:
  19. Also here's a music list for GAME OVER: CONTINUE? Facade: Music from the video games represented in the scenes DESTROY ALL HUMANS!: Any of the Hunted music or Furon Theme Dead By Daylight: Closing In Overwatch: Prepare to Attack Skullgirls: Grand Cathedral Stage Donkey Kong: 25m or 100m Grand Theft Auto: The Paleto Score Splatterhouse: Enter The Biggy Man Payday: Gun Metal Grey UNDERTALE: Your Best Nightmare Legend of Zelda: Mini Boss Half-Life: Ravenholm Reprise Fallout (FINALE): Combat Ready (I was also thinking that Demon at Church could fit in the Skullgirls scene along with Requiem for Ravenholm fitting in the Half-Life scene)
  20. Yeah it could also i didn't know you forgot about it while coming up with rooms
  21. Thanks! Also i think Destroy all Humans! could fit well into the Game Over idea and the scene could be the Farm area or probably something else i don't know
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