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  1. 2 - no more video games and for the love of god... no pro wrasslin' anything. Sounds like you're full of miedo.
  2. Fun fact! The main house from AHS: Cult is the same one that was used as the Doyle house in the original Halloween. I believe they actually filmed there for the new one as well. So, that could lead to some interesting facades. But, the AHS facade is just typically a poster, sooo... Am I the only one that sees the Stranger Things house as being this year's "Uber House"?
  3. There, their, they’re. Just trying to to be helpful.
  4. To make the number of houses question even cloudier... IF we read "more scary houses than ever" as literal, then we'd actually be talking about 11 houses. HHN26 had 9 "standard" houses, plus the VR "add-on" house.
  5. I'm just afraid that it will start blurring the lines too much. A "Jack's Not So Scary Halloween Party" could easily start slipping into the regular event. It really depends on how they market it. If they try to distance the messaging as far away from "Horror Nights" as possible...good. But; if they position it as an offshoot of HHN...then I'll be concerned.
  6. I'm kind of against this, but if it ends up being a more Potter-centric event at Islands...well...I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested then.
  7. Uhhhhh.....Not to be a naysayer or anything, but ....I'm saying "nay" on this one. Edit: I'm hearing this might actually be our first "original" hint.
  8. And 7-11s are similar to Circle Ks...and that's where Bill and Ted starts. B&T Return confirmed!!!! (See...another example)
  9. Eh? https://hhnunofficial.com/2018/02/23/the-walking-dead-returns-but-not-how-you-think/
  10. Blarg...this is exactly why I hate The Dark Times between November and April. It gives a voice to this cryptic "poetry" that you can jam so many horror properties into, and they'll make sense. Wanna see? Fit so neatly with the sevenThis year we will meet... ...Kevin! That's it...Split is confirmed!
  11. I think that's pretty much all but confirmed. She's what I've seen on every list of both rumored and hopefuls. Plus, the director worked with her previously on Mama. So, unless they had a tough time together, I'm sure he'd like to have her on board as well.
  12. Here's my napkin math on how crowd levels may be effected this year. First, we have to assume three things: -Stranger Things is coming -It is coming -They're going to use all or some of the B&T budget to pay for a 10th house. So...everything is pretty much equal to last year, except you have no B&T, but you have an additional house. For arguments sake, let's say that IT would be able to pull in the crowds of whatever was the most popular house last year. (Popular by attendance, not by opinion of quality.) More than a safe assumption. That being said, let's view ST as the 10th "bonus house". Therefore, we would have to compare how ST would pull crowds from the other attractions vs how B&T was able to. I couldn't find a solid number, but B&T capacity seems to be around 1,500-2,000 people, and is pretty packed most shows ever night. From door to door, people probably dedicate roughly 40mins to seeing the show. This is assuming they arrive roughly 15mins prior to the show starting, the show runs about 20mins, then some time to filter back out into the street and decide what they're doing next. Now, where does that leave us? Stranger Things would have to be able to get between 1,500-2,000 people off of the street for 40mins at a time to off set the "people eater" lost by B&T. I think it's probably pretty safe to say it would be able to do that, as long as the quality is there. Thoughts, does the math work?
  13. That may not be strictly true from some things I’ve heard.
  14. I would take the SNL rumor with a very large grain of salt. If you look at the speculation, from HHN Unofficial, they have not had a great track record the last few years. (It originally came from Chris, who runs that site). IF there is some truth to the rumor, I don't know if we'd see a full "SNL's Halloween Adventure" show. I could definitely see a character from SNL having their own Halloween show though...Any questions?
  15. Agreed. When the Blumhouse house was first bring rumored last year, I was excited to see some smaller properties that wouldn't normally warrant a full house by themselves. Instead, we got a remix of two houses we'd already seen, and room or two of Sinister. Their movie stable is so deep, it was a complete shame what eventually got green lit.
  16. I'm really hoping they can figure something out for Scream by HHN30.
  17. Sorry, but at least the first part (the TV series) is true.
  18. Except they're working on a TV series as well....and then movies that tie into the TV series...and then videogames...and then..
  19. To be fair, that could also be the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers, that one guy from X-Files, or any other number of horror creatures.
  20. It's reaaaaaallll early, but I've heard a few rumblings that indicate you may need to get your bib out. I'm really hesitant as well since I feel we'd be better served to wait a few years; but, "strike while the iron's hot" and all that.
  21. Is it available somewhere? I don't see it on Amazon or iTunes. I mean...I'm sure I could easily find it for free, but I like to actually support projects for cash if they give me the option.
  22. I think he's referring to Dead Waters. He does have a point with four originals though. Although I think they'll probably end up with the standard 6/3 split, creative does have a pretty strong leg to stand on with the high reviews (and wait times) for some of the originals this year.
  23. Nothing's been confirmed on what we're losing, but I've heard both Fear Factor Live and Animal Actors may be on the chopping block, as well as chunks of the kids' area, and the Parade Building. But, I've also heard that they may be building a new Parade building to replace that. Beyond that, construction also requires space for equipment. So, more of that backstage area could be hands-off for HHN next year. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the event leaks towards/into Islands next year. I know they try to avoid that at all costs, but it may be inevitable.
  24. With no actual knowledge...I could see Mike overseeing both events. Taking more of a 30,000ft view of them and delegating a bit more than he has in the past.
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