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  1. Wasn't an attack at you...more agreeing with your comment about a certain individual.
  2. Super helpful. It lets me schedule meetings at work to avoid when the announcements will probably be.
  3. I've also heard that there is an imminent announce coming. Although, it will probably be tomorrow, not today. As for freaking out. I've heard conflicting information on that point. But, either way, at least it's an announcement.
  4. Knott's did that last year. https://www.knotts.com/play/scary-farm/attractions/trick-or-treat-lights-out
  5. From my knowledge, there's a very good chance you're correct.
  6. If something gets announced, we should find out before posts start hitting for Avengers.
  7. You know...I may have just had a eureka moment that our newly discovered code name might be linked to the Halloween house. Follow my thoughts here: -Danny McBride is a writer/producer on the new Halloween movie -He's well known for the HBO series Eastbound and Down -In that series, he plays a washed up baseball star that takes a job as a high school Phys Ed teacher (aka a "Coach")
  8. HA! Do you just have a stack of old Dynamite magazines sitting around the house that you can pull from?
  9. I mean...he's really only really famous for three things; and two of them are quite a bit alike while the third is similar, but still markedly different.
  10. Honestly, that could fit into so many different franchises (especially IT and Stranger Things). It's pretty typical for a "ragtag" group of kids to come up against a evil greater than any of them individually.
  11. Just my personal guess? The four that aren't coming are NoES, Conjuring, Alien, and Lost Boys. There's also an outside possibility of The Thing.
  12. Stick it as far back in the park as possible, and crank up the intensity of the ScareZones this year. Wake these kids up a little bit. Put some hair on their chests.
  13. And it will probably be everything we've ever hopper....er...hoped for.
  14. The official Hollywood account just poSTed that they'll be announcing the first HHN maze tomorrow morning at 8:00am PST. Chanches are it will be shared with Orlando as well. Kind of STRANGE that they're pre-announcing this year.
  15. They get better margins on the single-day tickets. So, they're hoping people buy those first, and then not notice that the multi-day tickets are a better option for them. At least that was true in previous years, before this "BOGO" deal. I'm guessing they're trying that to entice people to book a hotel or trip package. The trip package messaging is very tied in with the ticket deal in all communications so far.
  16. Looks like someone woke Mike up. Codename: “Poison” - Scene 7: Splatter
  17. I'm in agreement here. NoES was the one that seemed to just come out of nowhere, and immediately get put into the "it's happening" list without much questioning.
  18. So thoughts are that they're switching from Wednesdays to Mondays this year huh? Interesting. Wednesdays might be a good day of the week to add a "related sister event" to.
  19. Those were the "leaked" dates. I'm talking about an official announcement. Odds are they're the same, but it will be nice to "officially" be into HHN season.
  20. They just announced the Mickey's Not So Scary dates today. I'm assuming HHN can't be that far behind. My personal money is on either this Thursday, or next. The real question is if we're going to have a house announcement attached or not.
  21. I know you're being sarcastic, but I would totally be behind that one.
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