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  1. They would've had to pull off some incredible perspective manipulation to really get the feel for this house. I know I was treading on glass getting hype for this one, but I knew what I was getting myself into. Houses at this event are always better for more aggressive scares than going for "ambiance" simply because the lack of space makes everything in your face whether you like it or not. It doesn't really play well for a more slow, methodical psychological thriller like The Shining. And with that thought, maybe it's better we're not getting an Alien house on board the Nostromo. It just sucks because the more slow, edge of your seat horror movies are more my thing than in your face aggressive stuff.
  2. Ok, that sounds pretty cool. I want to poke for spoilers about what's in the house and what's not, but I'll refrain. I can wait a day.
  3. Pretty much the same feedback I've seen from other TM's. Since it's consistent, it must be moderately accurate. Shame about The Shining. Maybe I'll have enough of a buzz going after a few shots before going in on Friday to ease the pain. You and I have both seen houses do a complete 180 in terms of quality within a couple of weeks. But that's not really possible when a major part of the problem is the set. Idk, we'll see. I'm excited for Dead Waters the most at this point. Everybody has said it's gorgeous. See you this weekend maybe? If so we've gotta grab drinks or food and hit some houses. Sending you a PM. The facade is the end of the movie. Lel.
  4. That skull design looks like an Ed Hardy knockoff you'd see in a cheap hiphop store on South Beach. Not a fan. Where the hell did that even come from? "What do we want to be the face of HHN this year?" "Uh, how about a skeleton. With some cheap bedazzled shit in his face. And give him some generic tribal looking shit with it" My 10 year old nephew could design a more interesting character. I'll likely be picking up a house shirt (with the small front pocket logo) and a B&T shot glass to toss one back for the boys.
  5. No reason to apologize, I really don't mind updating as plans change. I wouldn't have made this thread if I didn't want to regularly update it And on that note, updated
  6. Anyone wanna play some PUBG or Overwatch during the hurricane, hit me up :o

  7. Look who's back

  8. As long as I get my work done, nobody bothers me. If I'm configuring routers/switches/APs or building a server out, yeah I don't browse the web. But when I'm parsing logs, imaging laptops, or waiting on things to restart, I browse the web for a few minutes. Nothing else to really do. Also keeping a dir /w /s running on the root of C:\ looks super important and nobody has any reason to suspect I'm wasting time. But back to Blumhouse
  9. Will likely be in this zone double fisting a drink with my DSLR for a good amount of time.
  10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yeah it kinda goes back and forth on itself. Somebody should've proofread that. We'll just have to wait and see. I really hope it's a full fledged scarezone though. And not a half-assed one at that just for the excuse of "no but you see, this scarezone spreads out to all the other scarezones!" Staying optimistic though. I like the idea of Invasion, and it's about time we got something Trick r Treat related. I just wish it wasn't in the most claustrophobic area. But I do think it works best there. Purge, eh. Altars and Festival could be literally anything at this point.
  11. Ok, they make it seem like "Festival of the Deadliest" is the overall theme of the streets.
  12. Damn. Down to 4 scarezones? I thought 5 was bad the last couple of years. Take me back to 2009 when we had 7. Scarezones are my favorite part of the event. Kinda bummed. Edit: Yes I know there were only 4 in 2014 as well. Still sucks. At least it's not 2012.
  13. I would love nothing more than an event that was all original content. But I feel we have this discussion every year. And I know you know this, but I'm simply reiterating. Universal is a business. Businesses exist to maximize profit. The "normies" account for the grand majority of profit for an event like this. Normies are driven much more by recognizable characters from pop culture. At a certain point, they know when they have enough recognizable pop culture media that they don't have to invest in licensing for that year any more and can pay their creative department (much less) to come up with some original content. It's a tipping point where the cost of licensing fees and contracts outweighs any additional profit they might make from selling a few more tickets. Again, I know we all know this. I just feel like it has to be said, and there's quite a few new faces around here. I'm always in favor of new, fresh, original content. But that's just the way it is. But we have a Shining house, and that's all that matters to me right now tbh.
  14. The event usually gets busier as time goes on. It usually doesn't get real bad until the middle of October. As to your second question, a quick search on the website shows express passes are available on Halloween night.
  15. They're going to have to play with forced perspective a lot to catch the grand scale of the hotel.
  16. This was fantastic. I think it works so well because so much of the terror comes from Jacks dialogue with Wendy and you nailed it. Well done
  17. Updated. Also removed the meetup tag ("M") as it's assumed that by posting in the meetup thread, that you'd be ok with potentially meeting up with members. If you'd still like to include your attendance, but would not be able to meet up (due to spending the event with family/friends, etc.) then include that in your post. It's less work to mark people who would not like to/are unable to meet up, than those would/are. Feel free to update whenever you'd like, as often as you'd like. I just put you down for opening weekend for now. Unsure what you consider weeknights (some consider Fridays, some consider Sundays) but let me know and I'll add stay and scream for those nights. Just going to leave it at M/E/D for the time being.
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