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  1. Also, don't post shit online that you're not supposed to. Don't put anything on your facebook, myspace, twitter, and especially not this site or others such as IOACentral. You will find yourself no longer employed the next day. Countless people get termed with no rehire every year for posting things such as pictures behind the scenes and even silly things like projected volume for the night. Universal does not have a union and you will not get your job back. If you think Universal doesn't keep their eyes on this site (and other fansites) during the course of the year (and especially during events like HHN) then you'd better think twice. I worked at Universal for two years, you wouldn't believe the things I've seen people fired for, and how easily they can get into your facebook/myspace pages and read through everything you post on your wall. Just keep your mouth shut.
  2. I don't want to see Psychoscarepy come back for awhile. It's becoming too common. The first one was my favorite house of all-time. The second one was decent, but I hated Holidays. They need to give it a few years. I still want more original houses instead of rehashes, but if they're going to rehash anything do it to some that have yet to be rehashed and deserve a second spot in the limelight, not the ones that we've seen 2-3 times already (Scarepy, Scary Tales, etc.)
  3. Lovelovelovelovelove

  4. Can't believe it hasn't been said yet, but I'm sure we'll see something about the oil spill and/or BP.
  5. I wasn't fond of 16's reunion at all. To me it felt like they just got real lazy and said "lets just throw them all together for the hell of it" and that's how 16 was born. This year we'd better have some sort of original storyline to go with and possibly something to link the characters together. Not necessarily by family, but some way to relate them all to one another. It would be pretty cool. I'd still rather have a new original icon, but it's too late for that now I suppose.
  6. Because I've been going for so long, I rarely get scared anymore. I know exactly what to expect and exactly how everything is going to be. The first couple of years I went were terrifying. But it was only because I didn't know what to expect or what they were capable of. Now I treat HHN like a social gathering. I go to hang out with friends and meet new people. The houses/rides/shows/scarezones are just something to do while I socialize.
  7. Definitely see some Tiger Woods.
  8. 2002 was my first year as well, though I have no pictures That foam was awesome though. I danced with a couple scareactors in it. Lots of fun in the TnF scarezone.
  9. I don't care. This has been going on forever now and if Universal really cared enough, they would enforce stronger security measures. It's almost as if they want us sneaking around, leaking information, and getting everyone hyped.
  10. I'll be there for suuuuuuure. During HHN, this would be hazardous. To everyone. In a 10-mile radius.
  11. I love B&T. Not a fan of RHPS. I leave that one to the teenybopper hipsters.
  12. I miss the arrival shows as well, however I don't think they should make everyone watch. Those who want to go straight into the event should be allowed. I would still love to see another TRUE Opening Scaremonies this year. Not a Q&A for an upcoming Universal film
  13. Hello love <3

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