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  1. That girl in the purge man; I thought she was genuine. I was like oh yeah sure. It happens. Holy cow did I scream. o-o
  2. Favorite Houses: Body Collectors and M&M. Favorite Scarezone: Icons. Rankings: Houses- Body CollectorsMonsters and MayhemAWILRunFvjAIW3DTWDPurge(Insidious has not been experienced yet, tonight though. <3) Scarezones- IconsDie inScary TalesPsychoscareapyEvil's Roots
  3. Props to the Usher in the second set. Props to the monster thing in Evil Roots who got me from under the hay truck thing. Props to the first set of zombies for TWD. Props to the actors in the last room of AWIL for the double scare. Props to the Storyteller in the first set.
  4. Total Nights: 25 Monsters and Mayhem: 29 FvJ: 8 BC: 12 RUN: 17 AWiL: 7 Asylum 3D: 5 Insidious: 9 Purge: 8 TWD: 8 B&T: 6 Carnage Returns: 6
  5. WARNING SONGS SPOILER I can't think of any more; but when I do I will add them.
  6. The other two categories (No dark secretS) are all hhn related, but I had two rounds of just insidious and just purge.
  7. "Mummy! Can I get a picture with you!?" is what I heard in regards to The Invisible Man. LOL. Also, that cheerleader, wasn't there like a b-rated movie about killer cheerleaders or something? All Cheerleaders Die?
  8. Oh no! I thought it ran until 3? Did you email them or let them know somehow?
  9. I've tried replying to this a hundred and nine times. There wasn't really any rain so no impact from drizzle but the streets were wet ish. I only felt the congestion when it let out, not during. The security were really trying to keep it in the viewing area. Evil's roots had no scareactors when I went through. Pumpkins looked pretty cool.
  10. Has anyone played yet? Anyone planning to play tonight? I just want to say that I love their sarcastic messages about how daytime and desktops aren't their thing. Achievements: Blood Thirsty: "Gore-a-licious! You've drawn first blood and slayed your first round." Bogey Man: "Boo! You vanquished a category and are feared by young and old alike." Witches Brew: "You are truly masterful at your craft! You bewitched a use a level ahead of you." Scorcher: "You scorched the innocent soul of your opponent by more than 100. Good work!" Grave Digger: "Overkill! Too many incorrect answers lead you to dig your own grave." Revival: "You doged death's grasp! Things were looking gram but you thrashed your way back to life." Speed Demon: "Wow! That was your fastest game ever, you speed little devil you." Nocturnal: Unleashed: Monster: Dare Devil: Maniac: "Thrilling! The Dark Secrets category has now been unlocked, your skills send a chill down our spine."
  11. Freestyle cups with the logo; black and purple. 13.84 after tax. They look awesome.
  12. I don't think they did too much of what was in the media this year, there were some big things that I thought they could do. Even the songs weren't the biggest ones this year...
  13. On employee preview night they didn't get me too bad, maybe this will change.
  14. Favorites/Rates- Houses- Body Collectors: 10/10 Run:8/10 Asylum in Wonderland 3D:8/10 FvJ:8/10 AWIL:7/10 M&M:10/10 Insidious: 10/10 TWD:8/10 Purge:8/10 Scarezones- Die-in: 9/10 Scary Tales: 7/10 Icons:9/10 Evil's Roots: 7/10 Psychoscareapy: 6/10 Shows- Bill and Ted: 5/10 Jack's Carnage:9/10 9/16/15 I was there from opening (seven) until ten o clock. Walked through zones to get to food. No scareactors. First house that I did was body collectors. There was barely anyone. I freaked out screamed and tried to run. Very creepy. Second house was Asylum in Wonderland. This is my first 3d house. Awesome. I then hit the Jack show. It was pretty good. It sounded like chance had the same voice as ana in last year's bill and ted. Cursing. Violence. Mayhem. Blood. Pretty good. Bill and ted sucked this year imho. A lot of the jokes fell flat, and the crowd only made noise for like two things Don't try to hit it if you're only going one night. Die in I didnt spend much time in the zone but I really loved the classic monsters. Icons I didnt spend much time but the icons looked awesome. Very reminiscent of face off last year, minions do the scares. Psychoscarepy was interesting but not that intense. Very similar to purge last year. Chainsaw clowns were okay in simpsons Chainsaws by transformers looked like they were exhausted, they didnt try scaring anyone when I went through. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9/18/15 9PM-12AM Scarezones were better. Walked through them most of the night. Die-In; saw both sets, pretty cool. Walked through Evil's Roots: It looked great. Icons wasn't bad, I still missed the kills though. Psychoscareapy was still meh in my opinion. Scary Tales; I love the costumes. Chainsaws were more interactive. Gringotts Run- I'm the biggest baby in the world, so this was terrifying for me. We'll see how tonight turns out. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9/19/15 TONIGHT WAS SO MUCH BETTER. I got in about 7:30. Caught the Jack show: Went to AWIL: Posted 30min, actually like 15. I hadn't done this one before (Last year was my first year) so it was awesome. I really enjoyed the wolves jumping out/popping out. Went to M&M: Posted 45, actually about 30. This house was by far my favorite. We then walked through Icons back and forth for like an hour, pictures with the ones on stages. Purge: Was pretty good knowing the time constraint. TWD: Letdown. All in all a good night, can't wait for Thursday. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9/24/15- Got there around 630ish. Did RUN; walk on (5 minutes posted wait) It was still light out so I was still able to see where all the scares were, and see all of the scenes. I enjoyed it a little bit more; because I could appreciate it. Did FVJ: 60 minutes (45 posted) I was got multiple times Body Collectors- 40 minute wait: accurate.SO MUCH THAT I DIDNT SEE THE FIRST TIME! HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS/ It was even better the second time around. AWIL- Not as good the second time around. RUN- After dark, much better and I was really able to respect the scares after seeing the environments. Hung out in Die-In for a while; Icons was cool. I got hit in the face by the stilt scarewalker's cape thing. It was all up in my mouth. LOL. Scary Tales was all right. Psychoscarepy was eh, no scares this time. Evils Roots was meh. CLOWNS WERE WITH IT TODAY. One followed me and then got some of the others to follow. I was terrified. 9/25 Insidious was EXCELLENT. I got scared so many times. This is straight up spooky. Purge: Better than the last time. More intense actors. TWD: Worse than last time. 9/26 Arrived at 5:15, first in the gate at 6:00. Walked on M&M JACKS HAVE THEIR WIGS +++ A LOT BETTER. FVJ was about one minute wait: Freddy won again. Asylum: I didn't remember HALF OF THESE ROOMS. walk on RUN: Better. walk on Asylum: Looked for GATs, didn't see any, paid more attention to the ending. 35 min. I spent a lotof time in the scarezones: Caught the Storyteller and the Caretaker's kills. Bill n Ted was better. 9/27 Monsters and Mayhem posted 30, waited like 15. Run walk on Body Collectors posted 15, waited 10. Awil posted 10, walk on. Body Collectors posted 5, walk on. Saw Jack/Eddie babies. (Staff member walked in front of me(because she was leaving?), kind of ruined the run because she kept hugging the scare actors...) Body Collectors again cause walk on. Run walk on, only one through the house. It's so much better when you're the only one/ Insidious (walk on) alone. CREEPY. Purge( walk on); last one in the house that night. It was intense when you're the last one. 10/1 Arrived at about 11:15. M&M posted 45, waited about 30. The A few of the scareactors were missing from their positions. AWIL posted 15, waited about 10. The more times I do this house, the worse the runs. The intensity is not there, and only a couple of the puppets landed scares. FVJ posted 45 minutes, waited about 35. This one still scares me the most, the Jason's are just massive. Body Collectors posted 5, walk on (12:53). I love this house so much. No lie. The intensity was there the entire time. 10/2 Monsters and Mayhem Freddy vs Jason Awil. 10/3 FVJ- BC TWD- Purge- Same old, same old. Monsters- (Mirror Jack = <3) All of the rides. 10/4 Bill and Ted. Better. Monsters - (Mirror Jack <3) Run- Monsters - (No mirror Jack </3) Caught the Icon kills!! TWD- Purge- Same old, same old. Insidious- Monsters and Mayhem- (Mirror Jack <3) Now that the event is over; I went SO MANY more nights this year and just didn't have time to update this. Everything got consistantly better over the season and I definitely will never forget this year. 25 Years stayed at the top this season, followed closely by Body Collectors and Insidious. FVJ got me so good every time I went through. Purge was intense, TWD was meh, Run was good, and AWIL was underwhelming but good. AIW was really good and was definitely 5th on my list. HOUSE COUNT: Total Nights: 25 Monsters and Mayhem: 29 FvJ: 8 BC: 12 RUN: 17 AWiL: 7 Asylum 3D: 5 Insidious: 9 Purge: 8 TWD: 8 B&T: 6 Carnage Returns: 6
  15. Whatever you guys do, don't go into the chat. It's a nightmare. XD I can't do the meet up my boyfriend doesn't feel comfortable with it.
  16. Last year was Purge, and that was where Psychoscarepy is; so who knows.
  17. I went to preview last year, I hit most of the houses minus like two; AVP and G&G, but that was due to promising someone I would wait until I did it with them. It was packed last year. I got to the gate maybe twenty or so minutes before hand and it wasn't that bad. This year I want to see the opening scaremony. I'm definitely hitting b&T again at this premier, it was awesome last year too.
  18. My friend's 18, I'm 19, and the other is 20; the twenty year old is bringing her boyfriend, so technically it's going to be like 4 people plus you guys, so 6 altogether so far. I had the most fun with those size groups last year; P.S. I'm the biggest baby alive so I'll probably scream louder than her. XD
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