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  1. This house always gets me, but did anyone else get the lackluster point from Mother in the girl's room, when she comes out of the closet? I always seemed to get her, and it really killed the whole thing for me.
  2. I feel that if it were a barber, many people would be thinking of Sweeney Todd (<3). Maybe we could get a musical throughout the park! LOL. The doctor; I don't know how that would work exactly. Maybe we can get a dictator like the one in Singapore last year.
  3. This house is creepy for me, because I didn't do it often nor a lot this year. Those dang puppets get me EVERY time.
  4. This house, it sucked. Then it sucked more. But then, the night I went through the only one in the house, so all the scares came at me, they were FAST zombies!!! Then I got slow, then fast, then slow. The fast zombies were scary for me. But the slow ones killed me of boredom.
  5. A new icon would be awesome, and they might just do that. The icons were well received this year I think.
  6. I believe it's in the 25 years section. Hold on. Reaper said in the ICONS-HHN thread: "Bobby Weiner, the owner of the name and aesthetics of Bloody Mary has the licensing rights on the market currently, last time I heard. If that is true, then there's a possibility of seeing Bloody Mary again at the event."
  7. I think that was discussed last year about rights to bloody Mary being the reason she won't come back.
  8. I really want to see a Krampus house, and a throwback-I agree with the Killer Klowns. JACK VS EDDIE I WOULD CRY HONEST TO GOD. If they do an icon I would like Eddie. I
  9. I still enjoy this zone so much, I feel like they've gotten better throughout the event.
  10. Also I believe there's a GAT , I remember pulling on a chain/rope thing nad air/water hitting my friend behind me.
  11. I think it's just the same four categories, as they've not changed any of the nights.
  12. I haven't caught any but the Storytteller's
  13. Possible GAT in the first room, the coin looking things on the sheet music.
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