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  1. There is a new permit, but it still says Herc/Xena which was SS 44. Looking at the fees for this permit (which are different than the usual fees), I believe it is an "addendum" to the previous permit so it is still tilted the same. This means we have no location confirmation from this new permit, but we know there will be a 7th house. I apologize for the double post, but the forums will not allow me to edit my own post. To our knowledge, B79 (parade bldg) is the 7th location.
  2. Blueprints must be drafted by an architect or engineer. Uni may have one, but they also may not. Building codes can vary from state to state, from county to county, even from city to city. This could make it difficult to use one blueprint for both coasts. Building specs (specifications for the building or area housing the maze) would also have to be accounted for. Not saying its impossible to share the blueprints, but it would be difficult. Layout could be the same or similar, but most likely each coast would need their own blueprints.
  3. 11:59pm is the end of the week. Whether that's 11:59 pm Saturday or Sunday depends on how you calculate your week. Some people count Sunday as the first day of a week, some people count Monday as the first day of the week. I'm a Sunday person, so my week ends tonight at 11:59pm. That means I should get an update by then. At least that's my opinion on the matter. Unfortunately, Universal will probably updates us based on their own theory of when a week ends.
  4. The clues have been floating around. Several people have given the same clue. All I'll say is this: Many people thought this house theme would be a perfect fit for Universal this year. It would tie in to more than just HHN. I was also looking forward to seeing this theme done in a DE style. I had discussed with one person a perfect scene. A scene that would have been comparable to the "crowded room" in the original DE. I will actually lament not being able to see this theme done, if the house is scrapped. It would have been a great twist on a classic theme.
  5. The theme that was rumored to take the place of the zombie theme would have fit, I think. I'm not sure how many people figured out what that theme was so I will not spoil it.
  6. The only thing I've worried about with a DE style house being built is the level of detail. DE may have been simplistic, but the set was hand painted. It was hand painted in a blacklight. That may prove to be difficult to accomplish in only one month.
  7. One of the best costumes, and scares, I have ever seen was in 2003 near Pizza Predatoria. Stilt character, costume a vine. Without any props, except the existing columns at the restaurant, I sat and watched this scareactor consistently get people for over an hour. He/she, couldn't tell the gender, would "wrap" hisself or herself around the column. When stationary he/she looked like a climbing vine decoration. It was awesome. If anything, the quality of the costumes have been getting better since then. Excluding Nightmaze. So I think we will see great costumes on the roaming hoards.
  8. It has been mentioned that the City of Orlando is posting permits about 20 days or so after they are pulled. If this is the case then we can do a little speculative math. A&D are told on June 14th that SS44 is coming down. (speculation due to people seeing F. A. K. E onsite around that time) Give them a week to find a new location, make the necessary house changes, and get approval. So let's say June 22nd they pull a permit. We could see a permit this week, if that is the case. 8 days from June to July. 12 days in July. 20 days total. Of course that's including a holiday and weekends. Not sure if the person who mentioned 20 days meant business days or not.
  9. I have to ask everyone who is worried about the event: How long have you been going to the event? I've been going since 98, and I can't help but wonder if we would still have an event with all this worry and negativity. My first year had 5 houses (Frightantic was dual run so I count it has 2 houses) and 1 official scarezone. There were no express passes. There was no icon. I fell in love with the event. I fell so in love with the event that I made sure I got married in October, so that I could spend my honeymoon at HHN and celebrate my anniversary there every year. MOTB was a great scarezone, but it did not have the massive props we see now. Until the move to IOA, the zones didn't really have huge props. The zones were still good. The scareactors made the event not the props. Since everyone keeps mentioning it, 07's problem was not the lack of themed zones but a lack in the number of street scareactors. Having been to the event with only 1 zone, but with a decent number of scareactors in other areas of the park, that's what hurt 07. Not enough street scareactors. We don't know how many scareactors we are getting in the houses or on the streets, but there are three open auditions. I have to agree with Jimmy. Give the event a chance. As for a comedic icon, I would like to point out the one icon who seems to be the most popular icon ever. Jack. Jack was dark humor, and has always been well received. People love him. I don't understand it, he's never been my cup of tea, but every year people ask to have him back. If the P&T rumors is true, they won't have the in park presence that Jack did. It will be more like the pre icon era. So as a community, we should watch, wait, and see. Maybe if everyone think of this year as HHN: Old School, it will help.
  10. Thanks, Jeramy. Knowing he only started in 06 helps. It amazes me how great he's done in only 5 years, trying to create a site for fans and the general public. He's done an awesome job.
  11. I believe Ray had always done the website. And while the last couple of years have not been as great as some of the past years, I think it's been a learning process for everyone. We didn't see an interactive website until, I think 04. 06 was one of the first years to have a slow build with clues. 07 was the first year with "games". 08, the year I think everyone compares websites to, was the first year with multiple weekly updates. One also has to remember that 08 was the last year we had a truly indepth back story to an Icon. Also, although 09's website was not as great as 08's, anyone who saw the model that was built of of the theater has to see that they really did put a ton of effort into it. So if we go by 08 being one of the best years, I think they have done great. Trying to please the fans and give the info to the general public is a balancing act. 4 to 5 years of trying to learn the perfect balance really isn't a very long time. Especially since Ray usually didn't start working on the site until May or June when he would finally receive the info for that year's event.
  12. Semi concerned myself, but I'm thinking patience is warranted. If they are changing house designs, it would make sense that new blueprints need to be made. This will take some time and then the new permit will have to be pulled and added to the project. Although, so far this year, common sense seems to have been thrown out the window. It is very hard to judge what decisions are being made due to all the construction and last minute changes. Basically making our jobs of speculating on how things work that much harder.
  13. ^Completely right. I would like to add that they pull fire and electrical permits every year. They usually have to do some electrical work and they always add extra fire alarms/sprinklers. I'd have to pull up the individual permits to know for sure, but usually the ELE permits coincide with the FIR permits. The ELE permits, in those cases, are for the necessary electrical work to install the fire alarms/sprinklers.
  14. I haven't bought my tickets yet, but this usually means it will use the same information supplied for the pass for billing purposes. So, the name and address info you input for the pass would be used for billing you as well.
  15. I hate to be picky, but I have to point out that: 1 Fear was a representation of the Sumerian god of fear, Adaru. 2 Fortuna is the Roman goddess of luck. Her Greek equivalent is Tyche. But yes both have been deities, just not Greek deities.
  16. Shout out to both casts weeping angels!!! You got my husband every time we went through the house.
  17. Automatic Writing is the concept that led to Ouija. While Ouija Boards are considered by many to be nothing more than a game, and their creation to be nothing more than a capitalistic act that preyed upon the popularity of the Spiritualist Movement, there are some who will tell you to never tempt fate and to not play with things you do not understand. Doorways can be open in many ways, through various means and forms. Mirrors are considered by some to be doorways but we still stand before them and preen ourselves. In modern times, we have seen other games associated with the opening of doorways. Think of Jumanji, while a childrens story, it is the concept of a board game opening a doorway to another world. Why couldn't we have it both ways? Ouija boards were a modern interpretation of another form of spiritual contact. With the popularity of RPG style dice games, what's to say that this is not a game that is a more modern interpretation of a Ouija?
  18. Why would Lady Hawthorn speak with a British accent? Considering her tombstone is very reminiscent of the ones in Salem, Massachusetts, I wouldn't imagine her having a British accent. A New Englander accent would be far more appropriate. As to our Icon, I say everyone give her and A&D a chance to reveal her true potential. We have not seen the whole package or picture. The commercial is jumpy in places as if scenes have been cut. It's flow seems interrupted. I'm guessing the full commercial will remedy this.
  19. Should have added as well to this post. Could this game point to more than just the Poe house? We have spec on the Rat Lady being in NY, we have very specific titles to books, and we have books that have been eaten by rats. We have seen Uni give hints to both houses and zones with one clue (08 case files), so I was just wondering if we are seeing the same thing this year. EDIT: For those worried about copyrights, each of the works that are referenced in the game fall within public domain.
  20. Love the new game. With the mention of rats in it and the specific titles of the tomes, could this be giving us a hint to one of the NY scarezones?
  21. Disaster House. I believe there are construction pics from Disaster with blocks in them. EDIT: I double checked and yes there are construction pics on Rumors from Disaster showing the blocks.
  22. The Little Sisters of Eluria is one of the short storie inside Everthings Eventual.
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