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  1. Interesting trivia: Did you know that Ridley Scott directed Legend? Yes, the same Ridley Scott who gave us Alien and Prometheus. As for anything being done in the SS44 area: 1 It's an active construction site that holds tons of legal liabilities. 2 The higher ups are not going to postpone construction for a green lit project for HHN fans. 3 I think A&D is working with what they have. I do not see them pulling a permit for a house just to prank HHN fans. They are using all the difficulties from this year to their advantage. A sign of true creative genius. When the world gives you lemons make lemonade. 4 If we are getting clues for an Icon and backstory, I wonder how much A&D had to push for it? How much of it is due to the negative push back from fans? Was it always in the works? 5 I can't wait to see the event, because if the use of the SS 44 debacle is as last minute as it seems, then I think it will display the true level of talent behind A&D.
  2. I've thought of him too. As I said, the way the clue reads makes it seem like we should now who He is. Darkness would be awesome. Any other characters who could "come home". And do we know if we have all the clues?
  3. Ok.... Totally out there thought..... But who is the iconic figure in Uni history who is not featured in the parks? Answer: Bela Lugosi's Dracula. It would be awesome if he was the one they dug up and was finally coming home.
  4. "it's not of this world..." and "it's time He comes home" E. T. Is totally our Icon!!!! Someone had to do it. True spec: Not of this world makes me think of Terra Cruentas, or Mary's Mirror world. Then with the capitalization of He, I feel we should know who He is. And now I'll I can think is it better not be that damn clown.
  5. Thank you. I'm restricted to phone use, so I have difficulty with any sites the rely on flash.
  6. I think the point Chris is trying to get across is that it would be nice to know if we are only passing time. Reviewing posts, you can see the hope for an icon, a backstory, the comeback of LT, an overall theme. If passing time is the point, speculating on little details, then just let us know.
  7. Until I see more from ifrit, I will see this has just away to past the time. What bothers me, is if this is not an inside source, and we are just going to receive information about details (like how many nurses will be in the SH house), why not just say it? It gets everyone's hopes up that there may be more to the event. That we may get the interactivity that we have been craving. I agree that speculating, over thinking, over analyzing can be fun. I love it, but it would be nice to know what the payoff is. And if the payoff is just little tidbits, fine just be honest about it. We can still play. As for the clue, I'm going two combine specs. Does anyone remember Mr. Hawthorne's full name? R. O. H. could be for Mr. Hawthorne's full name.
  8. Random spec on the Doctor's clues regarding digging. There was spec awhile back that our Victorian House would be loosely based off of Poltergeist. Graves, digging = Burial Ground like what happened with the houses in poltergeist. Or we are going to visit the Hawthorne manor instead of just the cemetery this year.
  9. Or it could be The Greek letter Rho which has several uses, and in Greek numerals represents 100. With the combination of easy as 1, 2, 3 in the clue, I'm more inclined to lean toward my original guess. Abc is as easy as 123. Meaning our missing letters should be placed in their alphabetical order. So instead of Abc being 123, HOR is 123. The use of scrabble tiles suggests to me that the numerical equivalent of the letters gives the hint toward the number of each letter needed. So 1 H, 2 Os, and 3 Rs. This is where my dylexia comes in handy again to create the word HORROR. That's how my mind sees this particular puzzle.
  10. C is there. O is missing. So of we had 1 - H 2 - O 3 - R We have HORROR. He's promised to offer more so I figured I'd give him another shot. Hopefully this puzzle provides a more satisfactory answer.
  11. I do not believe you need event tickets for UTMH. If you plan on staying in the park after the tour or going into the park before the tour, then you will need tickets for the park. Daytime tickets or an AP. When I went on my tour we did not need to provide information about attending the event, but the UTMH also wasn't available through the website. You had to email or call to book the tour. I would call and verify this before you buy your tour just to make sure this information is correct.
  12. Universal mentioned on the Official HHN FB page that all would be revealed next week. The full reveal is usually sometime in late August/early September. The time of day as typically been at midnight or soon after. For example: 2008's full reveal began at 7pm on Wednesday, August 27th. At midnight, we received no signal. A little while after midnight on August 28th, the full site went live.
  13. New clue. Backwards writing. It says. "Just because he's a doctor doesn't mean he's correct. How are these people similar? Simply watch the set." If someone wants to link the pic feel free. My dyslexia comes in handy sometimes.
  14. Quote from Uni on there FB page ( it's in the comments for the poster): "Don't worry HHN fans. There are more houses to come. All will be revealed next week..."
  15. Last year BK put out their window posters, before Uni released any of their advertising. Like I said, it was a preemptive strike by Uni. They didn't want to have to tell BK to take down the posters again.
  16. Lol, I just realized what that poster is. Uni preemptive strike. Didn't want BK to blow the whole thing again like last year. It's the BK window poster.
  17. Then I suppose there is no need to continue speculating on these clue, if they are simpily pointing to known elements of the event. Creating riddles and clues to tell us that nurses will appear in Silent Hill seems rather unnecessary and, in my opinion, pointless. I will let others work them out. If it appears that something more substantial is being hinted at, like a backstory, connecting theme, or icon, then I may return to speculating. Until then: Has anymore info been figured out about the scarezones? I've never really been a scarezone person. I prefer the houses unless I'm in the mood to people watch. This year, however, the scarezones have me very interested. It may be the increase in scareactor numbers or the fact that were may get more simplistic zones this year, but I really can't wait to find out more.
  18. Since I can either sit and stare at a sleeping two month old or can speculate.... I don't think the pic is a blueprint. There appears to be too much depth to the picture. I think it's a pic of a 3d object, like a circuit board.
  19. These clues seemed to be very similar to ones we've seen before, but now they appear disjointed and lacking a central purpose. First clue photo: Appears to point to a return of LT. Second photo and quote: Appears to point to a vortex and EVPs. Generally pointing one toward hauntings and paranormal investigation. Which could be the "Victorian house". Third clue: Well that's where it gets weird. A symbol similar to the Silent Hill movie symbol. It is not exact. A periodic table. Specific elements pointed out. Various numerals. And a quote mentioning bone and core that can be linked directly to mystical writings about iron being the bone and core of the earth and gods. 4th photo: He=He. Most likely implying a male figure being linked to the event. 5th photo and quote: Tells us to disregard the iron connections, then mentions the "Iron" Lady. So we have a female figure now. 6th photo and quote: No clue. All I can say is this is not a very succinct source. We are not being directed to specific houses. No need for us to be given house clues. 4 houses have been revealed. We know Silent Hill is going to be at the event, and we know the nurses are female so why give us clues that point to the nurses? It appears our source doesn't know either the best path to explain the message, or is unsure what the message is suppose to be. These clues are not simple and straight forward like those of the past. I shall have to wait to see if a centralized theme materializes.
  20. I think the lady part is more important than the iron part. FE could be shorthand for female. The quote specifically mentions shorthand. Fe isn't shorthand for faith. What if 86 isn't 86. The lines seem too straight for an 8. It could be an hour glass symbol which usually denotes years. So it could be 6 years, or if the 6 is actually an L, it could be 50 years. I'm still confused by it. Especially considering the Plutarch writings which mention iron being the bone or core. I can tell I've missed clues this year. These clues (even though the source is unknown) have me fascinated.
  21. It is a screenshot of 3 quotes. All the quotes are by Magaret Thatcher aka The Iron Lady. Quote from The Ifrit: "I'm feeling benevolent so I'll gift you one more: sometimes the shorthand isn't short for the ore." It appears the message is saying Fe is not representative of iron, but then the picture gives us quotes from the Iron Lady. It's confusing.
  22. This is from wiki so not the greatest source, but: "In Plutarch's mystical writings, iron and lodestone is referred to as the "bone" or "core" of the gods. Symbolically, iron is the bone, the foundation or the mineral core of both blood and red ochre." The quote from our mysterious friend. "Knowledge does very little when what is known cuts to your core and chills to the bone" Found it interesting. Also iron was used to repel or kill creatures in mythology. So 26 > 2 could be - Iron is stronger than He. And if it's Fe = 86, Fe could be what is necessary to kill, or 86 He. The phrase a that something or someone has been 86ed (meaning killed) is common.
  23. Could the clues be pointing to a connection between Silent Hill and a backstory or Icon? I don't mean an overall theme or backstory for the event is Silent Hill, more like connections we saw with Lady Luck and the houses last year. And I can't help wondering about the ifrit. Considering that the cult in SH worshiped used immolation, and the ifrit is a fire demon. Could we have subtle connections between an icon or backstory like this? __________ I just realized a huge error I made regarding the possible symbols on the CD. The symbol that I stated was the male symbols was actually the female symbol. The male symbol also represents mars and iron. *headdesks* Sorry about that mistake.
  24. On my phone and can't figure out how to link. Another clue: "Don't let the setting distract from the terror But "He=He should make things a bit clearer." Jeramy, do you think you can link it or post it?
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