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  1. Hello all!! I have no idea what’s going on this year. I’m an essential worker so work has kept me too busy to keep up, then my husband’s idiotic coworker came into work for a solid week after being exposed to the virus. Told absolutely no one until the day before he got his test results which were positive!


    My husband tested positive (he has asthma). Had symptoms, they never got too bad. I tested negative once and my second test results are still not in. I’ve been an anxiety riddled bundle of quarantined joy since the day after my birthday. 

    Anyone wanna catch me up on this year?

  2. List confusion:


    @Legacywas correcting @HHN Pro 2’s locations. 

    Primarily, the fact that SS23 is being used this year. The houses in the list aren’t Legacy’s. 

    We know SS23 is being used because we have a permit for SS23A. 

    Speaking of permits:


    B79’s permit has some interesting DocHolds. 1 may directly refer to SIF as it’s for hangings, draperies, curtains, and decorative materials hung from walls and ceilings. 1 is about fire-resistant coating. And the final one is about structural steel/welding not included in the plan. 

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  3. All of the early permits (the first 5) have FIR permits now. These are the permits for the fire alarms and sprinklers (for those who haven’t seen my tweets). ELE permits will, also, be pulled for the houses. ELE permits are for electrical work. 

    All permit applications are being sent through email. No worries regarding permit offices being closed. These things can be done online. 

    I’m currently building a house. My construction has not been interrupted. My guess s Orlando will operate in a similar manner. 


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  4. 19 hours ago, HHN Pro 2 said:

    So according to that speculation map:

    Beetlejuice - Soundstage 21 (?)

    Monsters: The Bride - Soundstage 23B

    Bedtime Stories - Soundstage 23A

    Terra Cruentes - Soundstage 25

    Billie Eilish - MIB Tent

    Dungeon of Terror - Sprung Tent 2

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Sprung Tent 1

    The Haunting of Hill House - New Parade Building

    Legendary Truth: Carey - Parade Building

    Gremlins - Sprung Tent 3 (?)

    MiB tent isn’t a Sprung tent. Sprung is a brand name. Can’t remember the brand name for Tent 3. It’s why the permits for the 2 Sprungs are labeled ST1 and ST2, and MiB tent is labeled T3. 

    Speaking of permits: B108 permit has dropped. We have 6 permits now. 


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  5. Construction is considered an essential service per Homeland Security. Construction won’t stop y’all. 

    N95 masks tend to be standard construction equipment. I know this because we started slowly stocking up on things (except toilet paper cause WTF is that about?) about 3 weeks before everything started happening. My husband works for a construction supplies company. They couldn’t get N95 masks due to the manufacturers being sold out. 

    My husband didn’t understand why I made about 10 different can goods shopping trips. He didn’t think I’d start a panic by doing one or two trips. Then the toilet paper thing happened and he was like “Oh!”  Yeah, one wrong person sees you with a larger amount of can goods and everyone’s going to lose their minds. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, zombieman said:

    Does that mean if B will be used it will require a unique permit?

    The only time an SS has held two houses without two separate permits was a few years ago, and there was no A/B designation in the description. If you look back at all the recent permits where two houses have been held in one SS, you’ll see an A & B designation and two permits. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, zombieman said:

    Not having memorized the SS buildings even after all these years, I had to look up the reason for Mystique's excitement regarding SS23.

    In 2019: SS22 (1 house), SS24 (2 houses), SS25 (1 house) were used

    SS23 has not been used since 2011, and is capable of holding 2 houses, but the permit was only for half the building.


    So many possibilities for speculation....


    Yep! Hasn’t been used in some time and the permit states SS23A. Where there’s an A, there’s a B. 

  8. 7 hours ago, Pyconn84 said:

    Agreed totally, however I use the term "evidence" subjectively.  Overall I am referring "evidence" as how the rumors are generated.  Its kind of a sense of how rumors pop up and sources which gives credibility to those rumors. In a sense, Source X can be traced back in the past and be correct which gives some weight to the rumor  (solid or not). The only true evidence is hard leaks (Website data-mines, Marketing slip-ups ect...). 

    IU just reminds me of a bunch of monkeys throwing poop at wall trying to get a reaction out of you...   A tip of the hat to your "Chaotic-Neutral"  stance this year.

    I am cold and calculating, waiting is just fine for me.  Some people just wanna watch the world burn, where as I plan its destruction to suit my means.:jason:


    If you want a source to be consistently traced back as correct, you won’t do better than @Legacy.


    if you want hard leaks in the form of data mines, you will never see those on a forum. IU or here. Closest you’ll get is Uni leaving something on a permit. Sunshine laws being what they are. Yes, I still read the details just in case a scene name is mentioned. 

    After the tight-lipped nature of last year and 2018’s false list, going a Chaotic Neutral route is the best way to go. 

    I’ve said it before and will say it again. There’s a reason for the clues and riddles that are given. Plausible deniability. Ifrit, apparently, learned his lesson in 2018 and last year. @Legacy has always chosen to not confirm until announcement. 

    Understand that anyone who receives info walks a very fine line. Play the long game of telephone, create hints, riddles clues whichever you choose, and at all costs protect the sources. 

    The lesson was learnt in 2018. Many of us heard IT was locked. Not just a casual, yeah it’s very likely coming or just a it’s coming. We heard it was locked. Heard enough detail info to make many of us extraordinarily excited. Someone probably lost their job. 

    The long game is the only way to go anymore. 

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  9. 6 minutes ago, DexterAllanCrane said:

    Mary really would be the best icon for this year.  I was fortunate enough to go to 18 and the story and website was the best.  Never felt more immersed because of all of the Easter eggs and references throughout the park.  Anyway, Mary was all about two things: Fear and the past.  To take us back through the mirror to look at our past would fit perfect for an anniversary year.  Candy man would also make a lot of sense as he basically is a variation of Bloody Mary.  Keough is for Francis Patrick Keough, he was the archbishop Of Baltimore that used the motto and crest.  Not sure if there is any significance.  

    Catholicism relates very much to the Warrens. 

  10. 59 minutes ago, OhHaiInternet95 said:

    Yeah, that was mentioned. Feel ya.


    Could be Candyman for similarities.

    It’s probably subtler than that. I can word game, but visual clues usually aren’t my forte unless really, really obvious. I tend to make weird associations with images. 

    It’s a crest/seal. The link mentions Keough. Has anyone figured it out? 


    EDIT: I managed to quote the wrong person!! 

    I completely missed this. In my defense, I work retail and you can imagine the joy my life was during this time period. 


    Additions to the Mary TM talk:


    Weiner filed for a Standard Character Trademark in April 2008 for Bloody Mary for entertainment services in Halloween amusement, namely, a haunted house attraction. This mark was not approved until March 2010. A standard character mark is a mark that trademarks words with no particular style or design. She trademarked the words Bloody Mary for haunted houses. Not her own character, style, or design. 

    This is why Mary Agana could be referenced, but not called Bloody Mary. Being unable to use her recognized name, they haven’t used her for anniversary years. 



    In 2017, that trademark was cancelled by the Trademark office. It is dead. Bloody Mary is public domain again. 

    The trademark was #7740225


  11. On 11/22/2019 at 12:01 PM, Legacy said:

    Why do you torture me?


    Hello! Life has been getting in the way. I’m still around. Will try to be more active. No promises. Life and such, but Christmas is over so work should be easier now. 

    I played the Graveyard Games FB game. It worked, even though I couldn’t attend. Interesting tidbits of info. I can link some of it to the Terra Queen. Similarities to her story. There are two Twitter accts that are still active for Sid and Nancy. Probably just scareactors or fans having fun, but I find it interesting. 

    Speaking of interesting, how many here realize the significance of choosing the names Sid and Nancy for the characters?



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  12. 18 minutes ago, DocNiktMarr said:


    He hits Tom with a frying pan, is this a trick question?

    Well, what I heard was wrong.


    The quote was from Sphere. It appears I heard wrong. I heard the house called an underwater Interstellar Terror. 


    Sphere is, basically, an underwater Event Horizon. 


    We have creatures, though. 

  13. 2 hours ago, krazyhorrorkid said:

    Anybody ever thought that the Underwater themed maybe a House adaptation of Dead Man's Warf? 

    I love that Zone so much

    The Forsaken was the house version of Dead Man’s Wharf. 



    In case I’m asleep when the announcement happens and my connection is correct (I had 2 hrs of sleep. I’m running a caffeine and crazy), here’s a quote:


    ”What happens if Jerry gets mad?”

  14. 6 hours ago, Rikku said:


    One can hope. 


    I may have finally made a connection. I should have seen it awhile ago. I’ll have to wait for the announcement to confirm it, but it’ll be interesting if I’m right. 


    There’s a movie that may have inspired the house. Not the obvious ones we’ve discussed, though. 



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