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  1. I really hope you’re not legitimately expecting a lot of your list. If you are, you’re going to sorely disappointed.
  2. I never heard that date. I’m just assuming that date. It feels like a good date, logically.
  3. A panel with HHN design leads from Orlando, Hollywood, Singapore, and Japan. People assumed an announcement would happen there, but there was nothing actually rumored or guaranteed for that to occur.
  4. I mean the Entertainment Design / Creative Development section of the Entertainment department. Their organizational structure. It’s the what Mike was the head of, where Charles, Patrick, and Blake work, and the creative heart of Entertainment. Dylan isn’t in that structure. The team is big, I realize. Elements of Entertainment that sit above and peer to A&D are involved. However, in the years I’ve been getting stuff directly from the inside, I’ve never heard Dylan mentioned.
  5. He’s never been brought up in my conversations, nor is he in the “A&D” structure. The “HHN team (on paper) is Charles, Patrick, and Blake.
  6. They’re Entertainment, over A&D, and don’t get hands on with HHN. Jason and Lora are co-heads of A&D. Lora was part of the team during the aughts, but her function now is predominantly administrative rather than creative.
  7. At Universal Orlando? 08 or 09, I think. He was fully on the design team until 2010. I could be wrong on that.
  8. Well, the GP makes 98% of the attendees... so... yeah. Things change. There’s no one left on A&D who was there when they had full control. Universal is under new ownership. Attendance is higher (because of that focus on the GP, btw). It was always going to happen. The event isn’t about “true fans” (which is an asinine, gate-keeping term anyway). But it never was. It’s a corporate event, designed to make money. Any loyalty you have towards it just means you’ve fallen for the marketing.
  9. It is a very Hollywood thing. Marketing directed a house for both coasts. Orlando pushed back on a house but acquiesced the lagoon.
  10. That sourcing is typically done behind the scenes. I don’t reveal sources, nor do I ask sources to reveal how they get their info. But, I have sources I trust because they’ve been right in the past. It’s a fine line.
  11. There’s no such thing as evidence in this game until summer. It’s all rumor and speculation. About a week before the first announcement is the first time “evidence” happens. Before then, it’s all whispers, conjecture, and wishful thinking. And while I can just blurt our all the rumors I’ve heard, all that does is get people’s hopes up without changing the fact that it’s still just rumor. That mess used to be over here, too. Whether I instigate it or it follows me is open for debate. But without the mess, HHN boards become ghost towns.
  12. https://imaginaryvagabond.wordpress.com/portfolio/beetlejuice-does-hollywood/
  13. Clue https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0b/Keough_Seal.jpg
  14. You’re kinda right. New York was supposed to be a Ghostbusters zone, but Universal was having budget issues with pulling it off (specifically renting an Ecto-1). Sony cut cut them a deal for Zombieland instead.
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