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  1. Really hoping this means Scream in ST1 and an original in ST3 so that it's a 5/5 split.
  2. Something I really love is the fact that it seems Terra Queen will indeed be the Icon, and unless he has a scare zone, there's no signs of Jack.
  3. Lemme fix this map with a 6 original, 4 IP split. Beetlejuice - Soundstage 23B Candyman - Soundstage 23A Psychoscareapy 6 - Soundstage 24B Terra Cruentes - Soundstage 24A H.R. Bloodengutz 2 - MIB Tent Dungeon of Terror - Sprung Tent 2 Slaughter Sinema II - Sprung Tent 1 Spiral - New Parade Building Legendary Truth: Carey - Parade Building Gremlins - Sprung Tent 3
  4. Something else I just noticed that's a little odd, no 3D house (unless that's Billie Eilish).
  5. Wait, so is it: Beetlejuice - Soundstage 23B Monsters: The Bride - Soundstage 23A Bedtime Stories - Soundstage 24B Terra Cruentes - Soundstage 24A
  6. So according to that speculation map: Beetlejuice - Soundstage 21 (?) Monsters: The Bride - Soundstage 23B Bedtime Stories - Soundstage 23A Terra Cruentes - Soundstage 25 Billie Eilish - MIB Tent Dungeon of Terror - Sprung Tent 2 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Sprung Tent 1 The Haunting of Hill House - New Parade Building Legendary Truth: Carey - Parade Building Gremlins - Sprung Tent 3 (?)
  7. It's alright, but for the 30-year anniversary, this is kinda disappointing. All the originals sound absolutely amazing (TERRA QUEEN HELL YEAH!), but in terms of IP, sure ya got Beetlejuice, but the rest is kinda eh. Also, was hoping for more originals for the 30th, but nope we still got a 6 IP, 4 original split.
  8. Exactly what I was thinking of. Go all out and make an HHN Cinematic Universe. Start with a Jack film, and from there begin building up to a Fear film or something.
  9. What exactly are we hearing from them, again?
  10. Children of the Coronavirus house? sorry not sorry
  11. Cafe La Bomba rumor? There's a rumor it could be a house?
  12. Oh, oof. Still a chance for 11 houses though.
  13. SS23 is getting two houses? Could that possibly mean 12 houses? Soundstage 22 (entrance next to Despicable Me) Soundstage 23B (entrance in front of plaza) Soundstage 23A (entrance next to Fallon, where Ghost Town entrance was in 2016) Soundstage 24B Soundstage 24A Soundstage 25 MIB Tent Sprung Tent 2 Sprung Tent 1 New Parade Building Parade Building Shrek
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