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  1. Well, that final tiny hallway looks blown up with wiring hanging down and marks on the wall, but other than that, not really.
  2. So that's two houses this year where the ending is your death.
  3. During UTH, our guide explained that after you go through the armory tunnels, that the chaos of the games and Nightingales has caused the Colosseum to collapse completely. So when you go into the room with all the torn apart and hanging bloody bodies from above, you're going through the wreckage of the collapse, and the man on the right is the Emperor, fearing for his life. Then after that, the rest of the house is no longer the Colosseum, but instead the bloody streets of Ancient Rome. And the big thing on the right being turned is the gate being opened, unleashing the lion on the left. And finally, the ending is the deep caverns where the most vicious Nightingales await.
  4. I got another one, and this I can actually see becoming a house one day. Nightingales: Blood Oath - Medieval Europe. The Black Plague has taken its toll on the population. Plague Doctors try their best to find a cure, yet to no avail. Knights are left to homor their oath and protect their lords from the diseased... But that's the least of their concerns. As the disease spreads and the death rate rises, the Nightingales strike. You're left with two decisions that end in the same fate: A bloody and painful death.
  5. I was expecting to hate it, I absolutely loved it. They learned a lot from last year's disaster.
  6. I just came up with this yesterday: MASHUP - H.R. Bloodengutz Presents RUN - After breaking out of prison and going into hiding for years, Larry Kutzberg is eventually found by Eddie Schmidt, and offered the deal of a lifetime: Being a special guest host for the newest and bloodiest airing of RUN. With this hottest episodes game location being WKNB Station, Larry immediately accepts the offer. Now with him in charge of this already brutal show, the blood and gore is going to double, as Larry takes this opportunity to finish off the crew members who survived his wrath years ago.
  7. While I do really like this year, I will admit that something just feels... Off. I don't know what it is though.
  8. Finnegan's is Stranger Things and Ghostbusters. Springfield is House of 1000 Corpses, Depths of Fear, Monsters, and Graveyard Games.
  9. Apparently the 6-house tour is in this order: Nightingales: Blood Pit Depths of Fear House of 1000 Corpses (Break) Stranger Things Yeti: Terror of the Yukon Ghostbusters
  10. Just what the title says, how could I make my own speculation map?
  11. It didn't get mentioned in mine either. But it'd be a cool idea and a good way to set up a sequel, or prequel... To CG.
  12. It honestly isn't. The infected miners get old really fast, cause it's literally just regular people with green boils on their face. The Mouthbrooders were silly-looking, yes, but at least they were still menacing and felt dangerous.
  13. I just thought... Is Sal's Amusement Salvage where the House of Horrors exhibit was found? The one that Jack's body was hid in?
  14. Two things: 1. During our R.I.P. tour, our guide (Paul, the best one) confirmed the ending of the house is the facility imploding and you going with it... So you die. 2. They've taken out almost all of the Mouthbrooders in here and replaced them with infected miners. Only Mouthbrooders left in the house is one at the beginning, another in the middle with the security guy, and the one at the end walking from the red light (which is supposed to be it running from the explosion).
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