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  1. One crazy idea I had was both parks open for HHN 30, and Terra Queen and Jack are battling each other for the honor of being 30's Icon. You can choose a side: Carey, Ohio (Studio, Jack's Side) or Terra Cruentes (IOA, Terra Queen's Side). 10 houses at Studio, then 6 at IOA for a total of 16 houses.
  2. I'd love to see Bioshock or Until Dawn as houses, both of them have great potential. If we got a RE7 house, hopefully it'd be better than the disaster that was the 2013 house.
  3. After walking down the first long tunnel, you enter the room with the body hanging on the ladder and walk around him. There were some bodies up on a catwalk above you, and Freddy's body was one of them.
  4. I have a speculation map to come with this. Dungeon of Terra Cruentes (Soundstage 21) - Thanks to FaceBagman for that amazing name. This would be half Terra Queen house, half anniversary house, and take Monsters & Mayhem's place for longest house of all time. IT (Soundstage 22) - With the IT films finished (for now at least), I think it's now time to bring Pennywise to the event. All Nite Die-In: Usher'd In (Soundstage 24B) - As FaceBagman also came up with, a mash-up of The Director and The Usher. Psychoscareapy: Bloody Bolts (Soundstage 24A) - With the new Shadybrook Junkyard open, the ruthless inmates take the opportunity to set up a weapon station. A Nightmare On Elm Street (Soundstage 25) - Freddy Kreuger is inside Depths of Fear this year, and I believe it may be this year's "house hint" for next year. And not just the first film, but the original trilogy. RUN: Havoc Forever (MIB Tent) - Teaming up with the escaped Dogs, this newest airing of RUN is even bloodier than ever. Carnival Graveyard: House of Horrors (Sprung Tent 2) - The House of Horrors that Jack himself was found in has been shipped over to Sal's Amusement Salvage, where Jack has now taken leadership over the carnies, and their new main home being the House of Horrors itself. Scream (Sprung Tent 1) - Let's get Scream back, come on! Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (New Parade Building) - If they're continuing with their Halloween pattern, then Halloween 5 is next. Vanity Ball: Devilish Delight (Parade Building) - Scare zone to house treatment, and Vanity Ball has been insanely popular this year. Plus as many have already said, it would make an amazing house. H.R. Bloodengutz Presents Holidays of Horror: Rerun (Shrek 4D Theater 2) - The magnificent return of our glorious H.R. Bloodengutz.
  5. Alright, let's do this. Terra Queen HAS to be the Icon, of course. What I'm wondering though, if she's hopefully the Icon, would she get her own Terra Cruentes house, or just host the anniversary house? I think we're gonna see a crank up to 11 houses. Also, as people have already said, all the Icons coming back together.
  6. Welp, in a long yet very fast two months, HHN 29 has begun and ended. Which means it's time for the HHN 30 speculation to begin!... Oh yeah, and a final review. Houses The houses this year were great. You could tell this is where most of the money went. And can I just say, the SETS! Holy crap, the sets this year were amazing! And all of the houses, except for two, were great. Let's get to the rankings. #1 - House of 1000 Corpses (MIB Tent) - FINALLY, A GOOD HOUSE IN THIS TENT! This house is perfect. More than perfect. It's fun, it's comedic, it's disturbing, and it's scary. Especially when the cast start to recognize you. Ima miss this house a whole lot. #2 - Nightingales: Blood Pit (Sprung Tent 1) - This house is a perfect example of how much scareactors can change a house. At the beginning, this was at the very bottom of my list, and close to being worst of all time. But as the event went on, the scareactors changed EVERYTHING. It became chaotic, intense, and terrifying. Absolutely incredible house. #3 - Graveyard Games (Parade Building) - At the beginning, I was disappointed. I thought it was just an alright house, and didn't remember much after. Then a few nights later, I went back in, and it left me shaking. This house not only has a great story, but astonishing scares. Also it's incredibly long, this thing goes on forever! Another great house. #4 - Depths of Fear (Sprung Tent 2) - It was either this or Yeti at #4, and Depths won. At the beginning, this was my #1 house. I absolutely adored it... Then they took out all the Mouthbrooders, and this house went down to #9. I know I'm in the minority with this, but I really liked the look of the Mouthbrooders. I found them to be pretty creepy. But as the nights went on, it seemed they added some of the Mouthbrooders back in, which got the house up and going again. And they added the Baby Mouthbrooders, which got me every single run. And on Halloween, my final night, the scareactors in here were ruthless. In the end, a solid house... Now, about that Freddy Krueger head... #5 - Yeti: Terror of the Yukon (Soundstage 24B) - When I first went through this, I absolutely loved it. It was my #1 until I went through Depths of Fear. It stayed strong for quite some time... Before eventually, I just started getting bad run after bad run, missing all the kills and scares, knocking it down to #5. Still loved this house, just not as strong. Ima miss that A/C though. #6 - Stranger Things (Soundstage 25) - A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. I absolutely HATED last year's house, and was dreading this years... And man was I surprised. This is a fun and scary house. And that Mind Flayer at the end, beautiful! It's biggest weaknesses are the tunnels that go on forever, and the house is a little too long. Other than that, a pleasant surprise. #7 - Universal Monsters (New Parade Building) - I thought this one was just alright. It has good sets and good scares, but there's one major problem... The Classic Monsters really aren't scary, not for me at least. I don't find them frightening in the slightest. Still a good house. #8 - Killer Klownz from Outer Space (Shrek 4D Theater 2) - Should've been a 3D house. Goofy, colorful, and fun. This years "beginner" house. #9 - Ghostbusters (Soundstage 22) - I will never understand the love for this house. The film is amazing, the house was awful. No good scares, the Pepper's Ghost effects never worked, and a few black hallways borrowed from Hollywood. Bleh. #10 - Us (Soundstage 24A) - Absolutely awful. No scares, instead the scareactors just stare at you. Bland sets (although, I'll let them off a little considering this was last-minute), and really short. Scare Zones As many have already said, the scare zones this year were mostly weak. Only two really good ones for me, let's take a look. #1 - Vanity Ball (Hollywood) - SUCH A FUN ZONE! The music, the make-up, the costumes, the story, the interactivity, I LOVED IT! This might be my favorite zone of all time. #2 - Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe (San Francisco) - Another fun zone. Surprised the dancers stayed the whole time. Also, who can forget the robot? Great zone. #3 - Zombieland: Double Tap (New York) - Eh... Just your typical zombie zone. Kill of the Week was cool I guess. #4 - Anarch-cade (Production Central) - If it weren't for the costumes, this would be #5. #5 - Vikings: Undead (Central Park) - I was hoping for a loud, fun, and chaotic viking area where they would be going crazy and shouting out to guests like they were part of their clan. Nope, instead we just got more boring zombies that were dressed as vikings. Shows We got good shows again, yay! Academy of Villains: Altered States (5/5) - Amazing! Great story, fun characters, and it felt like HHN. My favorite AoV so far. They definitely learned their lesson from last year's disaster. Hopefully it stays like this for next year. Halloween: Marathon of Mayhem (3/5) - It was cool, but it felt underwhelming. Overall Overall, this was a pretty good year. It's very close, but I'd say HHN 28 is still my favorite year, with this year having a VERY close 2nd place. And with that, until HHN 30!
  7. Well, that final tiny hallway looks blown up with wiring hanging down and marks on the wall, but other than that, not really.
  8. So that's two houses this year where the ending is your death.
  9. During UTH, our guide explained that after you go through the armory tunnels, that the chaos of the games and Nightingales has caused the Colosseum to collapse completely. So when you go into the room with all the torn apart and hanging bloody bodies from above, you're going through the wreckage of the collapse, and the man on the right is the Emperor, fearing for his life. Then after that, the rest of the house is no longer the Colosseum, but instead the bloody streets of Ancient Rome. And the big thing on the right being turned is the gate being opened, unleashing the lion on the left. And finally, the ending is the deep caverns where the most vicious Nightingales await.
  10. I got another one, and this I can actually see becoming a house one day. Nightingales: Blood Oath - Medieval Europe. The Black Plague has taken its toll on the population. Plague Doctors try their best to find a cure, yet to no avail. Knights are left to homor their oath and protect their lords from the diseased... But that's the least of their concerns. As the disease spreads and the death rate rises, the Nightingales strike. You're left with two decisions that end in the same fate: A bloody and painful death.
  11. I was expecting to hate it, I absolutely loved it. They learned a lot from last year's disaster.
  12. I just came up with this yesterday: MASHUP - H.R. Bloodengutz Presents RUN - After breaking out of prison and going into hiding for years, Larry Kutzberg is eventually found by Eddie Schmidt, and offered the deal of a lifetime: Being a special guest host for the newest and bloodiest airing of RUN. With this hottest episodes game location being WKNB Station, Larry immediately accepts the offer. Now with him in charge of this already brutal show, the blood and gore is going to double, as Larry takes this opportunity to finish off the crew members who survived his wrath years ago.
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