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  1. 1. acid assault 2. 7 i give two rankings, every other scarezone sucked, no scares, the themes sucked. acid assault amazing, 7 was good, alot of the girls ta-tas were out, but other than those two, it could have been way better for the others
  2. I always appreciate mood lighting music and fog, they should have more of this, kinda relaxing
  3. I think the Dr Pepper has nothing to do with pepper but an evil or mad doctor
  4. when reading that they say herc and zena wont be used, and throw a house in ss 23, which isnt it already being used? wouldnt that subtract one but put it back? where do they get 8 houses? unless im compltetely wrong and retarded and couldnt read those permits, and is dr jimmy giving us legit clues to the haunted houses?
  5. i have a stong feeling , that "watch" on the website has nothing to do with watch with you eyes, but watch the time, as in a wrist watch... im a strong believer its something to do with time.
  6. what kinda rocks? and barbed wire could be used for a house right?
  7. and all the hype and the idiots who belive the world will end this year is the excitement of the apocalypse... I know everything about the leap yrs and everything, it wont happen, but with all the earthquakes, tornadoes, chaos at schools with shooting and all, it makes u think the world may end... and personally i cant think of a better year to utalize that fear... considering its "supposed" to happen december 21st this yr, that will build p the fear and the excitement, i hope they do it cuz that would be cool in my eyes and alot of other people
  8. mr. grim is there any info ur buddy that works there can give us? does he personally have something to do with hhn or is involved with it somehow where he is leaked information?
  9. maybe they will modify it to be more accommodating to a bigger house??? idk i think thats what they might do like make an extension
  10. i wonder if they will throw any main characters into the house?
  11. 1. Hades 2. nightingales 3. Havoc 4. the thing 5. psychoscarepy: echoes of shadybrook 6. legendary truth; the wyandot estate 7. zombiegeddon 8. the forsaken 9. winters night 10 h.r. bloodengutz
  12. so the GP is able to see all that construction going on? is there any other houses being built at the other locations?
  13. whoever said the icon will be death, i totally agree... and TWD is for sure...
  14. first, when u guys notice the raised letters, its spelling out ROT... to me thats rot as in rotting zombies... or as u guys said there was a raised I... and move the letters around, u got riot, which has to do with prison... season 3 of walking dead starts in a prison.. also i heard the rusted pick up truck, what about the hills have eyes or wrong turn????? i have to be making some valid points i think..
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