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  1. I would love a parade. Is there going to be some kind of elaborately decorated line or something....why all of the covering on SS44???
  2. You guys are right, its probably better to wait.
  3. So, should I wait to order my Frequent Fear Pass??? How would they add a Frequent fear plus express to my already existing frequent fear if I ordered it early?
  4. WTF....No Express?? That would be most unfortunate, am I now going to have to pay an extra 140 every Sunday night I want express????
  5. I agree, but we all have to consider that they are just trying to please the majority. People with average interest in the event are going to enjoy an entertaining yet "simple" site like the one with the games. Even when you compare us with people who go to HHN every year, we are WAY more into it than other casual attendees. We love the elaborate, and we like more than just the set up, we love the who what where why etc.
  6. I enjoyed the newness of it, and I enjoyed the provocative show, I think the location could have been better if it was in a theater. If a little more substance was added to make the show a lil longer and it was moved to another location it could be useful and enjoyable. The other 2 shows were okay. As with all new ideas they need to be tested and tweaked to get to a good level. Im interested to see how this Death Drums experience will influence further shows.
  7. These lady lucks were hot, but the scarezone could use a better hand. Masks were awful, my fiancee actually let a WTF escsape from her mouth when she saw them. Scares were still good even though the masks were awful, and when the spade guys were there, it was a smashing good show. Good detail on some of the static pieces. Decent scare zone that was appropriate for the theme, I am happy about the spade guys and phot op at the entrance, LOVED IT. I second that lol
  8. Very simple yet effective scarezone. Good cast here as well, both funny and delivered the scares. This was a great scarezone to watch and see the amount of scares that people got lol. Had me cracking up a few times. Good scares on both ends of the zone and in the fog filled center as well....MMMMMMMM fog filled center....sounds like a spooky halloween pastry lol. Loved the fire.
  9. Being a fan of classic literature, and of course a fan of Poe. I thoroughly enjoyed the house. Its great imagining what a story may be like, but its quite another thing getting to experience some pieces from classic works such as these. As a house by itself, I would give it a better than average rating, to me the house only had a couple flubs. But as a fan of Poes works, I loved it. The only things that I did not enjoy were the pages room after the telltale heart, and the ending. I know in the context of the house that these things both fit. It was supposed to be like a walk through Poes mind, I get it. That being said, its still a haunted house. The pages room was weak and could have been done better. It was fogless, and the pages were low enough to see and high enough to not really pose an obstacle, which made it easy to spot the scareactor at the end of the room. The ending was abrupt and did not have the closure that I expected from the way that they set up the initial room, it was a designed flustercluck that missed the mark. The house overall had some great moments. I loved the raven hallway, masque of the red death, and pit and the pendulum. Bravo!
  10. I thought this scarezone was good as long as it was not crowded. It was a neat concept, but only marginally effective, too much open space. It was a nice change for a scarezone. I had maybe one good scare in this zone. Some good atmosfear though.
  11. I liked this zone a whole lot, the projection effect with the crumbling walls was a nice touch. Great cast, a lot of good moments in this zone, and Mr creepy hiding behind the bus freaked out many people lol. I really loved the look of the weathering on the vehicles.
  12. What the hell happened here? This zone was amazing, great scareactors, costuming, environment, execution etc. Im wondering who told these guys to hide their face at people trying to take pics. Take a leaf out of 7's book (and for many many many other past SZ's for that matter) and just dont stop to pose, REMAIN IN CHARACTER. If someone is walking by and taking a picture whats the big deal as long as your not blinding a stiltwalker, especially if your camera can do flashless night shots, as most newer cameras can now. Even the flashless photos were turned away from. I took the time to ask the sacrezone manager who I saw there on multiple nights (the blonde woman), she said that they (scareactors) were not told to turn, that the only ones who were advised to look away were the stiltwalkers. So, could someone who wroked this zone shed some light on this, THIS IS BAD FORM. I enjoyed this zone immensely and had the opportunity to go through it a couple times with very minimal crowd and it was tops. It seemed as though most times when I walked through the scareactors were more worried about turning away from anyone with a camera (with or without flash) than playing their character. I have been to HHN many many many times and I have never witnessed this- to this extent. Good scarezone but Bad taste left in my mouth. But on a positive note, holy crap the crow had her movements down pat lol.
  13. My soon to be father in law went and he was a Vietnam vet, He did get jumpy as hell, and I know he was never in actual WW2 trenches but he was in a war. He said he knew it was fake and that he was safe, its just his reactionary instincts started to take hold with regards to fight or flight response. He enjoyed it very much, he said that the creepiest thing to him was that the banshees actually gave that feeling of horrifying anticipation of something bad is gonna happen. In his opinion he said that most vets should be able to handle the house without any major issues, but he did say that if someone was REALLY SEVERELY affected by PTSD that they probably would not choose to go through. This is coming from a man that has trouble eating in a vietnamese restaurant because hes looking over his shoulder all night, he said and I quote " I love the food, but these ******* (expletive) make me nervous. Just sharing, make of it what you will.
  14. I really enjoyed this house, scared the hell outta me more than a few times, and the intensity was incredible. Good energy brought by everyone every time I went through. Cool concept, and I hope we see a return of this house with a different spin on it. Funny Story, The 4th time I came to the event, my fiancee and I brought her parents. Her father served in Vietnam and is the grumpiest damn person I have ever met in my entire life. Her mother said that maybe we shouldnt go through because of dads previous experiences. He overheard her and said, Im not scared of this fake **** (expletive). So we took them through and about halfway through the sudden noises just got to him and he jumped like 2 feet in the air and did thmmost brisk walk I have ever seen, basically he hauled ass outta there lol. After we had asked him what he thought, he said I knew it was fake, but it was so well done, that although he was not worried about his safety it brought back his wartime reaction instincts. Even though he was never in traditional WW2 trenches he said a couple times through the house he wanted to hit the ground. He said he LOVED it, and the banshees, he said were a great embodiment of the horrific anticipation he felt at times, and thus HHN has another fan. This house was a great addition to HHN, and the cast did the house justice. My only concern was that one of the banshees was too damn hot to be a scareactor lol.
  15. Cool house, nice approach to the 3d. Nice story, these damn kids and their ancient ouija boards lol. Some of the effects were amazing, loved the string room, l loved the laser room, and loved the sudden winged creature appearance in the beginning. I didnt like the static mask, but the boo door did get my fiancee good. I liked the hallway with the runes. I thought it was a good house. It seemed exceptionally short for some reason. I think that maybe they could have chosen a better combination of rooms, but I enjoyed this house as well. I saw someone doing that, but I didnt give it a try for fear that it would have ruined the effect lol, I guess I was wrong.
  16. Breathtaking scarezone! I was pleased every time I went through the zone. Great photo ops where the scareactors would pose for shots and still remain in character, and good lord some of the dancing made me uncomfortable lol. Both faces of this zone were great, the pretty and composed, and the animalistic. Great juxtaposition and was an absolute pleasure to go through each night. Scares were pretty decent to, the girls drew focus and the minions would sneak attack. Whoever said that Uni should learn from this is right. This is a perfect example of how you can keep everyone happy and not ruin anything. I tip my hat to the cast and this zone...and especially to Greed lol.
  17. I cant say enough good things about this house. It wins my favorite for the year for overall experience. The atmosphere was top notch, temperature was so unexpected when I first went through. The snow was beautifully executed as well as the light use of fog. It was the first time in years that I got to relive the feeling of walking into a soundstage house and having to turn and look behind me to remind myself I was in a building lol. The colors and decoration were wonderful and appropriate, and the transition through the cemetary worked really well. Great depth was provided to the house with the miniatures effect, and the scares and costuming were very nice. I have heard some people say that the scares were not very powerful, but I dont think they were meant to be intense and violent, the feel of a serene gothic cemetary in this environment was more ethereal than anything, but the scares were still great and fitting to the theme. I only went through the house one time where the snow was not falling. This one goes down in the books as one of the most memorable. Thank you Winters Night!
  18. Loved the house. It was funny, and had some good creepy moments. I love the comedy scare factor as it provides a nice change of pace for the night. Some of the holidays were just filler in my opinion but overall the house was a good concept. Loved the tv transitions, I would like to see the comedy house change locations every year.
  19. I think this house was good for most people , but I just had terrible luck going through this one. I missed scare after scare after scare in this house. I loved the idea and the story arc throughout the house, and it had some really incredible intense effects, I just missed damn near every scare. I went through quite a few times and just missed, but I enjoyed the tanks, and the saw walls effect. Good house, it just missed the scare factor.
  20. I really loved the sets here. The only thing lacking was a decent facade. But the projection on the building was a nice touch, I suppose since the facade would only be the outside of a stone fort they figured they would apply the effort elsewhere. The inside amazed me. Good attention to detail, and 2 things stood out in this house. I loved the crooked walkway, and I loved the open scene towards the end. Scares were pretty good, immersive atmosphere was great. I only had 2 issues with the house, one was that the eyes on the lost souls looked awfully fake, the bulbous jeweled look didnt fit in my opinion. I think that they could have done a more sunken eye that glowed to make it look better. But thats just me. The other thing was the room that was like a theater or church pews or whatever, the wall effect only was up 1 out of the 5 times I went through this house. I still enjoyed it, great spanish speaking cast. I did catch some of them yell some profanities lol, it was funny to listen to if you spoke spanish.
  21. King K those are great photos!. I enjoyed this house very much. The set was really neat, and I thought the progression through the house was done well. When we got to the alien ship, that alien popped out and scared the jeebus outta me, the set up the first time I went through was perfect.
  22. Good eye JW!! I would have liked to see them do a magic show...But I think I feel good about them not being there this year. With the crazy speculation about a P&T house and I even heard of a possible P&T themed event (Codswallop in my opinion) Im just thankful for the peace of mind.
  23. I wished that the deck of cards had past icons as face cards.../tear. But they were still neat.
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