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  1. I will back up his review... though I actually found Nevermore pretty yet boring... Forsaken was dull... pretty but scare free... its the spawning on a boat... and has a spot inside that will likely lead to lawsuits for Uni considering I was stone cold sober and fell down. Don't believe me about the event... How about this... i'm not buying a pass... nothing at this event inspired me to want to... for the first time I am not going beyond that one night... and I've been going since Fright Nights. The scarezones are also mostly AWFUL. My least favourite year... though I loved In-Between. and trust me, chris was a lot more harsh in private than he was on his review.
  2. its the acting and production values for me... I would love a strong female Icon. Hell... BM is my favourite because the depth she had.... This is nothing to do with Luck being a Lady... and more with her being portrayed horribly. that goes for the dark side too....
  3. How have they dropped the ball? What is there to handle? ok, for one... any company out there wants to control and manage how information gets into the hands of the public.. and more so what the initial impression is. Fist impressions are everything, especially in marketing. Now, when you set a date to reveal your information to the public, you want to make sure they see what you want them to see FIRST, and then anything after is ancillary. So Universal decides to do the reveal on Aug 31st... and a week before that all the marketing images and a cut of the commercial that they done want as the first impression is released to the public. THAT is the definition of dropping the ball, that is failure to manage your message. pure and simple. The Website. unengaging, gives very little buildup for the event and the game is as said, a walking disaster because your casual visitor is going to be banished quickly, never return, and have a bad impression of the event. When designing a "game" for marketing it should be used for drawing the user into your site... keeping them there longer and engaging them. Make them interested and give them a connection to the event. This game basically limits their time on the site and then drives them off. And once again... as far as getting the diehards stoked. The more you tease, and the more you build up... the farther and harder you fall when you fail to meet expectations. People know they can do better... once again look at 2008. Everything for that was well managed and designed. HHN not only has to live up to expectations of past events (which to some is quite low after the last 2 years) , but also expectations that fans build up... it makes it a hard fall when they dont meet those expectations. so that is 3 ways.... more to come as more is revealed....
  4. no excuses for failure to manage the reveal of the icon/event. so far the ball has been dropped pretty much across the board this year from website to commercial (not from an enthusiast standpoint, but from the general public standpoint who are not going to come back to the site in an hour after being banished) and how it has all been handled.
  5. i have two egyptian eyes of horus on each of my wrists, then an egyptian scarab on my leg and egyptian cross on my forearm :)

  6. chinese new year does feature lion dancing yes.. there are also dragons used for some celebrations but they are very big and require many people and a lot of coordinated choreography. so lions usually are most used.
  7. you are aware of Field Hospitals... right?
  8. as far as 1492 and piracy... If so it would be quite historically inaccurate. As if we are talking columbus (era)... 1.) pirates wouldnt be trolling those waters as it is not a trade route yet. a.k.a nothing of value to steal. 2.) the first known acts of spanish piracy in those waters would not be until about 30 years later... and the golden age of piracy being over 60- 100 years later.
  9. so i take it youve never seen fright night.....
  10. Fright Night inspired... perhaps... old late night horror hosts
  11. well said in many points mark. you know i post gladly on both places and see no need for all the drama...
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