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  1. Don't worry about the few on these boards that will take things personally. The thing is that your posts were not directed at anyone in particular, but yet they responded as if you helped them put on their underoos, then gave them a super wedgie. On topic, this was talked about on the Hollywood page a few years ago....and my assumption was that Orlando already had huge crowds due to being the premier Haunt in the country. But when i read that some posters had an issue with the wait and amount of people at the event, I was shocked to hear that out was partially due to the IP's. Since there appears to be a shift in Orlando's event, is it worth making a special trip to the east coast for HHN?
  2. I guess its time for my 15-month status update.....um, well, I got nuthin'.

  3. Awesome review, Creeper!! Thank you leaving out the frequently used...."well, I woke up at 6AM and brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and from this point I shall tell you what mundane things I did for the next 12 hours leading up the event" description. Your review is balanced and thoughtful. This year we were initially planning to do both events but settled on Hollywood. This retrospect for Orlando's event will keep my interest into one day attending. By the way, did attending two days satisfy your stay? Or would one day be enough to take in the full event?
  4. Last night I watched Abbott and Costello Meets Frankenstein....an ongoing tradition for many years!!

  5. Very impressed with 2011 HHN-Hollywood!! A great addition to the October festivities

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      Glad you like it! Our event is rapidly growing! :-)

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