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  1. There was once a thread here for the music played at the event of HHN 18 Reflections of Fear. Somehow it got deleted and nobody has ever replaced it! I know you guys got the list somewhere! Could you please put it back in here soon?
  2. Charles said that he went by later and the sign was gone. He also said TJ Mannarino and Mike Aiello had been watching earlier when it was being prepped. Some sort of billboard test?
  3. So Charles Bremer caught some footage of an HHN 26 billboard being prepped and posted it on his Instagram. The Exorcist can be seen on the lower right. On the upper left is Something Something Story....
  4. How about this scenario: Mike said TWD was sharing a SS with an as yet unannounced original. We know 24 is the SS that two houses are going into. But we have just assumed it's the house rumored to be Ghost Town. It may well be that house, but consider that Mike made that statement at a time when the only original mentioned was Cobweb in Tent 1. what if Chance is in 24 with TWD? Then Krampus (if it is coming) could be in Shrek. And Ghost Town in the new tent. Somehow that seems to work better for me, although that doesn't mean it is what will happen.
  5. The past couple of years LT was only used in the final week of the event and wasn't announced until the last minute before that. In both cases the LT activities were also to test new tech for future theme park attractions. It is always possible something may pop up again this year, but it may not be till near the end of the event again, I suppose it depends on whether or not they have anything else they still want to test out on us.
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