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    Roller coasters, horror films, my pit bulls, spending with my wonderful husband, anything Halloween, road trips, and being random.

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  1. I'm not a scareactor but I am a smoker and even I have zero tolerance for people who can't smoke in the designated areas. It's just respectful. period.
  2. I love love love this Alice! I don't know who she is or if she is on the forums but she is PERFECT for this part! Beautiful pictures!
  3. There is also a two part-er for the LT house. I can't post it right now because I'm on here at work
  4. I would just like to share that I don't go leave for FL for 15 more days and I have dreamt about the Zombiegeddon house the past 3 nights in a row. I can't fripping wait.
  5. Which houses are okay to do during the day? I heard that some "to bright" when you go through in the daytime. I'd like to have a go at a couple early when it's not to busy and save my express pass till later in the evening for a 2nd go around. Which houses would be my best bets?
  6. omg that's YOU? You're gorgeous! What a great pic of you! Hope to see you the 22nd!
  7. I would be interested in going. Is it something you can just show up, pay the $10, and get in? Or do you need a reservation of some kind? Where is it located? Can you go at your own pace or does it take a certain amount of time?
  8. This will be the first year that I plan on partaking in the "spirits" this year. (teehee get it?") I know you can purchase cups of beer at the drink stands but can you get refills on the collector cups? Can you refill the collector cups in Finnigans? If so, where do you go in Finnigan's to refill them? Do they have a walk up bar? Thanks a bunch
  9. I'm going on the 22nd and dragging with me 2 HHN virgins. I myself have never attended and B&T show before but we were, for all intensive purposes, planning on making it a point to see the show. Would this year's show not even be worth our time? We are only going for one night but we do have express passes.
  10. Do you need to previously book something to get into the lounge? Or can you just show up and pay the extra $10 and get in?
  11. Okay.... now for the dumb question. How do I put it in my sig?
  12. That is ridiculously perfect!!!! Thanks so much!
  13. I would have bought that over a HHN XX shirt for sure.
  14. I honestly think it depends on who you are. Clowns have always made me uneasy (THANK YOU "Are you Afraid of the Dark") so to me Jack is the best of the best when it comes to the icons for me personally, as in that he is the one that scares me the most. His sarcasm and demeanor only add to his attraction for me. He's like a venus fly trap... you know you shouldn't go near him but yet you do. He's so charismatic. So all in all I guess it's a catch 22. I would belying if I said I wouldn't be dissapointed to leave without a photo with Jack. I would love to take a photo with him. To conquer a fear and get so close to an icon. However, for people who live in FL and go often I can see how this would cheapen the experience. It would just all depend on who you are and where you're coming from.
  15. That's kind of how I feel when I'm in line for Mr. Freeze and some idiot is like "Did you know this is the fastest coaster in the world?" At which point I try to not smack him in the back of his hollow dome.
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