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  1. It would be an homage to Cabin in the Woods, but allow A&D the creative freedom do whatever the hell they wanted with each room with nothing but the character to be true to the movie (ok, so one of my examples related DIRECTLY to the movie). It would be a popular IP by name, but also an original house. The best of both worlds. The cue video of parts of the movie would be awesome to see the characters in the movie...then see the HHN take on them. It should be a mermaid instead of a merman since mermaids are consider the deadliest in myths.
  2. That's why the scarezone would make sense showing what happens outside of the house during the annual purge.
  3. The last time it was Halloween "Mild" Nights it was in 2001.
  4. there could be a way the scareactors could be like the ones in the film.
  5. Like the scarectors pretend to blend in till the ebs announced the purge and when the siren goes off the scareactors starts to scare the park attendees?
  6. have you played Slender?
  7. I hope you include a Slenderman house it would look cool heck even making him a icon.
  8. Its the anniversary of Universal thats why I think House of Horrors is made to honor Universal's 100th anniversary.
  9. I think this house is made in honor of Universal's 100th anniversary.
  10. Reaper it would be cool if you did all of the HHN icons meeting Slenderman.
  11. What about the worlds biggest haunted house with each room in a certain year of horror to celebrate Universal Studios 100th anniversary with horror films from 1912 to 2012 call 100 years of fears?
  12. What about a house theme to the twisted mind of Vincent Price like a tribute/homage to him?
  13. They should make a joke of the scott pilgrim even when they swear making video game sounds pop out of their mouth like in the movie.
  14. Because it would be the best way to promote the film since it comes out in October.
  15. How about a house based off the upcoming The Thing prequel?
  16. These are really good I can't believe you work for Universal Studios.
  17. My list of video game horror houses. Resident Evil House of the Dead Bioshock Castlevania (Yes Castlevania)
  18. I thought of HHN 11 using La Llorona as the icon becoming a rival to Florida's bloody mary.
  19. Hi MZ_ long time no see

  20. Waiting for a admin to mod to approve my membership.

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