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  1. Cool. Would like to show them my sirens house someday or in any podcast.
  2. Nice guide. If you want to do your version of Sirens: Demons of the Deep with the guide you have my approval.
  3. Well technically Dead Exposure was supposed to be in 2021, but you know Pandemic and all.
  4. He brought Scarecrow the Reaping to Hollywood so bringing Graveyard Games would be a second house from Orlando to Hollywood.
  5. Never read Spawn, but this might be interesting.
  6. It sucks that this is shutting down. Why not just leave it open for those that still post here?
  7. Not sure if anyone is familiar with Kim Petras, but I wrote this entire house based off her Turn Off the Lights album. Kim Petras Turn Off the Light Enter the dark twisted world of Kim Petras’ album as her nightmares enter our world. Facade: Entering the soundstage we see a facade of Kim Petras’ album with her music playing from her current album that becomes distorted, and nightmarish. Purgatory: Once entering the house we stumbled upon a cemetery during a thunderstorm with winds, and lightning as some of the statues, and corpses come to life, and jumpscare the guest before entering the mausoleum they get one jumpscare by a victim cover in blood begging for help, and telling the guest not to the enter the mausoleum. There Will Be Blood: Upon entering the mausoleum, guests ended up in a temple owned by a cult. As guests walk they’ll be jumpscare by hooded cult members with neon green and neon pink fingernails while seeing figures of their sacrifices on walls, and the floor. Upon reaching the end of the room the cult leader behind him is a Kim Petras statue, and in the front is the sacrifice as he pulled the victim’s heart out of her chest killing her as the Kim Petras statue’s eyes glow red, and via projection mapping blood coming out of her eyes flowing down like tears as guests enters the next room. Bloody Valentine: Entering the next room is what looks like a high school Valentine’s Day dance, but completely massacre as guest walk seeing some of the Valentine dancers begging for help as some have their eyes gorge out, some that lost their jaws as jumpscares with one of the chaperones tied to the giant heart with his heart ripped out, and another with his head in the punch bowl while his body jumpscares. Continuing to walk, guests see a dead couple with a pole struck through them to the ground. At the end of the room the killer is revealed to be a lone geeky girl that was rejected, and humiliated covered in blood with a butcher knife popping out of a door as she saids that she killed them all then began to laugh maniacally as guests exits to the next room. Wrong Turn: Entering the next room we see a car wreck with one of victims covered in blood, and shards on the other side of the wreckage hysterically begging for help distracting the guest till the second victim scareactor pops out of the other side with a dislocated jaw, and bad burns as guest head to the next room. Demons: Guess enters what looks like a house, but all but one are being tortured by demons one being tied up, and being pulled apart, another with her eyes gourged out as demons pop out scaring guest exiting the room a portrait of Kim Petras has her eyes glowing till the geeky girl from the Bloody Valentine jumps out now possessed by a demon trying to attack the guest exits to the next room. Massacre: Entering the room guest ends up in what looks like a church were it’s patrons are completely killed with some either barely alive or a demon attack as the room a stained glass resembles Kim Petras could be seen as the sky in the background turns bloody red as a demon pops out with guest entering the next room. Knives: The next room resembles a murder scene with knives on dead bodies with multiple scareactors jumpscaring guest with butcher knives entering the next room. Death by S*x: The next room we enter what looks like a cabin in the woods in which we see a couple in bed stabbed through a pole with the guy dead, and his girlfriend barely alive begging for help as the killer in a well hidden room jumpscares guest as they exit to the next room. Omen: The next room is what looks like an apocalyptic temple with demons, and cult members jumping out till we see the leader on her throne indicating she is the same girl from earlier as she swiped at the guest entering the next room. Close Your Eyes: The next room is what looks like a hallway with the windows projected to show eyes watching you with a jumpscare of eyeless person screaming in pain. Transylvania: The next room has guests enter what looks like a nightclub showing huge lights saying the name of the night club with vampire girls dancing, and the club guests are dead or barely alive as they’re being drained of their blood with the vampires jumpscaring guests in every corner wanting them for their next meal. Turn Off the Light: Entering the next room is a room full of mirrors like a funhouse once in a while the lights go out into pitch black with the lights then flickering with scare actors jumpscaring guests. Tell Me It’s a Nightmare: The next room is what looks like a lab as one of the victims is strapped to a chair with wires extracting nightmares till the machine begins to overheat causing the nightmares to enter reality, and jumpscaring guests. I Don’t Wanna Die: Entering the next room resembles a murder room as one of the victims still alive pops out for begs for help as the victim runs back to the room with the killer jumping out of the other room. In the Next Life: Entering a room sees a glowing light circling at the exit in a dark room with boo holes well hidden with the killers from previous rooms popping out of each of them trying to attack the guests. Boo! Bitch!: The next room looks like we return to the real world, but reveals that the nightmares are controlling the real world as the geeky girl now psychotic jumpscares the guests saying welcome to Hell as she laughs insanely revealing it was her nightmares indicating that she’s a manifestation of Kim Petras’ nightmares. Everybody Dies: The final room has guest walk through the destroyed lab as it shows screens of previous rooms as the nightmare manifestation of Kim Petras makes a final jumpscare as the guests exit the house. Hope you all like it.
  8. Needs more original houses.
  9. You’re welcome. My HHN house Sirens: Demons of the Deep is up to grabs for a prequel house set in a different point in time. Even a Hollywood version.
  10. I forgot to mention this, but I don’t mind if anyone made a prequel house to Sirens.
  11. In 2019 two teenagers named Sid & Nancy entered the Ascension Parish Cemetery were they defiled everything causing their deaths by the vengeful spirits, and died. But what if Nancy didn’t die that night? “Night has fallen over Universal. Evil has risen, but they shall beware. The huntress has awakened, and her hunt has begun.” Backstory: In 2019 Nancy, and her boyfriend Sid entered the Ancension Parish Cemetery, and defiled the graves with graffiti only to anger Evangeline, also known as the Glowing Mother, and the spirits killing them both. However Nancy didn’t die; she survived the night, but was scarred from the experience. She learn the existence of evil, fear, and terror that spread throughout the world that she decides to hunt them down that she became known as the huntress. Icon: Nancy/The Huntress Houses ———————- Night of the Huntress Soundstage 23 ————————- Chapter I: See her journey begin as she gathers the ingredients from the most fearsome monsters, and spirits to complete her first goal. The elixir of immortality. Return to Terra Cruentus Soundstage 23 ————————— Chapter II: The ancient realm ruled by the Terra Queen. Return to the realm, and beware of the monsters that would use you for their sacrificial rituals to use your blood for wine, and your flesh for iron. Legendary Truth: Secrets Hidden Soundstage 24 ————————- Chapter III: The Legendary Truth Mansión has many secrets that was kept hidden from the world, and it’s ready to be exposed along with the horrors it would unleash if it’s secrets were revealed Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark Soundstage 24 ————————— Chapter IV: Nickelodeon’s classic tv series has come to Halloween Horror Nights. Relive classic moments that stayed in your childhood, and answer the question. Are You Afraid of the Dark? Welcome to SCarey: Population 0 Soundstage 25 ————————- Chapter V: Return to Carey Ohio where the town where nightmares resides however the town has been dwindling, and the population is dying off. Sirens: Demons of the Deep Sprung Tent 1 ———————— Chapter VIII: “In the coast of the Northwest Pacific lies a beautiful beach house, harboring a deadly secret. And this Spring Break might also be your last.” Orfan: Children of the Wicked Parade Warehouse ——————————- Chapter IX: The Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts have executed so many witches that they believe that they have eradicated all the witches. However the children born with the blood of witches in their veins that lost their mothers seek one thing: Revenge. Universal Monsters: The Final Hunt Soundstage 33 Chapter X: The Bride has revived her monster, but her thirst for hunting has not been cleansed. See her hunt down the rest of the monsters, and don’t get in her way. Icons: Downfall Sprung Tent 2 ———————- Epilogue: The icons return to bring fear, and terror. But now the icons have become the hunted with Nancy finding their domain. The final battle has just begun. Scarezones ——————— Ascension Parish Cemetery Plaza of the Stars —————————— Prologue: Step into the cemetery in which two disrespectful teens defiled the graves, and the spirits are angered. Slaughter Sinema: All Nite Die-In San Francisco ———————- Chapter VI: It’s a bloodshed massacre at the newly opened Carey Drive In Theater, and the b movie terrors have ripped through the screen. Dark Fae Woods Central Park ——————— Chapter VII: The forest is home to the mischievous, and malicious fairies who do not take kindly of humans. Beware the fairies as they kill the humans by devouring their flesh, and once in a while maidens are begging for help as they start to painfully turn into fairies. Chainsaw Drill Team Hunters Springfield USA ————————— Chapter XI: The chainsaw team is ready to bring fear with their chainsaws. They show fear to the hunted, and the allies. Vamp-Mask-a-Raid Hollywood —————— Chapter XII: The annual Masquerade Ball was nearly perfect till the arrival of vampires turned the masquerade into a massacre. Shows ———- Huntress: Take Back the Night Universal Lagoon —————————- Chapter XIII: The Universal Lagoon comes to life with fountains, projections, and light as Nancy shows her favorite films and shows as she begins her final preparations to take down the evils.
  12. Yep. I remember those pages that I wanted to make a reference to the HHN site.
  13. Some concept images made for Sirens: Demons of the Deep. Announcement pic Sirens clue Fake HHN site house page
  14. Well seeing the tusks it kinda doesn’t work no offense since the mermaid’s teeth could rip a human flesh apart closes being a great white shark. I could do a mix of the teeth from the story, and the fangs of a great white shark. In head canon Chrissy is related to Nancy from Graveyard Games. I also made a new house as well.
  15. Seeing the comparison of the nightingale’s teeth, and angular fish teeth I see your point. Since the mermaids need to have fang like teeth from a aquatic creature that eats flesh do you have any suggestions of which teeth they would have?
  16. Orfan: Children of the Wicked Parade Warehouse “The Salem Witch Trials in Salem , Massachusetts have executed so many witches that they believe that they have eradicated all the witches. However the children born with the blood of witches in their veins that lost their mothers seek one thing: Revenge. ———————————————————————————————- Backstory: During the Salem Witch Trials. The witches hid their children to teach them witchcraft, and protect them from execution. The witches their mothers burned, hanged, and killed while protecting their children from being found. The children complete their training in witchcraft, and Belia begins their retaliation, and revenge against the people of Salem. ——————————————————————————————————— Facade/Queue: Beginning at the Kidzones guest would go through the Playtime with Barney queue while going behind the park seeing the facade of a fire, and hearing the story that is said to be untold. Witches’ lair/Belia’s speech: Entering the warehouse guest go through the lair that the children were hidden via a queue line above before entering is Belia giving her speech to the children witches about their preparations are complete, and their retaliation for revenge against the people of Salem has begun as audio of children cheer. As she continues, guests go through the true entrance underneath her rocklike podium. Salem Courthouse: Entering the first room which is the courthouse held during the witch trials with multiple seats, the judge desk, and the witness booth. The judge is on his desk dead, and bleeding, and some of the Salem folks dead as the prosecutor pops out of the room via a door disfigured screaming in pain. Transition: Entering the transitioning hall showing the houses. On the windows shows the settlers being attacked by the children as blood splatter on the windows via projections. A settler with a dislocated jaw comes out of the door screaming for help as a child witch then pops out the opposite end yelling a curse. Settlers house: Entering the next room shows the adults on the table dead during dinner hearing Belia’s voice getting the children on her side as a settler (actor) with one of his rogue children (puppet) on top of him pops out of a door screaming as his child starts stabbing him. Transition: Entering a hallway we see another settler on a pole tied up as a red light below simulating that he is being burned alive. On the right before entering the next room a child witch pops out scaring guests yelling a curse. Second settlers home: Entering the next room sees more dead bodies of the adult settlers as their children are being taught witchcraft by the children witches by cursing a living settler in their circle causing her to “cough up blood” as she goes through a painful metamorphosis. Before exiting to the next room one of the circle children jumpscares the guest angrily demanding that they shouldn’t interrupt the curse. During this we hear Belia telling them to teach the mortal children their witchcraft, and to create guardians out of the adults that didn’t die yet. Transition: The next transition we hear barn animals noises in fear as two witch children pop out on each side scaring the guests while taunting them that by saying they (the settlers) would be turned into our guardians. Barn: Entering the barn we see above the hanged bodies of the adult settlers as a settler who is the oldest sibling of his family pops out begging for help as he is turning into a scarecrow with half of his face, and body becoming hay, stakes, and patches while his younger sisters after leaning witchcraft on the other side of the room curse him. Transition: The next hall shows more houses with projections on the window showing some of the adult settlers turning into monster like guardians. As a witch child name Sirella pops out on the left demanding that they surrender to their will. Church: Entering the church we see the adults in their seats dead thinking that they would be safe, unknown to them that the witch children has turned the holy sanctuary into a witch sanctuary while some are turned into guardians as they pop out of the sides especially witch children. Above the altar is a preacher tied above the wall with his “organs spelling out”, his eyes gorged out, and his mouth dislocated. Belia speaking saying that this is their sanctuary now. Cemetery: Exiting the church we entered the cemetery showing the gravestones of the mothers of the witch children as they even the spirits pops out scaring guest with one spirit (reused of the glowing mother figure) is heard saying that she is proud of her daughter Belia as the actual her (actor) jumps out scaring guest. Witches Lair: Entering the final room guests return to the witches lair in which the witch children, and newly turned guardians after successfully taking over Salem, and completing their revenge jumpscare guests left and right as Bella informed them to spread the word to all witch children that Salem is now under their control, and to prepare for domination of the entire country as Belia makes on final jumpscare as guest exits the house.
  17. Well I already got help on making Sirens of the Sea, but you could check it out if you want to.
  18. I got some help with a friend on the HHN discord in rewriting this original fanmade house. Hope you like it, and post your thoughts. Due to Sea World using the Sirens of the Sea name. The name of the house has to be changed to. Sirens: Demons of the Deep Location: Sprung Tent 2 “In the coast of the Northwest Pacific lies a beautiful beach house, harboring a deadly secret. And this Spring Break might also be your last.” —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backstory: In the 1700s, there once lived a group of settlers in the Pacific Northwest who worshiped the Ancient Deities of the Sea. They lived a peaceful life, until the British Army came and stripped them of their land, forcing them to either serve them or die. When the settlers refused, the British began killing them all, leading to a massacre, with many forced to flee their home. Seeking revenge, the last remaining maidens prayed to the Deities of the Sea to help them reclaim their land. Their prayers were answered, but came at a terrible price. The maidens were stripped of their humanity, transformed into a series of demonic, flesh-eating mermaids. With their razor-sharp claws and jagged teeth, they tore through the British and wiped out every living creature. And though they had reclaimed their land, their newly aquatic bodies could not sustain themselves on shore, forcing them the flee into the nearby waters… As the years and decades went by, and the old settlement was rediscovered and began to grow, a strange series of disappearances occurred along on the shores. People had claimed to have seen half human, half fish like beings roaming the beaches. Others swore they could hear singing in the night, beckoning them towards the seas… In the modern day, the shores have become a popular beach area for tourists, with lavish beach houses for cheap. A group of college kids have made their way to the shore for the ultimate Spring Break experience… And they’ll soon discover the dangers that lurk just below… —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facade/Queue: Guests enter the queue next to the MIB exit. As the guests round the corner, they see a large Beach House with a few cars parked out in front. On the 2nd floor, B-roll plays from the college students’ social media pages; It includes clips of two of the kids (Sam & Chrissy) looking to hook up, Jordan setting up for a massive house party, and Rebecca filming the ocean, where we see a strange creature appear from the ocean briefly. Guests will also hear audio of the ocean before a distant voice begins singing to them, ending with a demonic scream. Entrance: Guests enter through the side patio door, making their way down a false outdoor patio. They head towards the Sprung Tent entrance on the left, where they’ll see blinking lights and hear loud music playing. Before they enter the Tent, a Mermaid pops out from behind the beach door. The Living Room: Stepping inside the Tent, guests walk into the Living Room that has EDM music playing, with a small light shining bright colors on the walls. Several pieces of furniture are scattered around with huge claws marks in them, including the couch on the right side, several chairs and a table littered with beer bottles and cups. From behind the couch, one of the college kids (Chrissy) is seen limping around with the side of her hoodie torn up and a huge bite wound in her left side. She is heard calling out for the others, and as the guests move towards the end of the scene, a Mermaid is hiding behind a corner on the left. The Kitchen: Turning right, and entering the Kitchen, guests will see another kid (Rebecca) lying on the center kitchen island. She is laying on her back with her stomach and chest ripped open. Standing over her is a bloodied Mermaid who proceeds to bite into her intestines as Rebecca begs her to stop before screaming in pain. The Mermaid will also swipe at Guests as they pass by. Hallway/Stairs: Exiting left from the Kitchen, guests will pass by the stairs on the left side (indicating that they’ll be heading upstairs). We hear Chrissy calling for Sam, as Sam (actor) pops out of a small door beneath the stairs, searching for Chrissy. Sam’s Bedroom: Entering the next room, we see a Bedroom that is slightly messy but relatively normal looking, with a large bed with white sheets on the left. Behind the bed are 2 corner closets and a cupboard. From the closet next to the bed, guests see Sam (actor) being attacked by a Mermaid (puppet), its arms wrapped around his body and attempting to bite into his face. Guests exit the room on the right. Upstairs Hallway: Walking down a straight hallway filled with doors, guests make their way towards Jordan’s room. Sam continues to call out for Chrissy, while Chrissy responds faintly to follow her voice. As their dialogue ends, 2 doors on either side open and 2 Mermaids tag team the guests. They will turn left at the end of the hallway, where they can hear the sounds of someone being attacked. Jordan’s Bedroom: Guests will walk in to find Jordan’s body lying chest down across the body, his head decapitated. Blood splattered across the room, the cabinets torn up with huge claw marks. Before exiting the room, a Mermaid pops down at guests from a hole in the ceiling. Chrissy’s Bedroom: Inside the next room, guests will find a room covered with broken furniture; The bed is snapped in half, the closet doors have broken panels, and cabinets have giant claws marks on them. Clothing is scattered everywhere and the light is broken, dimming the lighting in the room. Sam pops out from behind the Bedroom door, covered in scratches and torn clothing. He calls out for Chrissy, more desperate than before. Attic Stairs: In a short transition hallway, making a sharp left turn, guests will see the Attic Stairs have opened (indicating we’ll be climbing upstairs). Chrissy’s voice is faintly heard calling for Sam, sounding slightly more demonic. Attic: Guests will find a fairly open Attic with small bits of furniture on either side, including bookshelves, chairs, a small table and a couch. A Mermaid on the left side floor will swipe at Guests just as they enter the room. Guests will walk straight towards a huge hole in the wall, with the mangled remains of Rebecca’s body sitting off to the left side of it, before making a right turn. Another Mermaid pops out on the right, holding Jordan’s severed head. Gazebo/Cliffside: Guests will find themselves outside the house, passing by a Gazebo on the cliffside. Inside the gazebo are a small set of dimmed lights, illuminating a silhouette of what appears to be a woman (Chrissy). She is heard singing a song, drawing guests closer to her. Sam’s voice can be heard calling out for Chrissy, interrupting her song. Guests pass the Gazebo on the right, noticing a set of stairs (prop) leading down the cliffside. On the stairs is a shred of Chrissy’s hoodie. Guests will make a right turn. Cavern Entrance: Guests will enter inside a huge cavernous entrance, finding themselves surrounded on each side with damp, rocky walls. As they progress through, the walls will have more blood splatters on them. On the floor, various pieces of Chrissy’s clothing and accessories are seen. Around different corners, various Mermaids will pop out. Just before entering the final room, Sam’s voice can heard letting out a scream. Finale/Mermaid Grotto: In the final room, Guests will enter a huge cavern filled with large coral pieces and piles of skeletal remains. Guests make their way in a half circle around a large cliff in the center. On the right, atop another cliff, they will see Chrissy, fully transformed into a Mermaid and covered in blood, watching Guests walking below her as the other Mermaids pop out. Before exiting the house, guests will turn one last corner and see the mangled remains of Sam (actor) in his final moments. Half of his face and neck are missing, his clothes ripped to shreds. He reaches out for the guests before Mermaid Chrissy pops out to deliver the final scare. —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mermaid Designs: The Mermaids’ designs will change as the house progresses. On land, they appear mostly human, with many of their features being on a smaller scale. When closer to the water, towards the end of the house, they appear larger and more fishlike. The Mermaids have varying degrees of scales on their bodies, ranging between green and blue hues with hints of purple and yellow. Their hands (and feet on occasion) are webbed, with either sharp fingernails or large claws. Their eyes will either have slight discoloring (for the land Mermaids) or have full blackened fish eyes (for the water Mermaids). Their teeth are all jagged and razor sharp, with some mimicking a shark’s mouth or an anglerfish’s mouth. Each Mermaid has a slightly different feature, whether it’s a pair of gills on their neck, fins on their arms, or even a large shark fin on their back.
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