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  1. HATERS! As I liked the character, I do see your points. I also agree that 18 was up there with 12 and 13 for me personally. I think 19 should be original again.. 20 or 21 we all sorta knew something/one would be back.
  2. First: OMG! It's Bryan.. long time no see, chat, talk, etc. A Welcome back? As much as Jack has been overused and I really don't want to see him back anytime soon.. I just LOVE Chance, if Erin plays her.. she made that character awesome. If not well.. I'll have to judge at that time. Should we mention Jack's brother? Wonder if he will be on the invite. It seems like it would be almost like a Sweet 16 type event.
  3. I've added 30 second sample's to the HHN 18 list, through Amazon.com. This is just to test out, and if all works good I will add them to the other lists. The songs that don't have a sample just means Amazon has no preview for them. Just click on the little red "play" button next to the song, and open it with your favorite music player (it's a .m3u link). I use Winamp myself, but I'm sure Media Player and others alike will work also.
  4. Alright, HHN 18: Reflections of Fear is online now. That makes 14-18, so again if anyone has any additions and/or corrections, feel free to post them here.
  5. Nice, thanks. Added it to the list. Dusty was nice enough to send me a list for HHN 18, so I'll be working on that to get it online.
  6. Thanks. I've updated 2006 to reflect this addition.
  7. Mark M.

    Reaper's Art

    Those look pretty good, love the Jack one.
  8. The Halloween Horror Music Database, is online now. First I'd like to thank Dusty (Dkrfla) for compiling these lists, along with a number of others over at the Vault for there continued support of finding what is what. If you have any additions, corrections, or other missing years feel free to talk about and post them here. This is the forum to discuss all HHN related music and themes. Hope everyone enjoys this little addition.
  9. More than likely, with the new album and tour about to happen. Good or bad, I'm sure we might see something with her.
  10. Wolfman, maybe.. but if they have a house based on it, not sure we will see it in B&T.
  11. That's a pretty funny list you have there, Jordan. I agree, Brian Brushwood needs to go. I rather see Drew Thomas back again, either as his own show.. or part of a main stage show again.
  12. Since doing that survey a couple weeks ago that asked how many houses/scarezone's there should be, I was just wondering what everyone else thinks? I say stay at 8 houses, and 8-9 scarezones. Technically there were 9 scarezone's this year if you add Dark Reflections, CDT and ZDT. So they could officially pull off 8 or 9 zones. I'd like 3 shows, B&T, Main Stage, and RHPS or 360. No more, no less. BUT really Universal needs to ask themselves, do we have the budget to make HHN bigger by adding more houses, zones, and shows. Can they staff that many? Every year we hear about something getting cut due to budget reasons, 17 showed that they couldn't even staff the streets which really made streets suck that year. This year was great, everything seemed to flow nicely and all was staffed pretty good. 12 SZ's, I don't know.. if they can pull the staffing off without affecting something else, then maybe.
  13. Awesome. Crazy to think they still had the houses setup, and then put some scareactors inside them. IAAPA won't be in Orlando in 2009. Great review. --- IAAPA Attractions Expo 2009 November 16-20, 2009 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada, USA IAAPA Attractions Expo heads to Las Vegas, one of the world’s leading destinations for excitement and entertainment, on November 16-20, 2009. Discover new ideas and business solutions, the best products and services, and unsurpassed networking with 30,000 attractions industry operators and suppliers from around the world. Let the dazzling displays from 1,100 exhibitors spark ideas for enhancing the visitor experience and generating revenues. This is your chance to explore new markets, meet fresh faces, and get a front row seat to the only show that outshines Vegas.
  14. Obama? Although it'll be almost a year later by then, but it is part of American history.
  15. Yes, I don't think the # was related to a HHN #. Seems like everyone got a random number. At the final night wrap-up party, they did ask us all if we would like to see LT or something similar return next year. So, it sounds like something could be in the works for next year or future years.
  16. Is THIS the one your looking for? EDIT: removed link.
  17. I'm not sure on this one yet, either. They did Universal's Classic Monsters at the first HHN (Fright Nights), so would they do it again for 19 and not something like 20 or 25? However, your just left to assume classic means the Classic Monsters: Wolf Man, Dracula, The Creature, Frankenstein, and Mummy. Now, with the new Wolf Man movie from Universal coming out next year, could we have something based around that? with the other Classic Monsters? IMO, I don't want to see them in there OLD way, so can they update them all.. and make them ALL more modern by today's standards? Then, your right about NLC. They are now classics to most people, but will they do it again so soon? There was the 3 year agreement everyone talked about, however my interpretation of it was 2006 (1st year to get design, concepts, and create the event), 2007 (the NLC event itself), and now 2008 (NLC Hollywood). If you follow that, it's over.. could it be extended? sure. I'm 99% sure we'll see something Wolf Man related at HHN 19 in some way.
  18. This thread will be moderated to the fullest, please respect each others opinions and ideas about the event. If any arguing or fighting amongst one another ensues, action will be taken. If you can't post your ideas, or opinions, not anything like: Why are we talking about this now? I have no idea. It's too early! .. then please don't post. Most of all, have fun. Rumor: CLASSIC.
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